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Have you taken your claim for moderation to the people on the Resident Evil 2 sub-forums? Taking a quick look there it looks like you haven't asked at all. This is a ¤¤last resort¤¤ thread, you know, if mods are inactive or out-right refusing to do their jobs. If you haven't taken the time to try and contact one of the 5 (Logged in within the past week) active mods of the game then you have no right to be asking for moderation rights here.

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beantts: Mod was back online within a perfectly reasonable amount of time.
StarOfDoom: I'll just rename the category New Game+, it looks like it's just confusion with expectations.
chiliepeppers: Looks like Gyoo added you I think?
jaredsgiantz: It looks like he was on a bit ago by chance and possibly verified one of your two runs? Try contacting him on Twitch as well maybe.
Gyro: Switched to you since user has no runs on the site.

I don't think the site could handle 100 billion moderators. Users can ask bad questions, and be pointed towards the first post. There are plenty of non-native English speakers on the site also. No need to be sour about it IMO.


There was a post before regarding the RE community that has since been deleted. No sourness here Kappa


Hello, I'd like to become a mod for Shadow of the Beast, the user hasn't been online in 2 months and I have a run to submit.


Goati_: Runs in queue, 2 months offline, ok


Can someone mod me for toy Story 2 Buzz lightyear to the rescue? The mods have been inactive for around 3 or so months and the times have not been updated for a LONG time. I have tried to contact the runners for the last 2 and half months.


XxYxX: One of the mods was just online, and appears relatively active on Twitch, and follows the game's forums. There are no runs in the queue for it, and you don't have any runs on the site?


I'd like to request moderation for Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes.

I'm having a great time with it and would like to set up the speedrun page, since that is enterly empty at the moment


Aridolomo : The game page is 2 days old and Tetsuya is an active runner for several games. You should discuss with him before using this last resort thread

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The moderator for Jackal hasn't been active in 3 months...


I will gladly be the moderator of the NES Jackal page.


Xxyxx does have a TS2 run, just on another account (brandonhill1993) I also want mod for TS2


The mod of this minecraft map is currently the only person who has access to the leaderboards. We need to update a few things (namely, make the game abbreviation match the systematic way we're naming minecraft maps). I tried to contact him over twitter several weeks ago and asked him to open the game up to series mods, but got no response from him.

We just need this game open to the overall minecraft mods.



Hello. I wish to become a Ratchet Deadlocked / Gladiator moderator. I know alot of the game and currently hold the number 1 spot on Any%. Also I was wondering if you could add a new category (the game has difficulty levels aswell) so for example Any% in Gladiator/Hero difficulty level and NG+ in Exterminator level.

Did you even contact any of the moderators yet ? This thread is supposed to be used as a last resort.


Could I gain access as a moderator for Nuclear Throne? The current moderator is not accepting consistent timings (accepting both in-game and out-of-game times), and there is no way I have found to contact him other than Twith message, which is horribly unreliable. I have made forum posts, and although it seems he has seen them, he hasn't weighed his opinion on them. I don't currently have a finished run for the game, but I do run it and am active on the forums.

Edit: Plus, having more than one moderator for something is always good. I'm not suggesting he be removed, I just don't think the way he's currently running things is proper if this game is ever to be speedrunned seriously.


theghostofowlstreet: Run in queue, moderator inactive, ok

PeterAfro/XxYxX: The mods responded on the game forum.

frogyfro: Since there haven't been issues with this so far, and in the interest of maintaining somewhat consistent rules and having active moderators available, I'll reconnect the series moderators. Also, if you guys want to handle adding rom hacks via a forum thread in your Minecraft forums, I'd gladly refer people there to have them added by series moderators. Rom hacks are kind of a pain for admins to handle atm, and Minecraft gets a ton of them.

Snypz: The game has numerous active moderators, please contact them.

BrastaSauce: I do see some of your points. Did you actually try sending a Twitch message? That would be step one. I'm unclear if there is actually a problem with the times listed. Numerous games accept both real time and in-game time, and choose to prioritize by one of them. It's possible something is inconsistent, but I haven't been told enough. Since you don't actually have a run on the site or submitted, I'm tending towards no for now.


I would send a Twitch message, but their messaging platform seems to be really awful. From my personal use, I've never been notified of new messages and I've had to go to messages just to find out I got one months ago and didn't know. I felt like he would have a better chance responding to a forum post, but he didn't respond like I thought he would.

As for the timings, I feel like only having one set way would cause less confusion and lead to many runs not being ruined. For instance, if two people both ran the game and got a similar time, but one of them won simply because they timed in game (no loading times, no mutation times) versus the other person who timed out of game, it could cause one person to get WR when the other should have. All because of no set way of actually timing the game, which I feel for a rogue like, which is already random enough, we need.

As for not having a run submitted, I understand. I've only been playing the game long enough that beating it normally still provides a challenge, so speedrunning it is a bit hard. Would I be accepted as a moderator if I were to get a run finished?


BrastaSauce: I'm well aware that Twitch messages have flaws, but given that we don't currently have a better solution, that is the recommended course of action. For obvious reasons that step can't be skipped just because it's not ideal. Having both timing methods available is perfectly reasonable, the timer on the left is the one chosen to be prioritized currently. Whether or not it's ideal is subjective, but I don't think it's ruining the game by not being the most clear. I'd probably recommend you get more of a feel for how the site runs. I can't say "you get moderator if you do a run" because it skips all of the rest of the precedent we've been using.

theghostofowlstreet: Looks like 4 days ago buddy, no need to try to pull a fast one on the admins.


Where's Waldo (NES) - - Mod submitted their run 8 months ago, no evidence of activity since. I've had submission pending for several weeks/a month?

Requesting mod permissions for the leaderboard.