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I just want to become moderator, because the new hunts werent added (wich are in the game for about 4 months now), also the gameversions you can assign to your runs are old (we have newer versions right now). and by outdated i mean they are no longer in the game at this moment. they got removed with the last major update, and i thought it would be a cool thing to mention it in the titles of the missions.
Aswell as the Game has different parts of progress, knwon as tiers. And right now, there is no order in the hunts here on the site, so it would be good, if its either tier based or alphabetic or something. and I know, that the mod was online recently, he approved my runs...
But its looking, like he has no idea about the current state of the game (probably doesnt play it anymore)
The whole dauntless section looks somehow neglected...

But I wll try to contact him again in the forums thanks Komrade

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Did a speedrun on rainbow six outbreak. I got a message it got confirmed but it doesnt show up in the list.

I'm new to this site and I could not figure out how to get in touch with the mod who aproved it. sorry


@SnowManBob the filters aren’t set up correctly.

Go to the Sierra Veteran Wing and go Filters -> 3rd Difficulty Filter (why they have 3 I have no idea) -> Pandemic/Any and your run should show up now

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@Timmiluvs (no idea how to do @'s)

Yep thats it. Thanks!


Hello again.

I'm reporting on the sorry state of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance moderating.

I submitted a run last week that was first upheld by Weebmeister, but was then rejected by ZEN_Ivan on the grounds that it wasn't New Game (NG), it was New Game Plus (NG+). The reason he specifically stated was that our characters had outfits unlocked at the beginning of the game. Another run, solo NG submitted by WoweetheDoggo, had a character outfit unlocked but was upheld, apparently because ZEN_Ivan hadn't noticed the outfit selection 12 minutes into the run. After querying the threads nothing had been settled, other than some confusion about what was and wasn't a NG run.

Invited to a discord chat last night, some things became clear. Mostly everyone was on board with unlocked outfits being allowed for NG runs. This added to depth and breadth of strategy, as outfits provide a variety of bonuses that are useful in the touch-and-go nature of NG runs. The lone dissenter, ZEN_Ivan, repeatedly claimed that he did not have access to unlocked outfits for NG, only unlocked characters. It was discovered that the non-Steam PC, OXbox, and PS2 versions of the game also did not allow saved outfits to carry into new NG runs (only NG+). Regardless of consensus (including the other moderator Weebmeister's), ZEN_Ivan repeatedly stated that the argument was finished and that a NG run meant absolutely no unlocks. No unlocks included outfits, but also in-game characters such as Silver Surfer, Blade, and Daredevil. However, a NG run did mean that DLC content was available, which includes characters like Nightcrawler and the Hulk on some platforms. This muddled what a 'brand new save file' meant. In order to ensure NG runs were NG, some runners will be forced to play through the game without saving and/or wipe their save files at the end of every playthrough. The reason for this was it would be "easier" for reviewing run submissions, as you can check in the first five minutes if a runner has any unlocks (meaning you don't have to watch the rest of the run). There was also chatter of creating platform-groups of run categories, amounting to no fewer than 72 different categories, when it could easily be 24 or fewer.

ZEN_Ivan was adamant that having unlocked outfits constituted some unfair advantage, despite the fact that everyone else was on board with permitting them. He also insisted on increasing the disparity for consoles (for NG) by restricting the characters available at the start of the game.If he was against unfair advantages between consoles, he shot himself in the foot by restricting characters to base and DLC, where the version differences are far more game-breaking than having outfits available. He used foul language and insulted other players while providing no arguments himself. He harassed a brand-new runner, Escade, for not having any runs (something along the lines of, "why should I listen to you, you who haven't submitted any runs yet") but proceeded to invite a toadie, Shadow_Dog to the conversation- who also does not have any runs submitted and is (edit: was, briefly) now a moderator. (I was informed in this thread that I could not be a moderator without having submitted a run). (I'll also admit that I grew more antagonistic as the conversation wore on... internet fights)

In trying to rectify the disparity between outfits, ZEN_Ivan played a pivotal role in not only taking the meta for New Game runs a step backwards, to a more restrictive and less creative game type, but also removed several excellent runs from contention for records, including the previously mentioned run by WoweetheDoggo. The game is now even less accessible to new runners or runners unwilling to erase their save files in order to compete in the NG category, or runners without access to DLC.

In this thread (where this is being posted) I was repeatedly referred to the moderators of the game. The moderator in charge has proven to be selfish and shortsighted, and if other people involved in the Discord conversation are honest, they will back me up on that. We had a group consensus that made the rules clear and simple and would increase competitiveness and creativity, and group consensus was strongarmed by a person who- to serve his own vague interests- reduced both. This is the person admins in this thread told me to turn to.

Sadly, I'm fairly certain that the administrators of are neutered in their ability to take any action, and are instead content to let the fox run the henhouse. I get the feeling this happens all over the site, which is unfortunate when you consider the following speedrunning has and the outside interest that might be turned off by poor interactions. I implore you to speak with Weebmeister and Escade- at least- to try and understand/change the situation, but unfortunately I believe the MUA community and rules will remain exclusive, unfriendly, and unhelpful to any runner outside of a select cadre.

As an aside, I have runs to submit and will do so after writing this post. I confident that they will either be delayed in their review or will be rejected outright for something bogus like sound/picture quality. (Edit: they have been approved, but aren't in the right run cats).

Sorry for the length of this post.

Edit 3/29: A run was refused because "Normal is not a category now". Unilaterally decided, to my knowledge.

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^^^^ Didn't read, but agreed! Kappa

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Hello, I would like to apply for moderator in the The Contact Machine speed run category, as the current moderator is inactive, and I need someone to add my world record to the list. If I can't become a moderator, then I hope someone outside the game can verify it, as the only moderator for the game is inactive.


I normally don't like to go to these measures, especially as the current moderator for this game IS active (been on 6 hours ago, submitted a run 10 days ago), however has not responded to any fourm request we have approached him with, has not responded to the YouTube comment I left him with a contact request, and his Discord and Twitch links do not work.

The game is Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games. The link is here:

We have had someone (Either myself or user SonicSam) attempt to contact him for some category requests for the past 2 months. He has been on, verified runs, but yet to even respond to any of the contact requests we send out.

I have a good amount of experience in being moderators for games, I would be happy to take over, but I think we all just want him to respond and allow us to contact him.

Sorry if this is a bother to anyone, just trying to save a game from becoming dead.

Best Regards,


Hello guys, I would like to be mod on Love Hina Advance , I have got a pending run since more than 3weeks, one of the mod said that he was not connecting anymore on this site when I asked him to correct my run ; and the other one mod doesn't respond.

I have got a pending run too on Connect Four, Perfection, Trouble! since 3weeks too and I can't contact moderators on this game.


Hey, I would like to take over as super mod for NBA 2K 17, and NBA 2K 18, both games have the same 2 mods, one hasnt been online in 2 months, the other hasnt been online in 1 month.


Hello, I recently ran Escape The Prison and my run has yet to be verified. I checked each of the mod's profiles and neither have been active in over a month. I tried to contact them but it was unsucessful. I was wondering how my run could be verified. If that meant me becoming a mod of Escape The Prison, I would be up for that.
Hopefully this run can be verified soon.


@Wipeoutjack7 Maybe run the game first? Unless you’ve submitted a run which hasn’t been verified I don’t see why you would want to moderate a game you don’t wanna play.


@Alcowe I have the game and am doing runs. Also, its not just that the mods are inactive, they've made mistakes with the leaderboards, and in general haven't done much with them.


Hi there, there was some sort of incident regarding a moderator and the Mega Man X6 leaderboard, which resulted in them being removed and there being no supermods left on the board. If you can fix this by supermoding either myself, or orsa, or both of us, that'd be real nice. Thank you.

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I'd like to request Buckiize getting removed as super mod from the game Getting Over it with Bennet Foddy. He hasn't verified any runs or taken part in discussions for 1-2 months and the last time he did verify runs was due to being confronted about his inactivity.
He refuses to step down voluntarily despite being asked to do so by the rest of the mod team.


I posted a run for "Space Quest II: Vohaul's Revenge" 26 days ago. The only mod has been offline for 5 months.

What is my next step?


Hello, I submitted a speedrun about a month ago, on the game Bloons tower defense 5, track monkey lane on easy (No big deal) but not on mobile but the web version over, it was rejected because, and I quote, "A. Web sucks. B. Worst recording I've ever seen. C. This ain't anywhere close to the world record and D. You timed it wrong, it's a 10:55."
So, regarding A, that's no reason for rejecting the speedrun, there is already another speedrun in web version, and it made about 25 minutes.
Regarding B, fine, I can do it better, do you have to be so rude? Could you at least tell me how do you expect the recording to be? I guess this guy had a bad day.
Regarding C, as I already mentioned, the only other speedrun on that specific track and difficulty on web version, made like 25 minutes, so it technically is world record ON WEB where you actually have less resources since there are less towers, in btd5 mobile you can use an engineer for the first rounds and will keep those bloons not far away from the entrance. Mobile record is 5:03 I think.
And finally, about D, you are totally right, I timed it 10:57, it's actually 10:55.
I don't care about the speedrun being rejected because of bad quality recording, (Actually the only problem I see is the timer being on another window, which pretty much sucks, I admit, couldn't find another way to do it.) but I am very upset with the "kindness" shown in this message. So I added MYSELF 2 seconds, my God, what a tragedy. B is the only reasonable thing to not accept the run, I guess. Would like a response, and I don't care about submitting a new run with better recording, have a good day.


@RexTari Have you tried talking to the other mods about this? There's 6 different mods for that game, surely one of them must be able to help you, and that level of toxicity is definitely not acceptable.

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