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@Neural89 I assume there is a Dr. Mario discord server, could you send me an invite either privately or here please.

Social medias are linked to the left.

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  RuinZ10RuinZ10 Hello, I would like to be a mod of hungry pumkin as there is a lack of mods as the only mod eg redfalcon.


RedFalcon is very active on all of the social medias linked to his account, he was last on 9 hours ago, things on the page seem to be running pretty smoothly, and you don't have a run in the game. Contact him first, as this is a last resort thread.


@RuinZ10 Contact RedFalcon, he is active both on the site and on social media. Unless the moderator is inactive/unable to be contacted then the request for moderator should be made at the current game moderators.

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I did some runs of BattleBots: Design and Destroy today. I submitted my best run and noticed that @Altec, the only mod, has not logged in in 3 months, only has a Twitch contact and only has one video on their channel, that being their own BattleBots run almost a year ago. I tried whispering to them, but considering the lack of activity on their channel, I have no reason to believe that I will get a response in three weeks.


@Bokoblins I think Dr. Mario doesn't have own discord server, but we are talking about NES games in this discord: . I wrote about current situation in general topic there (4/20/2018) and I wrote personal message to @NESCardinality (he even responded me something like "Where did he go?" about last active mod and that's all. I was wrote PM to @NESCardinality 2 weeks ago and nothing changes... Nobody cares, so game is dead 🙂


@CardsOfTheHeart Run pending, user has not logged in for 3 months and has no way of contact. Okay.

@Neural89 I've sent a message to NES Cardinality on Discord, and gave him the rundown of the situation.

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I ran Cool boarders 2 and according to other runs on YouTube I appear to have set a record. But the moderator has been inactive for over 5 months. The game is run by hardly anyone so I'm happy to be a moderator but if not I'd just be happy if someone verified my run. Thanks.


@Serge Since you have a run pending and the mod has been ofline for 5 months and has no run in the game, okay.


Hey I don't really know where else to ask this but I recently became a verifier to Red Ball 4 Vol. 1 ( ) but it doesn't seem to have changed anything as I can't even verify my own runs


As Habreno said, verifiers cannot approve their own submissions.


Hey I would like to be a mod for the Orion Prelude leaderboard. The single mod that set up the board never set any proper rules and hasn't been online since he put his own runs on the board over 2 months ago. He doesn't have any contact information for me to get a hold of him so I am posting here.


@WoweeTheDoggo Runs pending, mod offline for 2 months, added you.

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I would like to request that Seek or Die be add to the website. Free game on steam and the part 2 of the game is easily speed run material. Got a 38.97 on it.


@Hangslowandriseshigh click on 'Help/Contact' and scroll down a bit, there will be a link titled 'Submit a Game Request'.


Hey, the game Tonka Rescue Patrol has two mods who are extremely inactive. I know four people who are immediately getting right into speedrunning this game and they're waiting for approval yet nothing. I would appreciate being added as a moderator for this game. I also would appreciate the URL changing to /trp as it is much easier to access than /Tonka_Rescue_Patrol (I mean come on how gross is that?). Thank you in advance.


@Jimble , I don't see a run pending validation from you for the game. Could you have one of the people who submitted a run post here regarding the same issue please.
However URL can be changed via moderators of the leaderboard.


I would like to request to be added as a mod for Gunmetal Arcadia Zero. The only mod hasn't been on in over a month and they haven't answered any of my messages about it on the different platforms they have listed on their profile.

Link to game page:


@FunksGrover due to the moderator's previous action being March 18th and you have a run pending; added.