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I added you and switched both of you to series super mods.


hey i submitted a request to have road rash64 added and was wondering if i could get a mod on the leaderboard for it thanks



Mano if you request a game and it gets accepted you are automaticly the mod of the game.
This thread is for something else.


I would like to added to be a moderator for Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, the leaderboard is undermoderated and missing a lot of times. I am also wr holder and times aren't being updated. The previous moderator doesn't run the game and has abandoned the leaderboard as far as I know.



You could try to message Webster141 on to get the Moderator-status. He is quite active, so im sure that he'll respond.


I added you back, but this should not be possible to remove the last moderator for a game... It should return an error and get you back in the mods list.

I think the admins would be interested in knowing how you did that, because that's obviously something that needs to be fixed.


Lighnat0r made a change related to this this morning.



I would like to be added as moderator to the Mario Super Sluggers and Mario Sports leaderboards (Even the Mario Sports series would be cool) . I tried contacting the mods of these games but i have received no response. These games don't really have a lot of people playing them, so maybe that's why the mods aren't very active. But I would like to fix that 🙂 Thank you for your time!


Hey! I'm wondering if I can become a moderator for the Payday series? The current moderators don't seem to be setting up any categories to run on them and me and my team is eager to start running for them 😛

Thanks 🙂


I added these two requests.

I'd prefer to keep the series mods list for Mario Sports relatively small if not nonexistent at times. (Mario sports is a series of relatively disconnected games/communities, kinda like the "Super Mario series", I'd personally probably consider dissolving all the existing mods into the individual games before I'd consider adding more atm.)


No problem. Thanks for making mod of Sports Mix and Sluggers. That's really what I wanted since there was only one active mod for Sluggers and there are no categories for Sports Mix, which I want to fix. The Mario Sports series would have been nice, but I don't play any other of the games except these two haha. But your right, it's really just a mix of all the sports games, which are all vastly different. Thanks again my friend! 🙂



I'm wondering if I could mod the game: Command and Conquer: Renegade since I am the only one running this game at the moment so I know a few strats and rules for the game. This could be handy if other people want to run this game in the future 🙂
Thanks in advance,


I added you.

Just a friendly reminder to try to contact the mods on Twitch/Twitter before asking in this thread. (Maybe you did, idk)

Hopefully we can get this automated by request forms in the not too distant future.


Hello friends, I am requesting to be a Mod for the Streets of Rage series (specifically 2). I had submitted a run with no response from current mod. A personal message was also sent with no response. This is a last resort. Thank you.


Says he was online today, but idk. It's good to have more than one mod anyway.

I'm humored by your formal message format.

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Hi, I recently was concerned a bit about the state of the Super Smash Bros. Melee leaderboards upon noticing the differences between emulators vs. consoles and loading time differences. This was an issue as the charts used RTA time instead of IGT. I tried to contact all 4 of the moderators at least 2 weeks ago via Twitch and YouTube PMs about many things regarding the SSBM leaderboards and these problems, but never got any responses. I don't have a Twitter account either so that wasn't an option for me.

I think it was from two player's comments a couple days ago that spurred the addition and switch to IGT as the primary value, which is great. However, now KuriGoat said that they need help figuring out all player's IGT times by adding each IL up for many of the runs, which gave me this idea. I'd like to be added as a moderator for Super Smash Bros. Melee to help regulate those charts more, verify runs, and work on the IGT calculation job. I should have the necessary time for this position. Thank you!


Hi there, I recently started getting WRs in splinter cell: chaos theory, I don't really want moderator of that game, but I can't seem to contact the mod directly. I figured I would post here because Chaos Theory should really have a 100%-expert category, another problem is that it doesnt even list the single player levels at all...

the moderator is Xtremeprime, if someone could help me get in touch with them that would be kickass.

Edit: I just read earlier in the thread to try twitter first. I will try.


I am a moderator in magicka and i'd like to be moderator or anything in Bloodborne because i feel the moderators there are not active enough. I am twitch moderator and very active in Bloodborne speedrunning streams.



I am a moderator in magicka and i'd like to be moderator or anything in Bloodborne because i feel the moderators there are not active enough.

Could you be a bit more precise on that ? Ther is currently no runs awaiting verification and the leaderboards seem to be well maintained. Also, Oginam and Plumato are pretty active on Twitch so you should be able to contact them easily.


Hello. I recently have been bothered by the lack of timing rules on the "Mickey's Safari in Letterland" page. The first WR holder didn't have a running timer and it was quite hard to see when timing started, hence why now everyone on the page seems to use a different timing (time at cutscene, or time upon entering last letter. Start at input or start at blackout).

I tried to contact the moderator Dugongue, but he failed to respond to my messages on both Twitter and Twitch.TV. So, I'm wondering if I can request mod to finally post a fixed timing rule so all runners would follow that specific rule, because this seems like a last resort to fix chaos. X3