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"I dedicate this run to p.i.g, which got rejected on Play it on Kongregate!"

That was the comment !


The moderator for has been inactive for over 3 weeks. Also the categories for the game make no sense for the game. Is it possible to make me the moderator for the game? I tried tweeting them, I can wait a bit longer if you really need though.

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The entire staff has been inactive for a year besides shyguy who got on a few days ago but has been unresponsive to all attempts to contact and does not upkeep / approve new runs and none of them have posted anything in over a year and runs have not been approved in over a year someone on the forums even posted asking for them to approve his runs and they have not

I am requesting mod (if that isn't implied)


@Liv Yes I have attempted to contact the most recently active mod on discord and he has not responded and there have been runs submitted someone on the forums complained about them submitting runs and none of the mods reviewing them also my runs have not been reviewed


You are now moderator Sage. Sorry about not being active. Life kinda gets in the way. Good luck on your runs.

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Heya, just got back from GDQ, but no response from the moderator of the Violent Storm leaderboard in 11 days since I asked previously about adding my category of Co-op Any% on all contact avenues in SRC. No update on their Twitter since last November as well. Any chance I can get added as a mod for this board?



5 days ago, i send that here :

6 days ago

Hi ! JayKayGame is now inactif since 21 days ( his profil : )

So i'm interested to be moderator on banana kong, btw there no speedrun category, only a highscore category so i will change that ( )

Im intersted to be mod on kick'n'run too, there is only a highscore category so i will change that too ( )

Thank you !"

Liv answer me that i have to make some runs to be mod! So i submit a run on banana kong ( a 1st rank btw ) 4 days ago! For kick n run, im actually trying to have the 1st rank, pb of 321.

I already try to contact jaykay on twitch and ytub but no answers.

Thx and sorry for the long message!


@DracaarysHorror I will let Liv assist with this.

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The two mods for "stunt skateboard 3d" have each been inactive for 5 months and 11 months and I have a pending run in the game. I'd be willing to get added as mod for the game.

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hey i dont think the mods for Robocraft are active anymore (atleast for managing Robocraft) since the Tier system was removed in an update a long time ago and the speedrun categories available still revolve around that


@d1vinity both mods are active, try making a forum post or contacting one of the mods.

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and also as its a pc game can be possible to play older versions but I think a suggestion to a more updated board couldn't hurt 🙂 but yeah either make a forum post like wipeout said or contact them on linked social media good luck 😊

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Hello, I would like to be added as a supermod to Five Nights at Freddy's 3 (Troll Game) [ ].

1. The moderator for the game hasn't logged in for a month.
2. He didn't reply to the forum post I made 24 days ago.
3. His discord doesn't exist or he blocked friend requests from random users.
4. (This isn't a good reason but worth mentioning) I'm a series supermod.

He didn't set the rules properly, too. Which may confuse runners.

And one more thing: The game isn't a fangame, so it actually belongs to the original FNaF series.

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I can ensure that it is not a fangame and that page is just a person re-releasing the same game made by Scott Cawthon himself. The game was removed from Steam so that person reuploaded it there so everyone can still download and play it. The game wasn't made by him, but FNaF's developer himself.

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@Liv Added discord.


Hey Liv, any response from MyNameIsntZee?


hello, I'm currently running this game. since the moderator is very absent in the Dragon Valor community
i like grow the community of Dragon Valor Nobody takes it into account, I want to improve it and add new rules since they do not have

I ask to be super mod to be able to verify runs. Its been over 4 weeks superterro. thanks you so Much 🙂

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has been 4 months since Superterro has been online so it is really bad but @crisdoile2 have you still tried to contact him don't think you need to seen as he seems dead on social media but can't hurt to try while you wait 😊

also his profile does not have the in the corner