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Thank you, I fixed the contact information. I do have some runs for the game Super Metroid ( ) which are listed there, so this should not be a relevant problem then, I assume. You said that I don't need Super Mod for discussion ideas, and yes in theory that is correct, but in practice it so far didn't work out, and it isn't solely about the discussion of ideas (as mentioned in my message above), but also being able to apply extensions to the board itself which otherwise would be impossible for me (just the way the existing Super Mods already apply such additions). It is not for my own runs, but rather for runs by others and for developing the board in general for its participants.

''You need a run pending in the game. Exceptions are made if the category doesn't exist as a result of a moderator's negligence, which is not the case you're raising here.''
Well yes there do exist extension-category runs (most of them are older by now and had no place to be submitted to back then either before this board existed) of to-be-added categories by a few community members that cannot be submitted due to there not existing respective category headers. I'm also not sure for what purpose I myself (in contrast to others) need a run that is pending in the game.

''The site staff won't mod a new user behind the existing mod's back. Can you imagine if that was how it worked?''
So site staff can do this for the 1st Mod candidate before any such existed already (since for a board, some Mod will always be the first Mod existing for the given board), but not for any subsequent ones (which then possibly depend on the choice of the initial Mod)? That sounds odd to me, since this seems to imply that any further Super Mods or Mods are delegated to be subject to an initial Super Mod's judgement, which makes the initial choice crucial and expected to be made in a thorough, careful manner. So is it then alright to make someone to be the 1st initial Mod or Super Mod behind the back of the corresponding entire community, but it is not alright to then afterwards (possibly when the core of a community's members get to know that such happened) add further Mods or Super Mods alongside those that had been put into those positions without a community knowing about it to begin with? Can you imagine if that was how it worked? And on this subject, as response to
''I'm afraid this'll come across as blunt, but your qualifications aren't really relevant for this topic.'', I'd for naturally arising reasons claim that some familiarity of a person with a game does absolutely matter for such a subject, wouldn't the staff agree? I'm not sure who is all part of the staff, but I'd then rather be interested in their thoughts and opinions on this.

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Good. So then I'll wait for staff response about the matter.

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''The mods for Super Metroid have stood on the game for a while.''
I'm not sure which of the 2 Super Metroid boards you're referring there, and yes for the main board, the Mods and Super Mods have been there for a longer time by now, but I'm talking about the extension board Super Mods, but I'll assume it is those that you are referring to aswell.

''and is only used for extreme cases where the games progress is hindered due to inactive mods + those mods cannot be contacted in anyway''
In this case here, the Mods can and have been contacted without positive results or even compromises, however the game's progress in certain category addition and definition aspects is hindered by them (as strange as that may sound, but unfortunately seems to be the case). The fact that their number grew already to a sizable amount doesn't help the problematic situation either.

''My opinion is inserting mods into games without any current mods consent or knowledge would likely just cause more issues than prevent.''
Again, this depends on the qualifications of initial Mods / Super Mods to begin with and has its roots from there, but yes I'd agree that such a situation would rather be a rare case than the average, so I understand your view of it. Afterall, being in a responsible position of a Mod / Super Mod or not doesn't change or influence on its own how familiar a person is with a game nor if decisions were conform to the game's community's standards (as examples, a few questionable categories listed there would be ''Grabbed by every Yapping Maw RTA'' or ''All Vileplumes RTA'', or ''100 Missile RTA'').

Well it looks like some of my other concerns from earlier stay unanswered, but some things were picked up.

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Hi, I'd like to be added as a super mod for I have submitted 2 runs 3 weeks ago and they havent got verified. I've contacted the mod via Discord in the first week beceause I had questions regarding start/end times and I asked him if he needed an extra mod for the games. My demands got ignored. I see he still connect to SRC every 2-3 days but he appenrently dont have the time to verefy two 50 mins runs. I havent retried to contact him as I dont think I should have to chase him around for him to take care of his duty and he dosnt seems to bother to answer me with a simple ''No''

I dont know if its worth mentioning but I originaly made a request for the game to be addded to SRC but retracted it because the current mod did a request too, 5 days before me. The game wasnt added when I made my request.

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Hey, I’d like to be mod for Wipeout: The Game, the current mod is over 3 weeks of inactivity. This is a game I brought up in this thread a bit ago. This mod seems to log on about once every 30 days.
I also have a run pending.


Not yet... I believe you contacted them about a month ago, however after then it doesn’t seem like they have logged on again.

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Hi I would like to be a mod for the codename cure category i've submitted runs but none of the mods have been active in a year


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I'd like to be added as a moderator for the Warhammer 40k series. The current moderator thehealbus has been inactive for over a couple years. Sent a request for a game to be added with a completed run and was directed to talk to him. None of his contact pages have been active for over a year at least.

At the very least can the game be added to the series since the moderator is inactive.


@SageIsAPlant shyguy is active online 4 days ago 😊


@MelonSlice My bad I only looked at the last time he posted something / interacted with anything although I did try to contact him he has not responded yet but hopefully he will


I've tried asking the moderators of WWF No Mercy (N64) to add a Survival Mode category, but nothing happens. They keep adding different moderators (which is fine), but a simple request to have a feature of the game added leads to nothing. There are multiple people who want to have different categories other than Championship Mode, so is there anything that can be done about this?


yeah its good to look at the profile's info for the last time they were on 🙂 idk how active they are with varifying runs but wanted to note it 😊


@Liv I sent him a message on his twitter. I was directed to contact him about adding Space Hulk: Deathwing to the Warhammer 40,000 series after it was rejected. I was slightly confused because I put in the request for the through the Warhammer 40k series page on the site.

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@Gorbish I'm not sure why the game was denied from the site team, but I've gone ahead and added it to the 40k series, and added you as a mod so you can edit the game, add rules, and your run and such.

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It was denied because series mods tend to complain about it if we add games to their series without talking to them first. This was my attempt to kinda flip it around so the end-user makes an attempt first to talk to the series mods ahead of time before we add it so that they will add it themselves before coming to us. (hope that makes sense, sounds confusing a bit).

It just saves some jumping around.

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Hello, is there any reason why a mod can decide to remove a comment from a run I submitted and got approved?


@dha This isn't really the right place to ask about this, you should probably just ask the moderator who verified your run about it.

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part of being a mod is deleting a run comment if they see it as inappropriate. Not saying your comment was, but maybe the mod thought it was. shrug

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Will give my side.

dha submits run for game I mod.

I verify the run, but remove comment demanding another game be added.

Run was 'dedicated' to this other game as well, thats meh, but I didn't want the comment there.

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