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A different way to contact a moderator, is to go to his YouTube channel through one of his submitted runs. And drop a comment below one of their videos.

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I'd like to add the discord server to The Swapper page ( ) but the only moderator hasn't been around for a long time and I haven't been able to contact him, he changed his twitch handle. He hasn't run the game in a few years and the game doesn't require any verification so anyone could post a fake WR time with no one around to challenge it. Even if he shows up again, I don't think he's interested in the game anymore so it would be nice to be able to manage the page myself.

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@DracaarysHorror For Banana Kong, please attempt to reach the current moderator via social media's before posting here. This is for a last resort(s).
As for the second post, please see the above comment.
We also typically look for users to have submitted runs or some type of verification you run / play the game.

@SebDaMuffin user has no activity since 2016, request fulfilled per your run.

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@Bokoblins impossible to contact him,i already test 1month ago when we have problems about one of his game, all of his social medias are wrong

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I'd like to request having Ivyiss removed from the mod list for Deponia 3 and Deponia The Complete Journey. He requested those to be added to the site around 2 years ago but hasn't done anything for the game eversince; also he hasn't visited this site in a year. Thank you in advance.

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Ok so i just send a private message to him on twitch and a message on his last video on ytub ( his video is 22days ago ). How many i have to wait and what happen if he doesnt respond?


Also guys when Liv says to contact the mods she doesn't mean just say hi and wait for a response to that or something random actually say hi, I submitted runs to _ game or something else that explains the situation, when you say hi a mod is not going to think to check SRC some may not even respond to you if you say that. I only wanted to mention this because I saw a few people doing this and wanted to let you know that explaining the situation is going to get you a lot further than saying Hi or Nice run! Some of you are lucky other runners also ask for you etc. 🙂 Seems weird but just wanted to let you guys know.

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@Liv i don't did any run because i see the mod is inactif, its why i want to be mod before. I will add speedrun categories btw.


Where are the moderators of God of War (2018) game? 2/3 categories have same rules, and has same run and cutscene skip glitch. We need a new Current Patch Glitchless Category, with no agile strike walk or cutscene skip glitch.

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@Liv you are right, its a good standart. So i will submit a run on each game, wait some days, and if they are not verified, i will resubmit a message here. Thank you liv ! ?

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@Liv I have a question regarding requesting moderation. I've submitted multiple runs for the game A.R.E.S. Extinction Agenda EX, but it's a pretty obscure game. My runs would be the only ones in the category, and the only other runner for the game (who is also the sole moderator), Papajasu, last submitted a run 1 year ago. I checked his profile history, and his last site action I could find was a forum post from 9 months ago. Looking at the mod's twitter (which was the recommended first point of contact), he's recently announced he'll be on bed rest. This means he would be unlikely to be able to verify any runs, and for good reason.

Should I still wait the ~3 weeks to see if I can get in contact with him, or would it be appropriate for me to get modded?


Hello there,

I'd like to apply to be a mod of Pokemon TCG -

With StrawberryWhiteblock dissapearing off the internet, there is a void that needs to be filled, and as I have decent knowledge of the game and am a runner, I believe I am a good choice for the role.

I am pretty active when there's discussions about the run and keep up to date in the discord.

Thanks for your consideration,

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@Raagentreg there are other active mods, this thread is for last resorts only. If you wanna apply for mod, ask in the forums or the discord.

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@Wipeoutjack7 Thanks for the reply, I was just asking considering the other mods haven't submitted a run ever, except for one that was 2 years ago.

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Even if the run was 2 years ago they have still ran it, they are also active please ask the mods.

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I'd like to become a mod on dead by daylight speedrun section, as there is only one moderator, and it would advance it, if there are current runs not being aproved

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Здраствуйте, я бы хотел стать модератором игры Painkiller, чтобы хотяб правила написать, а то там пусто)

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Hello there, I'm lead to assume that this is the correct fitting place for the subject of my request. So I'm requesting (with substantial support and reasoning behind it) for the position of a so-called Super Mod with respect to the leaderboard that goes by the name ''Super Metroid Category Extensions'' ( ). And yes I'm aware of the suggestion ''If you want to be added as a moderator for an existing game, contact the current moderators for it instead. If the current moderators are inactive, please use this thread on the forums.'' as it is adviced/recommended from this general guidline page ( ). However, the existing moderators (all aswell Super Mods at the board in question) seem to turn out to be inactive in this Super Mod qualification judgement/estimation/acceptance subject, which is why I'm requesting this here instead.

Regarding the general game (and the vast pool of hacks that exist for it) itself, within the Super Metroid community (which provides a plentiful source to gain feedback from in order to double-check questions on my following claims) it is a well-known fact that I have rather unique extensive knowledge and insights about the game's mechanics, possibilities and structure.

Regarding the concrete extension board and its categories content, experimentations and documented analysis that I did a long time in the past contributed significantly to the existence and in the end the appearance of some of the listed categories on the extension board. This would contain but not be restricted to
° research and development contributions to the category entry that is named ''RBMBO'' in which, with the support of heavy glitch abuse, bosses are defeated in reverse similarly to the more known ''RBO'' category,
° strategy experimentations and setup construction aswell as brain-storming for different applicable controllable movement maneuvers for ''Blindfolded Any%''
° the creation and pioneering of the ''No Drops'' concept with further tests that go into estimations of ''No Drops Low%'',
° Investigations into the details that make out the ''True Completion'' branch,
° my initial idea of ''Zebes Escape'' as counterpart to ''Ceres Escape'' which was put up by other members that approved of the concept.

In a position as Super Mod w.r.t. the board in question alongside the current Super Mods, I would like to clear up and discuss rules (as parameters) that separate/distinguish different types of runs, and extend the board's content further to serve the wishes of the running participants from the community.

I'm optimistic and would hope that this expertise provides sufficient conditions for my request. Other than this, unfortunately, I wasn't informed (and hence wasn't aware) when this additional board was created a while in the past even though it has a large interest from my side. If there's uncertainty or questions about different aspects, I can help and provide further information depending on those aspects.

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@AranJaeger I think you're a bit misguided in posting here.

You don't need to be a super mod to discuss your ideas with the existing super mods. Contact them.

You currently don't have any contact info listed for yourself. That's a requirement.

You need a run pending in the game. Exceptions are made if the category doesn't exist as a result of a moderator's negligence, which is not the case you're raising here.

I'm afraid this'll come across as blunt, but your qualifications aren't really relevant for this topic. You should forward them to the person who can make a decision on this, that is, the existing mods.

The site staff won't mod a new user behind the existing mod's back. Can you imagine if that was how it worked?

As to your claim that the current mods "seem to turn out to be inactive in this Super Mod qualification judgement/estimation/acceptance subject" (??), if I understand you correctly... Well the threshold is 3 months without logging in, or 3 weeks if there's a sitting run pending approval. Considering that no verification is required for runs on that board, the 3-month threshold is met by some of the mods. But not all. Again, take this up with them. This topic is for people who can't do that.

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Thank you, I fixed the contact information. I do have some runs for the game Super Metroid ( ) which are listed there, so this should not be a relevant problem then, I assume. You said that I don't need Super Mod for discussion ideas, and yes in theory that is correct, but in practice it so far didn't work out, and it isn't solely about the discussion of ideas (as mentioned in my message above), but also being able to apply extensions to the board itself which otherwise would be impossible for me (just the way the existing Super Mods already apply such additions). It is not for my own runs, but rather for runs by others and for developing the board in general for its participants.

''You need a run pending in the game. Exceptions are made if the category doesn't exist as a result of a moderator's negligence, which is not the case you're raising here.''
Well yes there do exist extension-category runs (most of them are older by now and had no place to be submitted to back then either before this board existed) of to-be-added categories by a few community members that cannot be submitted due to there not existing respective category headers. I'm also not sure for what purpose I myself (in contrast to others) need a run that is pending in the game.

''The site staff won't mod a new user behind the existing mod's back. Can you imagine if that was how it worked?''
So site staff can do this for the 1st Mod candidate before any such existed already (since for a board, some Mod will always be the first Mod existing for the given board), but not for any subsequent ones (which then possibly depend on the choice of the initial Mod)? That sounds odd to me, since this seems to imply that any further Super Mods or Mods are delegated to be subject to an initial Super Mod's judgement, which makes the initial choice crucial and expected to be made in a thorough, careful manner. So is it then alright to make someone to be the 1st initial Mod or Super Mod behind the back of the corresponding entire community, but it is not alright to then afterwards (possibly when the core of a community's members get to know that such happened) add further Mods or Super Mods alongside those that had been put into those positions without a community knowing about it to begin with? Can you imagine if that was how it worked? And on this subject, as response to
''I'm afraid this'll come across as blunt, but your qualifications aren't really relevant for this topic.'', I'd for naturally arising reasons claim that some familiarity of a person with a game does absolutely matter for such a subject, wouldn't the staff agree? I'm not sure who is all part of the staff, but I'd then rather be interested in their thoughts and opinions on this.

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