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hey, I'd like to be a mod of "White Tiles 4: Piano Master" one mod hasn't been on the site in 3 months with no runs/contacts, and the other mod has been on the site almost daily, but is not verifying runs and has no contact I can use to get a hold of.
Twitch - no streams for almost a year
youtube - no good way of contacting someone through it
discord - only has the numbers to his discord and cannot find it

I've got a lot of pending runs, some going back about 20 days


Friendly reminder that just because someone doesn't stream doesn't mean you can't try whispering them on Twitch.

I check my whispers daily. I can go months without streaming.

Also, a less friendly reminder that if the mod has Twitter and you don't, that's your problem, not theirs. The system wouldn't work if mods were forced to have contact links for every possible media.

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@Liv Of course, if it's something console specific, I would think about making console specific boards or something of that nature

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So some Mod went AWOL or was hacked on the Madagascar 2 (DS) leaderboards, submitting and verifying a ton of fake times, changing the background to a picture of hitler. No run on the entire leaderboard has a video, and all are submitted and approved by the same person. The "WR" just links a video to some minecraft speedrunning compilation. Not sure if this is the right board to bring it up, but just wanted to bring it to you guys' attention. I don't want Mod status on that game, just noticed it was a complete mess.
Edit: I've been talking with Gamingguy63 (a series mod of Madagascar) and he is going to delete and remake the leaderboards for the game, and put the old actual WR video back up. If there is any issue with that, please feel free to let him or I know and I will try and relay it back to him.


Hey, I was speedrunning "Lucius Demake", got the WR and just figured out that the only moderaor of the game is inactive since 6 month, can anyone help me ? 😕
I really love that game and get better time but if there's no mod how can I do ??

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I'd like to report a toxic mod, BnH247 (Far Cry Primal/Far Cry 5), who has gone out of his way to split up the Far Cry speedrunning community by making Far Cry 5 "exclusive" from the rest of the community. I've reached out to this mod on two sources, via the forum and his exclusive discord. He has out right ignored my responses, but has openly spoken to others. I've spoken to the other mods of the series and from what they've told me the man is toxic. He's created rules that are contradictory to one another and does not even follow his own rules (example: )

The only other mod he has made for Far Cry 5 was his friend that he ran a co-op run with, not a single other person from the series. To this I ask that he be removed from his modship and that one S or one of the other series mods be made the new SuperMod so that the speedrunning community can be reunited and the rules be cleaned up so that the game may be run and hopefully thrive.

edited: adding more
I would like to also note that he has outright refused to add the DLC to the Far Cry 5 speedrun page and insist it can be listed as a separate game instead.

2nd edit: reason
I've seen that others have been denied because of no history posted. I wanted to take the opportunity to clarify that I've been waiting on a response from the mod to clarify his rules, as seen in the shot on 30Cents post, before I run the game so that my friend and I are practicing the right way. In my search to learn how to get ahold of this guy and through talking to the rest of the community is what has led me here.

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I don't comment on forums like this, but this mod for Far Cry 5 and Primal needs to be removed and changed with someone else. I'm not a runner of Far Cry 5, but I have ran 4 in the past. He even created an exclusive Discord server for Far Cry 5, even though we already have a Discord for the entire series (including 5). While both mods are indeed active on the site, they haven't replied to anything. I did jump into their exclusive Discord for the game, and even they don't respond there either.

Someone else needs to be mod, who is capable of responding to posts and shows care for a leaderboard.

The image Gorbish tried to link doesn't work, so here it is:

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New to the speed run community and submitted a run for Neon Drive. I know it hasn't been long since I did, but the mod hasn't been active in months, on here or anywhere. Last Youtube was 9 months ago and 1 tweet in 2 months over a month ago. Also the listing hasn't been updated since the game was updated with an 8th track. Wanted to mention all that in case someone else needs to step in. If it's too early too, sorry for jumping the gun.


I have a request to be added as a moderator to the Predator 2 Genesis moderation list. I have waited patiently for 8 full days for a verification and there is no response. That and I am both passionate and committed to running the game for many many months in the future as well as actively encouraging new runners to join. My passion for this videogame is immense.



Your job is to contact the moderator directly and ask, if that's what you want.

8 days is longer than ideal, but it's not unreasonable.
The moderator is a busy guy, just look at all the games he moderates. He has been away for 4 days, so he's got lots of catching up to do.

If you want to help out, now is the perfect time to offer that to the moderator. Do so directly.

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@Liv Sorry, my bad, I didn't see that. I may come back to you later if necessary. Thank you for your quick answer.

Sorry for bothering you.

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I would like to request to super moderate the AQ3D boards. The current moderator has been offline for nearly 20 days and seemingly only verified their own runs other than one other (not that I expect there to be a lot of runs pending approval). The moderator also has no social media linked to their profile so there is no way to get in contact.
Additionally, it seems like not much effort was placed into making the boards look nice and I think a lot of ILs can be merged into sub categories to clean up.

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Hello, coolestio the only mod for Zoop has been inactive and hasn't updated my runs in over 2 months, with multiple submissions not getting added by me. I'd like a new mod for Zoop please, my friend is getting into the game and we want an active mod on the leaderboards!


@irirbutler Your runs got accepted 1 month ago tho


Goddammit sorry I didn't do perfect math I just know it's been over a month and I've submitted 5 runs since he last accepted one. I have a 12:57 on level mode yet it still is only a 13:17 on the site like come on now


So CLOSE to 2 months and it's Irie not Irir.


Coolestio hasn't uploaded a YouTube video in 2 months, hasn't tweeted or been on Reddit for even longer, there's still no messaging option on even though it's said "coming soon" for months now. Contacting is unnecessarily hard. I just want a mod back because he was very quick to accept runs until he stopped altogether.


did you try his discord? 🙂 find its usually very good but yeah a month is a bit long


Idk how to message him on discord. You guys make It seem like it's so easy to contact these mods because they have 10 ways of contacting them but it's not the case. Discord doesn't just let me message him, I've tried.


It's just annoying for to have a feature called messaging that would greatly help things like this, yet it's been "coming soon" for longer than I've been playing the game