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I'd like to be mod for Arcade Golf Neon since I'm the only active runner in it.


"Please keep in mind that using this thread is a last resort, in case the current moderators are not responding or refusing your help without justification. You should always start by asking the Super mods of a game/series as they are also able to add mods. Best way to contact game mods is probably through Twitter for now. Also try the game forums, many users get notifications when threads are created for games they follow.

Moderator inactivity doesn't apply until around 3 weeks, depending on other circumstances, and it is expected that you try to contact them (exceptions may be made if they have been offline ~3+ months.) " @Dipper12359

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So what if,1 of the super mods for the uncharted games hasn't been active for 2 years, and the other one purposefully scrubbed his names from the leaderboards so people wouldn't ask him about it?

As far as I know, Mattmatt10111 has been the only active mod in the whole series for at least a year, I personally feel he should be super mod instead, would this request go in this thread?

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Hey there, requesting mod for MURI (

The only mod has not been active on the site for 9 months, and I have messaged them on Twitch two weeks ago but they also seem to be fairly inactive on there as well. Lastly, the Twitter linked on their profile is a dead link.

(It should also be mentioned that the categories/rules on the page are very vague, and might deter newer runners if searching for the game.)

Thanks in advance!


@ShadowFlame26 did you try the mods discord? 🙂


When a mod is removed for inactivity on a game, are they also removed for inactivity on other games?

It seems like it would avoid future headaches.


Doing that would hinder on someone being available to take over as mod of the game you’re removing them from. Mass removing inactive people would leave a lot of games mod-less.

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I would like to take control/super mod for donkey konga ive tried to contact the current ones via twitter and haven't gotten a response they are inactive on the site.



I would like to be the Main Moderator of the game "White Tiles 4 Piano Master"

The main moderator is inactive for 25+ days and the other mod is inactive for 2+ months. My submissions are waiting for over 20 days.


Hi, I'd like to request to be supermod for the OneShot leaderboards ->

I don't check the board often and even though I've set it up so anyone who PMs me elsewhere will get their run submitted, I want to be able to take over as supermod and give access to a few of the more active runners to add newer categories and verify new runs coming in to help with my constant absence. The original supermod, whyareall has been inactive on the boards for over 11 months.


Hey, I requested a mod for Sneak King, but never got a response, so I'll just paste it here:

Hello. I have a game that has an inactive moderator that I'd like to moderate. The game in question is Sneak King. I've submitted some half-joke runs (because they're hours long), but they're completely legit and they've been pending for a month now, and I'd really like to see them put up on the leaderboard. Also there is no other way to contact the mod. I think his name is Kefka something.


JonnyFX: The fundamental issue here is that without spending substantial time in the game, I personally have no way of knowing if you're right or wrong. That board has 274 runs and the game has 4 active moderators and as far as I'm aware no one else has brought this up outside of you and apparently a youtube comment or two. 3 of the mods have a multitude of runs on the site in various games, so I would think this isn't some massive conspiracy. The only real way to sort this out accurately is by discussing it with the moderators and other runners. It isn't really an option to reflexively remove mods due to one user having suspicion.

SickMyDuck: Submit a run first and then we can look at adding you if the mod is still inactive.

Breadpan: It was probably either auto-deleted for not being set up or deleted for being empty. I'm not aware of the details.

havrd: Added due to inactivity.

ATM: Added due to inactivity.

Guilvegane: Discuss it with the moderator.

Jarko: If you submit a pending run, we can look at adding you.

Armageddon15: Runs pending, ok.

TheNewYorkGamer: That user was online recently. I don't know if that was or wasn't true when you posted. In the case of an inactive mod, we generally need a submitted run (or linked video if the category doesn't exist).

OBotocsW: Added due to inactivity.

Anerag: The games have like 2 mods and 5 runners. He just added you as a mod last week. If there's disagreements, try to sort them out before coming here. If he said the same thing should I remove you on an impulse?

Prinnyboyo: Mods inactive, ok

Eclipsed: I think that is a shortcoming of the current system. Runs just have dates currently. They are sorted by date normally, but if they happen on the same date it's
probably just sorted by database position.

Dipper12359: The mods are active, please discuss it with them.

ffllame12: That request should generally come from the people directly involved.

Trent: Added due to inactivity.

ShadowFlame26: If you submit a pending run, we can look at adding you.

6oliath: Sometimes I go through and remove inactive mods if there are other people on the games.

namiflop: If you submit a pending run, we can look at adding you.

JayKayGame: As far as I can tell your runs were pending about 15 days. It looks like they were added.

MeltingComet: Super modded you and removed the highly inactive mod.

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Hey, just submitted a new game request for the Cluefinders series. Mystery of Mathra already has a page, though, with a single drunken run and a mod who's been inactive for 3 months. I was wondering if that page could be removed, so that I can more actively moderate a single page for all of the Cluefinders games.


Hi, I submitted a run for The Room Three about a little over a month ago, and the current moderator hasn't responded to my messages. I would I like to know if I could be added as a moderator for that game; the current mod hasn't been active on this site for about 9 months.

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>>"Doing that would hinder on someone being available to take over as mod of the game you’re removing them from. Mass removing inactive people would leave a lot of games mod-less."

They are already modless if the mod is AWOL, so that's a moot point.

Anyway, it's just an idea. It's sad how many inactive mods there are.

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1 Month since last active for the moderator and User KillDeer and myself have been running this game for a few weeks and would like to submit and have new categories but the board mod is gonzo.

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Hello. I would like to request to be added or replace the current inactive Super Mod of World Heroes and World Heroes Perfect. I submitted a run 23 days ago. I tried to contact the Mod via their YouTube channel shortly after to ask a question about the rules that were not defined, no response. I wrote a forum post asking them if I could Mod or take over the two boards 16 days ago, no response. The current Mod was last online 29 days ago.

Here is the link to the run I submitted to the World Heroes board:
Here is the link to the forum post:

I mod the World Heroes 2 board and would like to take over these other two and put all 3 into a series along with a 4th that has yet to be added. I know of other Twitch speed runners like myself that would like to run and submit runs for these boards but are reluctant to because of the inactive Mod.

Have a great day and thank you for all that you do here!

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Hello, I see that the Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen ( ) game is being moderated by only one person. I've asked around, and it seems that Glasnonck is a busy man, currently. So, if possible, I'd like to help in moderating the game, because I see that there are still some runners.


@LiquidBlight he is still active, though. This is alast resort thread.

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Hello! I would like to be a super moderator for the game Wii Party U,the current mod is not inactive, however he is the only moderator, and he refuses to add party games (which is what everyone likes to run on the original wii party) If i am modded, i will mod other users form the community who are very knowledgeable and can help me set up the leaderboards. The sooner the better, because I fear wii party U might die soon if action is not taken. Thank you, have a good day!
EDIT: Please compare the amount of runs, the amount of posts, the amount of categorys, etc. Between these two leaderboards:

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