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Hey, i would like to be moderator for this game as i did a speedrun but i noticed there werent any mods (?). If not at least accept my run i guess.

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LEGOCity Undercover doesn't have any active mods at the moment.
We need to change the structure of IL's and there is a new WR
that needs to be verified.

May I request to be added as mod for




@Trajan moderator Phionex is active
If you want to change the structure of something on the leaderboard, your best bet is to ask through the games forums.
Edit: Moderator JosephHTobinJr is very active
2nd Edit: Seeing that a moderator supposedly recently left, and you’ve been very active in the community, you might have a chance of getting mod if you wait for a response on your post. Just remember 21 days is considered inactive.

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Hello, I tried to submit these runs (3) and tried to contact the only Mod for this game on Twitter and received no response. I realize that this game isn't super popular, but I love it very much and would like to give it some love. I appreciate your help.


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Maybe forums aren't exactly the best play to contact right now due to notification problems if you wait a long while I suggest messaging the mods on other social media 🙂

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@muskn I messaged both mods on twitter about your run, and suggested they add additional moderators also if they are unable to verify runs on a timely basis, regardless.

@Trajan Both mods appear active, so please ask them. Additionally, you are required to have at least one valid contact method attached to your profile to request mod in here.

@FlavourSavior Since the mod has been inactive one month, a contact attempt has been made and you have pending runs I will add you.

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Hello there, I don't know if this falls under this category, I think the first line included it but I'll message to be sure. We've had a moderator just sort of leave our community and not turn up and I was wondering if it was possible to have them removed from the boards. Sadly I can't do it as they are also a Super Mod but yeah, the links are here for the games:
The moderator named "blazethecat"
Thanks for all your help and assistance. I've tried messaging this person and have given it a lot of time but they've simply not gotten back to me unfortunately.


Hello, i want to be a mod on project pokemon but the mods are inactive. I did message both moderater's but no one did message me back so can you please make me a mod so i can change a few things and can submit runs.

So if you want to do that i would like that. -Cas



How did you message them?

I think you are mischaracterizing them as inactive. They have several contact links each, and both have been online very recently.

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HI i would like to Mod For Inindo: way of the ninja. I am the only person currently running attempts that i know of. I hold the WR at the moment. i want to try and build a small community for this game with my close friends.



request to remove GoldenBoy from
reason: 3 months inactivity


@Deln I went ahead and removed him per he was inactive since October.



To add some context to the question about Double Dragon 4.

The supposed vote that was conducted by Nightmarejames is claimed to have occurred in a group that nobody can confirm even exists. It does not exist on, it does not exist on Steam, I couldn't find it on Discord and there are only 2 Google hits for "Brawler's Network" - 1 of them being Nightmarejames post and the other being entirely irrelevant. Who was supposedly polled? Nobody with times currently posted have been active in submitting more runs, and Nightmarejames is shutting down discussion from people interested in running the game. I suspect that the reason why there were not enough votes is because there was no actual poll, or, it was a posted somewhere where nobody would participate and no current or prospective runners would have access.

The Double Dragon Discord where we actively engage in discussions about speedruns of the Double Dragon series may be small, but has 4 times as many participants than there are people who have EVER submitted Double Dragon IV runs on When someone shared the link to the Discord in the Double Dragon IV forum, it was quickly deleted by a moderator, presumably Nightmarejames.

He says "we have been running well" but there have been no new entries in 8 months and multiple people who WANT to speedrun the game but are hesitant due to the category disagreement.

There are other members of the Double Dragon community who are interested in speedrunning the game as well as trusted moderators of the series who would be happy to step in as moderators for Double Dragon IV if needed. Please consider helping so we won't have to start our own leaderboard platform elsewhere for just this one game, when we'd rather have the whole series unified here on

[Edit] I made some changes to my word choices to fix my tone and deleted 2 paragraphs that had nothing to do with the original issue.

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@PullMatrox As the current mod (and all mods) seem to have removed themselves, and you have a pending run, okay.

@birdman The current supermod for the game is active, please message them regarding this request. Additionally, you will need at least one method of contact attached to your profile.

@ZmicK_TricK I'm currently going to work at the moment, but will respond to this issue fully on the DDIV forums later on today/tonight. Them casting a vote in an off-site affiliation that isn't made known to the current runners definitely does seem unreasonable.

@SBCz I'll need to at least try to contact the mod in question beforehand. Typically, we don't like to just up and remove moderators without at first giving them a chance to respond because we don't really know the full situation regarding them. I've messaged them, and just need to give a few days at least for them to reply.

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I have submitted a Soldier of Fortune: Payback speedrun like 5 days ago and no responses yet, anyone help?


@chargerbandit : Try to contact the mods through their social networks. 5 days is nothing.

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@Liv Sounds good thanks for looking into it for me!


Could I be a mod for Microsoft Minesweeper (Windows 8 ) ? I have pending runs on there and the only moderator on there hasn't been online for 3 months.


@ZmicK_TricK I have made a thread in the forum for the game. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the thread, additionally.

@zuruck61 Mod has been offline for 3 months and pending runs. Okay.

@CasDeKip Mods are active, message them on social media.

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