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@SageIsAPlant shyguy is active online 4 days ago 😊


@MelonSlice My bad I only looked at the last time he posted something / interacted with anything although I did try to contact him he has not responded yet but hopefully he will


I've tried asking the moderators of WWF No Mercy (N64) to add a Survival Mode category, but nothing happens. They keep adding different moderators (which is fine), but a simple request to have a feature of the game added leads to nothing. There are multiple people who want to have different categories other than Championship Mode, so is there anything that can be done about this?


yeah its good to look at the profile's info for the last time they were on 🙂 idk how active they are with varifying runs but wanted to note it 😊


@Liv I sent him a message on his twitter. I was directed to contact him about adding Space Hulk: Deathwing to the Warhammer 40,000 series after it was rejected. I was slightly confused because I put in the request for the through the Warhammer 40k series page on the site.

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@Gorbish I'm not sure why the game was denied from the site team, but I've gone ahead and added it to the 40k series, and added you as a mod so you can edit the game, add rules, and your run and such.

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It was denied because series mods tend to complain about it if we add games to their series without talking to them first. This was my attempt to kinda flip it around so the end-user makes an attempt first to talk to the series mods ahead of time before we add it so that they will add it themselves before coming to us. (hope that makes sense, sounds confusing a bit).

It just saves some jumping around.

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Hello, is there any reason why a mod can decide to remove a comment from a run I submitted and got approved?


@dha This isn't really the right place to ask about this, you should probably just ask the moderator who verified your run about it.

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part of being a mod is deleting a run comment if they see it as inappropriate. Not saying your comment was, but maybe the mod thought it was. shrug

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Will give my side.

dha submits run for game I mod.

I verify the run, but remove comment demanding another game be added.

Run was 'dedicated' to this other game as well, thats meh, but I didn't want the comment there.

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"I dedicate this run to p.i.g, which got rejected on Play it on Kongregate!"

That was the comment !


The moderator for has been inactive for over 3 weeks. Also the categories for the game make no sense for the game. Is it possible to make me the moderator for the game? I tried tweeting them, I can wait a bit longer if you really need though.

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The entire staff has been inactive for a year besides shyguy who got on a few days ago but has been unresponsive to all attempts to contact and does not upkeep / approve new runs and none of them have posted anything in over a year and runs have not been approved in over a year someone on the forums even posted asking for them to approve his runs and they have not

I am requesting mod (if that isn't implied)

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@SageIsAPlant Have you attempted to contact either of them? If no runs have been submitted in a year for a game, that doesn't mean the mods of that game have been 'inactive for a year' -- there has simply being no runs submitted before today in that timespan.


@Liv Yes I have attempted to contact the most recently active mod on discord and he has not responded and there have been runs submitted someone on the forums complained about them submitting runs and none of the mods reviewing them also my runs have not been reviewed

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@SageIsAPlant The thread you are talking about is from over a year ago though, and those runs were verified ages ago.

Since your runs were only posted today it looks like seems hardly enough time given for them to respond. Either way, I sent the current supermod a tweet about this situation.

Edit: He has responded to me already and told me he'll look into adding more mods to the game. If your runs sit for several days try throw the super moderator of that game a tweet / DM about your runs. They seem quite active on social media.


You are now moderator Sage. Sorry about not being active. Life kinda gets in the way. Good luck on your runs.

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Heya, just got back from GDQ, but no response from the moderator of the Violent Storm leaderboard in 11 days since I asked previously about adding my category of Co-op Any% on all contact avenues in SRC. No update on their Twitter since last November as well. Any chance I can get added as a mod for this board?