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has been 4 months since Superterro has been online so it is really bad but @crisdoile2 have you still tried to contact him don't think you need to seen as he seems dead on social media but can't hurt to try while you wait 😊

also his profile does not have the in the corner


I will keep trying
contact with superhero thank you very much, M e l o n S l i c e 😃 I appreciate your help


no problem ^^ just good to try in the meantime so you have all bases covered hope mod replies to you soon 🙂


Are You Able To Resign From Moderator?


No, you're forced to do this job for free for the rest of your life, sorry kid

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Hi, I was hoping that someone would be able to make me a Moderator for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. There are only two mods and no one has added rules to the game, so I would like to do that! Thank you.


Hi, I was hoping that someone would be able to make me a Moderator for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. There are only two mods and no one has added rules to the game, so I would like to do that! Thank you.


Thank you! 🙂


Hello, I am an active moderator for the Nicktoons series, and I would like to request removing moderator 'Jumpyluff' and 'whatsoup' on as they are not even apart of the Nicktoons community. I would also like to point out that this isn't a 'SpongeBob' game, it's a 'Nicktoons' game. Sure, it says "SpongeBob ft. Nicktoons", but that doesn't matter. (Nicktoons: Globs of Doom is set to both SpongeBob SquarePants series and Nicktoons series.)

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You didn't answer to my reply. I'm gonna assume you didn't see it, so I'm gonna repost:

I can ensure you that Five Nights at Freddy's 3 Troll Game ( ) is not a fangame and that page is just a person reuploading the same game made by Scott Cawthon himself. The game was removed from Steam so that person just reuploaded it there so everyone can still download and play it. The game wasn't made by him, but FNaF's developer himself. So it is NOT a fangame.

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@crisdoile2 Throw them a tweet. If after several days they don't reply just @ me in this thread and I will add you since you have a run pending and they've been offline for a substantial amount of time. If possible, we would rather contact at least be attempted -- it's at the point it isn't working we can step in.

@Hydro I'll respond how I did in discord: Worth saying you'd need to really get the other mods of that game to chime in here as well regarding that decision. It seems silly to demod 2 supermods over a request brought forth by a single mod on a game of 9 mods. It would also be best really to let both @whatsoup and @Jumpyluff be aware of this request. The last thing we want is for some decision to go on behind their backs and they come on and immediately wonder where their mod status went.

@SpiderHako Ok.


@Wipeoutjack7 Since they haven't responded after almost a week and you have a run pending, I've added you.


@Liv Hydro didn't approach me, but somebody spoke to me pointing me in the direction of the post. I agree with the decision and have removed myself from the game. We've had trouble getting in touch with whatsoup in the past, but if the other 2 mods agree the game should probably removed from that series and just solely be a nicktoons game 🙂

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@Jumpyluff @Liv @Hydro Hey sorry for the slow response. Liv contacted me on twitter but I couldn't remove myself from the game until I got home from work, it's something I thought I did for all the Spongebob games a long time ago but apparently not (I didn't even make myself mod of the series in the first place, just TSSM, someone must have done it for me in the past). Anyway should all be good now.

Also if there were any attempts to contact me recently I didn't see them, I promise I wasn't ignoring anyone 🙂

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@Liv The 3 moderators of our Astroneer channel have either been offline for half a year or do not respond to my singular request for mod status. There are about 5 of us that consistently run the game but can't submit runs since we can't add the updated version (v0.8.0). Thank you in advance for any aid you can render.

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Hi I'd like to be mod for Donkey Kong Land III .
I'm currently 2nd (my run awaits approval) and I'm going for wr.
My first run got approved but the second one I submitted awaits approval for about a week now.
I'm thinking the mods are inactive, I can't reach MBisonFute on Twitch, he disabled his whisper messages, and Mike (the guy that verified my run) recently announced his retirement from speedrunning, so I think that's probably the reason he doesn't check anymore.

ty in advance


@Audentius What youre saying is not true. You mentioned me in one of your posts on twitter, which can be found here:
I replied to your post, but never got an anwser.
And this request was not even 14 days ago, not like you said about half a year.
There is also a Discord Server for the Astroneer Speedrunning Community, why did you not even tried to contact me?
And if there are atleast 5 people who are consistenly running the game, why do I have never heard of them?
Just get your facts right dude.
I have no problem to add a new admin, but not under the given circumstances. Im an active admin and if you want me to change something, then ask me and dont pretend you have already.

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@emptysys Inactivity is typically ~21 days. If you could possibly make a post on the games forum about the request and give it a couple of days, or attempt to reach out to the mods via another social media if they have one.

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Hai, the Initial D community would like to be removed from the following leaderboards :

He hasn't been on the site for 4 months, and he's also not on the community discord.

Thanks in advance.

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Hey, Id like to be a mod/verifier for the game Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. The game has two mods, one hasnt been online in a year, while the other seems to come on once a month or so. I messaged the more active mod 5 days ago but have not gotten a response.

EDIT: I also have a run pending