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@Handskar I've sent a tweet to Shiko since he appears to currently be active on twitter concerning your run. Since your run has only been in the queue for 1 day if he doesn't verify it in the next few days (to give him time to see the tweet) I will fulfill your request. If he does verify your run, consider asking him for Moderator status in Virtua Tennis.



It has been three weeks now



The current Mod has replied to a comment I have made, to which I advised them to make an additional Moderator for the game if they're unable to verify for long periods. If they continue to be inactive despite contact being made, then I will make the change myself.

It also appears your submitted run has actually been verified in the past, on the 2nd of April, but you altered the run comment after it was verified (also on April 2nd) and this has caused the run to become unverified again. You've also submitted the exact same run multiple times on different dates. The other two submissions do not need to exist because they're all for the same run. You can remove those from your pending actions page.

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Hey! I was wondering if I may be a moderator for the game Temper Tantrum. A couple friends of mine started running it including myself and the current mod hasn't been online in 6 months. His Twitch doesn't exist anymore and his Twitter seems dead as well. The Discord user he provided does not work either.Please and thank you! 🙂



Has been inactive for 6 months, last tweet from mid-2017, their Twitch/Discord also no longer exist and they have no run of the game. Okay.

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Hey, I was hoping I could get mod for the game "Knight Squad" I have a run pending in it and the mod has not been on the site in 4 months. I tried contacting him through discord, twitch, and twitter. none of which seem to be working.

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Hello, could I become a moderator for "Parking Fury"? The current one hasn't been online for the past 4 months and I've tried contacting him through Steam, but it didn't work.


@DarQ_Massacres He was last active on twitter on April 20th, that's only 5 days ago, and it doesn't appear that you've just directly @ him on twitter, yet. But considering he has been offline for 4+ months, I will add you.

@TrafficPossum User has been offline 9 months, has no contact links. Okay.

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I don't @ people on twitter normally, a lot of others have gotten upset with me in the past about it. I try to DM people as often as possible.


Generally I'd say it's better in the long run to @ people, because then at least they will see the message. If you send someone a DM request, and they have no idea who you are, they're far more likely to simply ignore/delete it.

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Hello, I would like to become to mod for Dragon Fist 3D. The only mod for the game, yoshipsi, hasn't been online for 5 months. I tried to contact him through youtube comments and haven't received a reply. I have a run pending for one category and would like to move into other categories.
Here is the game link:


@Eoghal Have you tried tweeting @ Yoshipsi? Youtube Messages generally go unnoticed because the sites notification feature is nonexistent.
EDIT: Yoshipsi has since come on and verified your run after I tweeted him. Consider asking him for Moderator status if he is having trouble being active.

@Handskar User hasn't responded after several days, so since he has been offline for 2+ months, added you.

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Forgot to thank whichever site mod helped to add me as supermod to Sniper: Path of Vengeance. Whoever it was, thank you very much!


@Mikkelhess Okay, so since the moderator seems to be having some trouble being active (they did reply back but after several days still haven't verified your runs) on the site, I've added you.


Requesting mod for again, because I think my request got confused. My run got accepted because runs are accepted without verification, which is a questionable move at best and a lazy one at worst. My run was not accepted by the mod, which is why I still think he's inactive. Note that, while he has been on in the past 17 hours, he hasn't commented on the forum post I made on the game (or any forum post in the past 2 years), he hasn't replied when I hit him up on twitter or twitch, and there's a slim-to-none chance he'd respond to this post, @Thehealbus . I want mod not only to make any% more restrictive in requiring verification, but to also add a couple categories that have been run by myself and wizwag in the past.

Thanks for your time.


@Gelly I've made an attempt on Twitter to contact him myself. If I don't get a reply in the next few days then I will add you, considering he doesn't have a run in the game and isn't adding categories that runners of the game clearly want.


@Glimmstizzl Current Mod is active, please ask them. This is a thread for last resort in cases of mods being impossible to contact and/or inactive.

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Hi there like to request Mod for Submitted a run on the 21st of March. Also try to get a hold of the mod the only way available thru the game's forum. Haven't heard nothing yet. Mod was on after I submitted but hasn't been back since.


@NerdyNester Run pending, user appears pretty inactive and also has no run of the game. Okay.

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