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XxYxX: Contact the moderators
NeoSlash72: Contact the moderators
beantts: You submitted a run one day ago and the moderator was active two days ago. That's not sufficient for this thread.

I added some information to the first post to be more explicit.


I'd like to request PeterAfro removed mod on Mega Man 6. I didn't submit the game myself because I thought we weren't putting the Mega Man leaderboards up on here. I just now read that Joka is planning on syncing the sites eventually and without him being in charge of it could cause problems. I would give super Mod to Myself, PPotdot1, and Joka, or Joka at the very least. Peter doesn't hardly touch MM6 and I could see this causing issues in the future if this isn't taken care of now. He also is not a mod of Mega Man 6 on the actual Mega Man Leaderboards, wouldn't make sense for him to have it here when he isn't approved there.


I want to be a moderator for The King of Fighters series (97, 98, 2000, 2001, 2002) since they have a single moderator who seems to be inactive.


DarkTerrex: I will make this change by my own personal discretion. As far as that synchronization goes, it can only happen if everyone agrees it is ready, which potentially involves more required feature additions which is not exactly scheduled. I don't know when this will all occur, it's been discussed for months but I think the functionality isn't quite ready.

Guerrerodesampa: Try contacting him on Twitch first please. Two weeks inactivity isn't awful, but 3 or 4 weeks might be. A series should probably have more than one moderator anyway, but please try to contact him and ask him to add you first.


Thats the question Kirkq, he doesn't have a Twitch account atached to his profile, btw I try to contact him on YouTube unsucessful.


I have 2 questions for anyone who can correctly answer.
1. How long must a moderator of a game be inactive for someone else to be a moderator?
2. If the moderator of a game has the fastest speedrun for a game and someone submits a faster speedrun, wouldn't they just decline it/how would you stop them if they did decline it?


1. If a run is in the queue for a couple days/moderator is inactive for a week or so, it can't hurt to ask.
2. No, they wouldn't. Maybe some people would but those people just want their _~¤WORLD RECORD¤~_. However, the person who played the faster run would then complain, moderator gets spotlighted as bad mod, demodded, faster run goes up anyway.


1. Moderator inactivity doesn't apply until around 3 weeks, depending on other circumstances, and it is expected that you try to contact them. (from first post)
2. Only moderators that are dicks would do that and are not fit to moderate imho so should be removed/replaced and yea what ihavenoname248 said about it

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Not really sure where to put this, but I would like a game to be deleted, as it can no longer be played. is a flash game, the run was submitted 4 years ago, and I cannot find the game anywhere online, and the site that he linked in his YouTube video is down. Not really sure what you guys do in this case, but I would assume since no more runs can be ever attempted, that you would remove the game, since it's not really a fair WR for him to have.


@StarOfDoom Here you go -
No need for the game to be deleted now.

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Woah, what? I looked for it for 20+ minutes and couldn't find it anywhere. Thanks!


Guerrerodesampa: The user appears to have a Twitch account. I'm not sure I understand.

beantts: Moderators are expected to evaluate runs objectively. If they won't add runs to keep WR (which rarely happens by the way) they will be removed.

StarOfDoom: Probably generally easier to contact the user. I sure wouldn't know where to find it. It should probably be in the rules for now (which highlights the continued need for a general game information box)


Well I've been waiting almost 6 days now for my speedrun for Long Live the Queen to be checked, and it still hasn't.


Have you tried to PM the mods ?


The mod hasn't been on for the time that my run has been up.


I found an illegal run for the game "Agent Smith"

He is using money carried over from the previous game, as there is no way to get 1,800$ to spend in the shop that quickly, and it is clear that he didn't fully reset the game before starting the run. I attempted to contact him via Twitch, and I can't get in touch with him. While this isn't "technically" in the rules for the game, it is sort of implied that you restart each time, as otherwise you could just start with infinite money, buy everything, and ruins the point of the speedrun. Thanks!



I am here to say that the current moderator for the game Aerox is inactive...
I submitted my runs a month ago and he still hasn't replied. I would like to be a mod but I would like to get my speedruns up there the most! The levels should also get updated 'cause there are already more then 30....


Kind Regards


@chiliepeppers but the mod is... you 🙂


Okay, so I submitted my time to a new game (Disney's Magical Mirror Starring Mickey Mouse) I picked up. Not a huge game or anything, but the supermod isn't active and according to the info has not been logged on in 3 months. I figure if there is no active supermod, it doesn't seem fair. So, if I could be added as a supermod, that'd be great. (Proof: )

Thank you.


WOow... when did I became a mod for that game? IDK 😛