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That would be for the Requesting series for existing games thread:
That caters for existing games being added to existing series as well as requested series.


Hey, someone made me a mod for without asking me if I wanted to be one. Can you un-mod me?


Hello, I would like to help moderate the Kid Icarus: Uprising page. I mostly want to add categories that more people run. For example the "All Gold Laurels" category that my self and some others run and would like to see added.

Thank you for your consideration.


You can ask the mods directly, they are active.
Lo1ts and Jukspa are online currently on the CoD Discord Channel :


Jumpyluff: I'll make the other two mods supers, and that gives you more options to contact people. I don't want to jump the gun.

El-Nino: Moved to series due to inactive moderator, which makes you a mod.

jeffsledge: Could you contact the current mods? I could bump up one of them to a super maybe, but there's still two people you can talk to right now.

Diamond: There are 5 super moderators you can contact to handle this.

halqery: It's obviously a gray case. Ideally the site would allow multiple series per games at some point in the future. Pokemon is probably more specific than Mystery Dungeon in a pragmatic sense. If both sets of moderators are fine with moving it I'll move it, but I don't see a great reason to change where it lives.

Nosferatu: Looks like it was handled. Adding mods should probably be requests to users at some point. Supers can remove themselves, but normal mods can't due to a functionality shortcoming currently.

Fireboy: Added, you have a run and moderator isn't the most active.

xHaviiHx: There are 3 active super mods you can contact.


You can tell jeffrosledge we do not add times without the runners consent. We kinda went through that whole drama so I'm not about to change the way we do things. Which is also the way people wants it. Thanks.


"Jumpyluff: I'll make the other two mods supers, and that gives you more options to contact people. I don't want to jump the gun."

I already tried contacting the mods individually around the time I made the initial post. As far as I'm aware, they speak French, so it's not easy to communicate anyway. The game is dead as far as I'm aware.


Request for the MGS3 leaderboard.

Can we please remove all series mods for this as none of them actually run it? This also explains the butchered leaderboards. Please mod either myself or VPP so we can look after it and make it a good place to get information on MGS3 speedrunning.


I wonder if "series moderators have power here" should be unchecked by default (I think it is currently checked by default?). It is a nice idea in many circumstances, but seems to cause plenty of problems too.

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@dresdun : I am mod of LA leaderboard.
I have been added to mod because Flynn wasn't verifying runs.
What do you want me to add exactly ? The board is often verified and the runs are verified according to ZeldaSpeedruns laws.
If I made any mistake (that can happen), tell me.
But as long as I am aware, you didn't tried to contact me.


Svenne: There's a huge difference between adding times without asking and not removing times when asked. From what I've noticed, most of the games on the site add times without asking. Most also remove times when specifically asked by users from what I've observed. Neither of these are site rules currently, but I think you're giving your own opinion and arbitrarily stating that "everyone" wants it that way.

Jumpyluff: Apparently you were added.

Cerberus: That series was really undermaintained for a while so we added a couple moderators. Try talking to them first, per the first post in the thread. There are 3 of them and they seem to be relatively active.

mobiusman: ("series moderators have power here" unchecked by default) I'm not totally against it, but it would need more discussion.

dresdun: Contact the current moderator. Just because you submitted the best time yesterday doesn't automatically get you the board.


Well, this site is built on the idea that every community run their own leaderboard. There was another leaderboard that was trying to implement what you said and look what happened to it. I rather do the right thing from the get-go and avoid ideas that leads to drama or mistakes.


You could easily argue that having a known time NOT on a leaderboard is a mistake.


Just take the Mario 2 wr. ILM did not want his wr on here until he improved it so I did not add it. He improved the wr and then submitted it.

Would it be worth upsetting people over it? If our effort is to get everyone to use this site we need to make it a site with good reputation and that people want to use.

If doing stuff the wrong way might make runners not want their times on a leaderboard, why would you operate in such a manner.


i want to mod breath of fire 3
its possible?

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As I stated in the thread you started earlier, there is a mod that is active for the game. Try contacting them first, and if you get no response try here. This is more as a last resort thread.


ok sorry i will see with kanjo or chibi


Can i be mod in Onimusha warlords? -


Reason ?
As I can agree Joshkaz doesn't seem active anymore, Oblimix is.


I would like to be a moderator for Long Live the Queen. The current moderator seems to be inactive.