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Hi, I submitted a run for The Room Three about a little over a month ago, and the current moderator hasn't responded to my messages. I would I like to know if I could be added as a moderator for that game; the current mod hasn't been active on this site for about 9 months.



>>"Doing that would hinder on someone being available to take over as mod of the game you’re removing them from. Mass removing inactive people would leave a lot of games mod-less."

They are already modless if the mod is AWOL, so that's a moot point.

Anyway, it's just an idea. It's sad how many inactive mods there are.

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1 Month since last active for the moderator and User KillDeer and myself have been running this game for a few weeks and would like to submit and have new categories but the board mod is gonzo.

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Hello. I would like to request to be added or replace the current inactive Super Mod of World Heroes and World Heroes Perfect. I submitted a run 23 days ago. I tried to contact the Mod via their YouTube channel shortly after to ask a question about the rules that were not defined, no response. I wrote a forum post asking them if I could Mod or take over the two boards 16 days ago, no response. The current Mod was last online 29 days ago.

Here is the link to the run I submitted to the World Heroes board:
Here is the link to the forum post:

I mod the World Heroes 2 board and would like to take over these other two and put all 3 into a series along with a 4th that has yet to be added. I know of other Twitch speed runners like myself that would like to run and submit runs for these boards but are reluctant to because of the inactive Mod.

Have a great day and thank you for all that you do here!

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Hello, I see that the Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen ( ) game is being moderated by only one person. I've asked around, and it seems that Glasnonck is a busy man, currently. So, if possible, I'd like to help in moderating the game, because I see that there are still some runners.


@LiquidBlight he is still active, though. This is alast resort thread.


Hello! I would like to be a super moderator for the game Wii Party U,the current mod is not inactive, however he is the only moderator, and he refuses to add party games (which is what everyone likes to run on the original wii party) If i am modded, i will mod other users form the community who are very knowledgeable and can help me set up the leaderboards. The sooner the better, because I fear wii party U might die soon if action is not taken. Thank you, have a good day!
EDIT: Please compare the amount of runs, the amount of posts, the amount of categorys, etc. Between these two leaderboards:

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I'd like to request Super Mod in the game Zoop ( The game has had a leaderboard on this site for nearly three years. In that three years, not a single run has been posted. There's no cover art, not even platforms. The release date is the only info of the game on the page, and the single category on the leaderboard has no rules defined.

If I were given Super Mod I would completely finish the page, with platforms, cover art, and other game information. I'd add IL runs, and give them (along with the current category) rules. And, of course, I'd actually run it.

The sole mod of Zoop at this time (astropancakes) has been offline for around nine months.


Update on thief. Updated the leaderboards, actually listened to the few players we had, and have done more for the game in 2 weeks than any of the current "mods" (and I use that term VERY lightly) have ever done for the game. I think it's fair to say I should go up to super.

Possibly a reach but demodding some of the ones who have done absolutely NOTHING for the games would be a huge plus, but one step at a time I suppose.



Run up for 24+ days. Mod hasn't been active for months now. His twitch has been more or less inactive. He's on twitter, but not very much, and it doesn't appear to involve himself with speedrunning anymore.

Also, series of the same name has similar scenario.~~

Randomly back on. No longer necessary.


@Stallings 3 of the mods are active and you sent a forum post only a day ago. You must wait at least 3 weeks and contact them from their social media.

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I'd like to take over as moderator for the game Dr. Vile in the Greater Good. The current mod hasn't submitted a run to this site in 2 years and hasn't logged on in 9 months. I submitted a run for this game, but I doubt it'll be accepted. Thanks in advance.


Hi, I submitted 2 speedrun of guilty gear xx #reload to slothfacts now 18 days ago. Is it possible to change moderator to see my videos and (I hope) accept them ^^'? thanks in advance 😉


You have to wait 3 weeks 🙂 the mod was on 18 days ago so you got a little unlucky but they have a lot of social media you could try messaging them on discord or something? 🙂


Mods inactive on

Have a Full Game run and a bunch of individual level runs 17 days 'awaiting verification'

Mod was last online 29 days ago.


I'm fairly certain the only mod for cluefinders mystery of mathra is inactive. That is the only game he has run and he hasnt been active in 3 months so I doubt he will be active again. Pleas make me mod.


Hi, I'd like to be a moderator on the game Soul Blade. It seems the moderator abandoned and is not veryfying runs anymore. I am still waiting for my W.R. run being veryfied. Please let me be a moderator of this game. I am an active runner. Thanks!


@diogo.Asgard The moderator isn't inactive, they've been online in the last week. Have you tried contacting them at all?


i would like to be a mod in a game called "the worlds hardest game". i am currently 3rd in the world but there is only 1 mod for the game and that mod is the speedrun god Jumpyluff. not many people play this game so he said he can manage it by himself but there are somedays when we is on a holiday or busy and he is mod in so many games so its kind of hard for him. if im mod i could look at runs when Jumpyluff is gone.