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@luigiman2201 Because you have a pending run for the game as well as the moderator being inactive since March, completed your request.
@shikaroxen Added you as a moderator due to inactivity of the current moderator.
@Neural89 -- @Dugongue Was last online yesterday. Please contact them before posting in here, as this is a last resort forum thread.


@Bokoblins I'm scared :'( I have no experience in regards of frame counting and whatnot, I would not advice this to be a permanent solution as I dont really see myself as qualified honestly. I did update the current WR since it was beat by the same guy whom previously held it - should be a legit run but I would be unable to tell.

I do need to test out the game a bit more to determine when character control is lost for timer to stop for defining rules, but at some point - even the current WR should be re-timed as such. He seemingly starts timer upon character control, but timer should be including stage select as you have control during that portion already.


Plenty of games start time on character control, even if you have control after selecting start game.

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Hi, I was wandering if I could became a mod for league of legends, I play this game since S2, so approximatavely 6 years, I run it a lot and I'm very active on the site.
And there is only one mod active for a long time.


@MaxCash There's an active moderator so talk to them about it. This thread is a last resort for if moderators are inactive and can't be contacted.

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Do Twitch PMs still exist?


Yeah whispers are the way to go. Don't try to PM people!

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About @Neural89 situation, I also DM'ed @Dugongue on Twitter with a request to add a game to the Scribblenauts serie.
(I did a world run of it, and also wanting to do a full run)
He seems very active on twitter, but didn't respond yet. 10 days have passed.

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Finally my run in Captain America has been verified. Bye bye game with these 16-days verifications Kappa

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Are those leaderboards active, though? That's what counts.


I'd like to be Moderator for The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, I have a number 13 spot for 1 character pending. I'm also pretty sure the two mods are inactive. I could be very active and make sure cheaters are not going to be on the leaderboard. Thank you, and have a nice day.


@ExteriorAgate The super mod was online yesterday. Talk to them about becoming a moderator, this thread is a last resort.


Greetings, friends!

I used to be the moderator of Lost Kingdoms back when I was the only runner. This was a few years ago. My inactivity was met with a takeover request, without my knowledge I would like to add, and the leaderboard has subsequently been changed to reflect the new moderators/runners view.

My issue arises with their rejection of my legitimate run's inclusion on the leaderboard. In the community discord, I was asked why I don't want to remove my load times when I submit my new run on the leaderboard. I explained that RTA timing, to me, is playing the game to its completion in one segment, including all content of the game, like loads. There was no contention at this time in regards to including my run on the leaderboard. It was only stated that my run would not display in the correct place due to the leaderboard now gauging by RTA without loads. I said that's okay with me, I would just like my run to be on the website.

The very next day, I finished a 4th place run ( I submitted my run, and explained again (after being asked again) that I don't agree with load removals, so I don't want them to remove my load times themselves. The run was rejected today, and the rules were changed to say "loads will be removed." This is a rule added SPECIFICALLY to disallow my run from the leaderboard that was not in place before hours ago.

I feel the moderators' obfuscation of the rule requirement of load removal is wrongful, and I just want my run to be on the leaderboard, even if it won't display as 4th place. I've been banned for telling one of the moderators "fuck you" after they polled a rule change in lieu of polling my run's allowance on the board.

There's nothing left for me to do here. My status as moderator is gone, my communications are gone, and I'm in desperate need of help... There's nowhere else my run belongs that isn't right here. 🙁


@Liv They can not. All times on the Any% leaderboard now include the without loads category, and my run is rejected on the basis that I don't want them to remove my load times. The reason the other runs only have real-time is because the categories are not active, and the moderators didn't add a rule just to spite me.


@Liv I wouldn't do it myself because it's against what I believe RTA is. If they remove my loads, it's me agreeing with load removal as part of RTA. Loading screens are a part of the game to me, and if my time is judged based on RTA without them, it's just not RTA.

I have other reasons, like caring that the game has its own in-game time measurement system, which does not include loads. The in-game system does not include menu actions, though, so it doesn't replace RTA. Because of this, it has been replaced by time without loads on the leaderboards.

My tertiary reasoning is petty, I would separate console and emulator if I were still the moderator of LK. I feel that the initiative to remove loads was brought up because of PC hardware variation and not console hardware variation. I say this because console loads do not vary enough to warrant load removal, alas the moderators say they do, even though they do not use consoles. This isn't at all related to me not wanting my RTA time to be displayed without loads, it's just something that bothers me a bit.


tbh your loads being faster doesn't mean jack when it comes to your ability to play the game, so removing loads puts everyone on the same level playing field.

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@Komrade They used that exact phrase to convince me to remove my load times, haha. I don't disagree! I only disagree with doing it to my RTA console run. This game has a fair amount of FPS lag on console (60fps game) and that lag is nearly gone on emulator. The playing field will never be level with emu/console together. I would still not remove my load times even if everybody ran on console, though. That would truly level the playing field.

edit: in-game time accounts for frame lag, as well. that's important. both rta and rta w/o loads do not account for this fps lag.


Wasn't aware that console lagged that hard in that game, compared to emulator. If emulator and console aren't consistent with lag then they shouldn't even exist on the same leaderboard.


@Komrade Unfortunately, only 2 runners use console (if you don't include me) and 8 runners use emulator. From what was talked about in the few days I was in the community discord, they know emulator is faster but think load removal is a more immediate problem. They don't know how to account for the frame differences (in a way that isn't separating the leaderboard, which they don't want due to aforementioned emulator majority) so they ignore it.