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Alright I added my discord and my twitch username to my profile. Hopefully I can be a mod for Zoop or find someone else willing to do the job


I've already tried contacting him and he seems to be MIA but thank you, he is missed cause he did a good job to start


@Liv I'm sorry if I've been a pain in the butt. I've just been trying to get everything worked out for this speedrun. Everyone at the Far Cry Running discord has been really helpful and I am happy to know that I can still enjoy running the other games in this series. However, after the way BnH247 handled our conversation on his 'exclusive' discord I cannot and will not submit my runs for this game while he remains a mod. All I wanted was clarification on his rules that were not clear. I've waited a week patiently and sought you all out after what I had heard and seen for myself in not just the way he managed Far Cry 5, but any game where he is the supermod. I understand now exactly what the community meant by saying BnH247 was toxic. Below is the links to our conversation.

  [user deleted]

I'd also like to add that his Far Cry: Primal run fails to meet the objective for getting to the ending. I don't know much about the game, but I'll let conversations from the Discord do the talking.

Any attempt that we've done with solving this problem, has been unsuccessful. He won't cooperate and makes up excuses saying he doesn't have time, but yet runs 3hr and 7hr long runs.


Hello, my name is small vans. I submitted a run for sonson 22 days ago and the moderator hasn't been on in a month. If someone can help me that would be amazing. Please and thank you, small vans

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Cheers Liv 🙂


@iriebutler I'd like to apologize for my absence from the site. I've verified your runs for you.

I've just removed my Twitter from my SRC page. It's a terrible way to reach me and should never have been put on this site.

I'd like to point out that a YouTube comment or a Reddit PM are much better ways of reaching me, since they send me an email and a push notification to my phone. A forum post in the game forum would have been a good idea too.

I'm sorry that Discord didn't let you send me messages without being my friend, but I've accepted your request in case you need to get ahold of me in the future. I've also joined the SRC Discord so that this doesn't happen to anyone in the future who needs to contact me.

Sorry again for any inconvenience experienced.

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@coolestio no problem bud, it's understandable I just didn't know what else to do. Hope all is well mate. Thanks for approving the runs

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@PR0UD-N00B It looks like the moderator for Blobwall was last online today. You should try and contact them on the games forum if you would like to assist.
However for Handle with Care, mod has been inactive since October and pending run for a month.

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I have submitted runs of Little League Baseball: Championship Series for NES one month ago, and I have not been able to contact the moderator ( because he/she doesn't have Twitter or any direct communication avenues listed. I posted to the forum for the game one week ago. SanJorge123 hasn't been online on this site in 3 months. I would be happy to help moderate the game if that's an option. Thank you for the help.

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You both have Twitch, did you try whispering?

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@6oliath Good idea. Just tried it. Thanks


@Liv Thanks for the help. I’ll let you know if I hear back.


Hello, I would like to be a moderator for Tetris Friends. I have submitted a run just in case that's a requirement 😕 I have played a lot of Tetris and stuff. So yeah if I could be moderator I would like that.

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Is there a reason you want to be mod?

There doesn't seem to be any problem with the current mod, who was online today and who verified your run within a day of it being submitted.

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Hi, i have a problem about the game pou.
The mod of the game is really inactif! He s connected sometimes ( around 1 time in 2 weeks ) and its very weird! There is a lot of runs waiting verifications ( 10days for me ).
We cant contact him because his social medias informations are wrong! And he doesnt add any mod more actif!

So if a mod can do anything, if you can add me,or @SaturnRunsGames because he played this game a lot and he is very actif!


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Hi, just to answer what happen yesterday. We change the leaderboard of pou and now there is some way of real speedrunning, i just want to know what you think about this new leaderboard, and by tje way if you have any suggestion.

Thx @Liv


I mean survive% dosnt have anything to do with speedrunning either

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Hey @Liv is there any place to report games that are 30+ days old without leaderboards setup? Ive seen a few recently

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