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EN : No problems for me, but I would like you to tell me what you want to change beforehand (and how), just to be sure.

FR : Pas de problèmes pour ma part, mais j'aimerais savoir ce que tu veux modifier avant (et comment), histoire d'être sûr.


Hi folks, I would like to ask (via this message) If there was a possibility that I could be one of the moderators of the game Silent Hill 1.

I know the game in absolutely 100% , And I run just this game (And so, I could be contributing with future friends who choose to speedrun this great game.

I'm absolutely obsessed with this game hahaha... And it could help new players with the best way possible.

Because I like the game and I like to see new people playing this classic of the 90s.

I appreciate everyone's attention. "C ya!" 🙂



merci encore de contacter les gens c'est gentil, pour mg rising il ne veux pas 😕 c'est dommage c'est là où il y'avait le plus de changement à faire bon pas grave merci tout de même.

Pense aussi que des changements sur un leaderboard, ça se voit en communauté, et pas en initiative individuelle juste parce que t'as envie de rajouter un truc. Si eux ne veulent pas, c'est qu'ils considèrent que c'est très bien tel quel et c'est toi de te plier aux exigences de la communauté.
PS : retour du topic en anglais à partir de maintenant, sinon c'est banhammer.

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Hey i want to be moderator for Super Smash Bros Brawl. I'm really interested in running the game and the game only has one mod. I've seen that there's been lot's of requests for boards and the mod hasn't responded yet (and hasen't posted a run yet in a really long time) so i'm gonna say he's inactive. Anyway here's the link:


I would like to be a moderator for Lisa: the Painful RPG, I have been running the game for a few months, and have the best of what little there is to compare to's time. Also the only moderator for the game has been gone for about two weeks.


samuca_brazilian: Game has numerous moderators, please contact them to ask
Woutt64: I'll add you because there's only one mod and a lot of unaddressed forum activity.
Droanux: Ok, you have a good time and the board only has one mod who isn't the most active.
gamerretro2: Verz is pretty active, contact him.

I don't speak French.


I want to be a Moderator of the Game "LEGO City Undercover" (
Unfortunately, the current Mod of this Game "RobotCrokodilz", is not responding (ignoring) any of my messages.
It would be nice if you add me as a mod so I can define rules, categories etc.

He does not moderate the Game at all (the only thing he did was the icon >.>), and I am planning to run this Game once I have the time to do so.

Also this guy seems to be a huge idiot who just want to moderate as much games as possible (see profile), just submitting every game he can find without caring about it 😡 This makes me so angry isn't this against the rules?


"Moderators for each game are expected to set up categories and settings for the game[...]"
"This form should not be used just because a game isn't listed on the site."

Thanks for reading and hopefully something will change 🙂
Regards, Niklas


@ItsNiklass, he was on only 14 hours ago as of time of this post, and other games he has moderated seem to be getting their runs approved fine.

I'm not seeing an issue to warrant adding you just yet to be honest.

Since there isn't any other run, you can set the rules yourself to a degree, by what you end up submitting.


Hi, I would like to be a moderator for Spore ( ). There is currently only one moderator, who was last online 4 weeks ago and has no twitch stream/social media listed to contact. There are atleast 3 people currently waiting for runs to be verified; my friend and I submitted nearly a week ago, and there seems to be somebody in the forums section.

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I know is the home for Super Metroid runs; but is it possible to create it on as well? The integrated Livesplit functionality beats manually updating Deertier everytime. Besides it's a game I run I'd like to register in my profile.



I want to submit a time to "Factorio" but no categories are defined yet. So I would like to be a moderator for Factorio to give it a start.


SevenS1ns iirc some communities didn't want to move their leaderboard (or duplicate them) to, so metroid might have been one of those. maybe you should ask the metroid community (and the people that keep their leaderboard up to date) if they would like to move or have a duplicate leaderboard.


This is something I've touched on before - on the one hand, it's odd to have a super metroid-shaped gap in, but on the other hand, if deertier is still being used exclusively by runners, then trying to mirror it on this site just means our leaderboard is likely to lag behind and become inaccurate. When I spoke to mrlandmaster a (very) long time ago he said he thought deertier would eventually be replaced by SRL leaderboards, but I have no idea what he or the deertier mods think about

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Requesting super mod for Beetle Adventure Racing. I'm the runner who made BAR! speedruns a thing and played it at ESA, so you should know me. But here on this site, Freerunnerguys beat me with making a gamepage and now he isn't very active and doesn't respond on Twitch.


Originally posted by CarljeffHi, I would like to be a moderator for Spore ( ). There is currently only one moderator, who was last online 4 weeks ago and has no twitch stream/social media listed to contact. There are atleast 3 people currently waiting for runs to be verified; my friend and I submitted nearly a week ago, and there seems to be somebody in the forums section.


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Hey i want to be moderator for The Force Unleashed Series ( ). There are some little things to explain (like how works the IGT for NG+ that kind of thing) that I would like to specify well for the futur runners maybe (eheh). Why not develop a bit the section. 😉

Thanks 😉


Hello, I'd like to be a mod for Ninja Senki ( ). I submitted a run about a week ago that has not been verified yet, and neither of the two existing mods have been active/online for about a month now (on Twitch and on


ItsNiklass: One of his series I just ran into had crappy meme themes that I just deleted, so I'm not a huge fan. I'll turn his Lego games back over to the series moderators. I went ahead and made the other series moderator a super mod as well.
Carljeff: Added due to inactivity. No need to bump unless a full mod or admin posted and missed your request.
AntiElite: I mean technically some categories are defined, but no runs were added in the 7 weeks its been up apparently, so I'll add you.
andypanther: I only know you from posting in Quest 64 threads, sorry. I removed him because he's been inactive 6 months and doesn't have a run.
CoasterZz: AMVX is the guy to talk to apparently. 😛
P3Prod1: No mods active in 3 weeks probably means another mod wouldn't hurt, and you have a run, so ok

SevenS1ns: My personal policy in more recent time has been to add popular games featured at other sites if a user requesting it has a reasonably notable time. I think it burdens the site users to use a different system for a single game. Pac is looking into APIs to synchronize with other boards, but I have no idea if/when that will meet enough expectations/concerns to be able to launch it. So for now my answer is, I will add the game if a user with a notable time requests it through the game request form. The moderators may be superceded by a merge/API at some point, but I think the major concern is allowing site users to have runs under one interface, which should be met in either case. Some people probably don't like this idea, but I think the current state is becoming a burden on the users.

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CoasterZz, added you of course mate, no worries there!

Though next time just get in touch with me via. any means - SRL IRC, Twitter, Twitch message or something, it's easier, and this is more of a "last resort" thread.


No problem 😉 Thanks man ^^