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Hey! I was wondering if you could change my name to HexNoodleS (If it's available of course) because that's what I go by now on pretty much EVERYTHING.
Thanks in advance, bye!

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^ doesn't belong in this thread - look in your settings, under username.

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Ok makes sense, Twitter is prob better than Twitch for messaging


I want to be the mod of Project IGI 2.
The mod has been not verifying my runs for a long time idk why but hope you admins consider this issue.

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On Clash Royal 3 of 5 Mod are inactive so i thought that i could be mod because i have time to verify the runs on this game


I would like to be a mod for Mighty Switch Force! 2 for the WiiU/3ds. The only current moderator is inactive and I am the main runner of the game.
Thanks 🙂


@Spielpro this thread is for last resorts. If you want mod you can contact the active mods and ask them


@Liv The twitter, youtube, and twitch accounts linked here are all deleted. Im not sure how else i can contact him.


Hello. I would like to be added as Mod for King's Bounty for the Sega Genesis ( I have been informed today that another runner has been trying to get a run verified for 2 months and has not had any response. The current mod has no listed methods of communication and has not made any posts or runs in over two years.

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@Back I might be able to give you a sense of direction.

Edit: I sent them a message just in case and directed them to this thread.

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Can I be moderator of the strike force heroes series?
The current mod (NinjaNas) has not been online in the last month and I have two runs that I submitted 3 weeks ago awaiting verification in it.
He only has his youtube account linked so I messaged him a week ago through the youtube messaging service but he hasn't answered.
Thank you in advance,


@Ryanism with youtube it is better to comment on videos btw ^^ just a tip for the future 🙂

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They contacted me back. Currently they are on vacation but as soon as they can they will address this (along with updating their links).

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@Ryanism I've verified your runs and added you as a mod. Sorry for the wait.

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I would like to put in a moderation request for Super Bust-a-Move All-Stars, the current mod hasn't been online since March, and neither they nor the other Bust-a-Move series mod have responded to Tweets I sent them on June 29.


Cant get ahold of Rantron for The Mask. SRC inactivity for 18 days, no responses on twitch or discord. I know the guy moderates a ton of games and I would rather see someone else take his place to lighten the burden if possible (i dont have myself in mind for this though). There's an improved WR time by the current WR holder that was set years ago and should be added, likewise I've wanted to discuss defining rules for the game. I know its adviced to also create a forum thread on the game page itself before resorting to this page, but near 3w inactivity and no responses on discord/twitch will hopefully be enough to have someone look into this.

Improved WR:

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Seems in Captain America and The Avengers (NES) moderator don't visiting this site 3 weeks. I submitted my run 15 days ago and still no results. I wrote to RantronBomb on discord, but he doesn't answer... Dugongue never verified runs, so if this possible please add 3rd moderator for timely verifying runs, @ANGEL_UNDEAD or me for example. Because in this game always very long check 🙁


@luigiman2201 Because you have a pending run for the game as well as the moderator being inactive since March, completed your request.
@shikaroxen Added you as a moderator due to inactivity of the current moderator.
@Neural89 -- @Dugongue Was last online yesterday. Please contact them before posting in here, as this is a last resort forum thread.


@Bokoblins I'm scared :'( I have no experience in regards of frame counting and whatnot, I would not advice this to be a permanent solution as I dont really see myself as qualified honestly. I did update the current WR since it was beat by the same guy whom previously held it - should be a legit run but I would be unable to tell.

I do need to test out the game a bit more to determine when character control is lost for timer to stop for defining rules, but at some point - even the current WR should be re-timed as such. He seemingly starts timer upon character control, but timer should be including stage select as you have control during that portion already.


Plenty of games start time on character control, even if you have control after selecting start game.

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