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Hello, i'd like to moderate Nocturnal Hunt. The current mod seems to be in-active for a good month, maybe more now. He hasn't streamed or linked his twitter or steam to the site, i posted a forum post and still haven't gotten a responds.


I would like to request being mod for Air Contol ( ), i submitted a run over 3 weeks ago but the moderator hasnt responded my messages and hasnt been online for a week. Before that week, he hasnt been online for a month.


I'd like to request to be a (super)mod for Bayonetta, the current super mod has not been active in over 3 months and the regular mod has not verified my run yet (It's been pending for 3 weeks now).
Also, as an additional reason, Bayonetta has been getting more runners lately, and with (another) re-release of Bayonetta coming up this week, we'll hopefully get more exposure. Because of this, I feel it would be useful to have at least one other mod for the game.

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I would like to be mod of the predator and alien series, the mods are inactive and also do not respond in the discord, I am almost a year trying to communicate with them

it's a shame the predator series is almost a year without cover

I'm SuperMod of this game:


I'd like to be added as a mod for Renowned Explorers:International Society. I've had a run pending verification for 2 weeks. The only mod for this game hasn't been on the site in 8 months. Thanks.


try here:

also Infomastr is active.

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I would like to be added as a mod for Parappa the rapper Remaster and Parappa the rapper 2. The mod for Parappa the rapper remaster is not has not been active and also never set up the game properly. Also i only ask for both games because they are near and dear to my heart and i know them in and out as i currently run them.

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@Deln I already tried this once, ty



The community is inactive

Yeah, only 20 active players...

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The moderator hasn't verified my run in 3 weeks for roblox - party.exe.


@GhostT12547 BTrue is incredibly active on Twitter and here.

If you plan on following everything he says maybe you should ask him for mod instead of coming here for it.

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I really don't know where else to go with this situation and I'm at my wits end. I'm requesting mod for Thief: The Dark Project and Thief: Gold ( and respectively). I’m only requesting mod for these 2 because they are the only ones I’m interested in running. I’m not entirely sure where to go with this right now so I’ll just post the situation here.

As of the current moment, there is only one active mod that’s doing any sort of work for the game, and even then is only there to verify runs once every 5 or so days (usually the weekend). The other 3 mods are series mods but I’d like for them not to be involved with this game. One of them is more involved, barely though, in another game and has never submitted a single run to any of the games of Thief, while verifying maybe 10 runs in the years he’s been mod. Another mod has never verified a single run the entire time of his tenure, and has submitted only one run over 2 years ago. The last series mod, admittedly, was at least somewhat active in the past for Thief 2, but hasn’t verified a run in over 4 months and was AWOL for a length of time before that.

Currently I am verifier for both games, but I politely asked for Mod for both of them, citing reasons such as making it easier and quicker to implement changes for the community, and verifying runs more frequently. However, I was pretty much blatantly ignored (despite the fact he was even having discussions on discord DURING my message, and has had some since). The requests and suggestions from our small community of members for implementations for the leaderboards has fallen on deaf ears despite an UNANIMOUS agreement for them from everyone involved in running the game(s). This led me to eventually come to the decision his moderation status should be brought into question. As stated before, he’s the only currently semi-active mod, but if he can’t interact with the community and its concerns on a basic level then something should change. He’s also never submitted a run for the games I have requested mod for.

Like I said I wish it didn’t come to where it is now, but I was left with no other choice. I was shown no respect in my attempts to discuss the matter, nor have I ever been in the past to be frank, and I’m not keen on trying to discuss this any further after that non-interaction. I’m the only member setting things up on our pages, like links to the discord (which I had to create for those of us interested in running the game because the old one was “bothering him and his friends who don’t speedrun”), guides/tutorials, and links to patches etc. etc. I know this might not be the absolutely correct thread for this perhaps, but I am out of ideas.

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MelonSlice: No runs on the board, so have at it.

isaacrmhmd: Mod is inactive and run pending, ok.

Smurfquake: It looks like a page was added, if it needs categories when you're trying to submit, try the game forums first.

cohen77: Please discuss it with the user or on the game's forums.

D.E.M.O.: Run pending, user inactive, okay.

1nd33d: The game was deleted for being for below site quality standards for listing.

Jcoolaid: The mod is active please discuss it with them.

FunkyCatGames/MelonSlice: I bumped Jcool up to super mod, so he can now add people at his discretion.

kibo: Given that he added you to the series, I'll jump the gun a little bit and add you to the rest.

Jarhead_71: I messaged the mod. He verified some full game runs recently, so maybe he missed the ILs or something.

SickMyDuck: Added due to inactivity. Games should generally have more than one mod anyway.

Starskillers13: Moderators are generally added by other moderators, and that game probably has no need for more moderators. Also, a majority of the site's users are unable to speak French, so communication would probably be an issue.

Flootin: The mods are fairly active, please discuss it with them. You posted here 2 days after posting there. Not everyone refreshes this site daily.

PinkPajamas: Deleted leftover games

Captain-No-Beard: Mod inactive, run pending, ok

Kirinth: The guideline given for inactivity is 3 weeks. It looks like your run was added.

NitroKuite: The mod is a bit inactive and you already have runs on the board, ok.

Milength: I'm going to add you as a regular mod so the game has another user available to handle the board.

Splinter6: For the first game Run pending, mod inactive, ok. For the second, one of the mods is active, please discuss it with them.

Kendawg86: Please discuss it with the mods. They were around to add Dynasty Warriors 9 apparently. I'd recommend suggesting categories more specifically on the game's forums.

Alaskaxp2: Mod inactive, ok

DXL4e: One of the super mods is active, please discuss it with them.

Granolant: Removed due to very large inactivity.

Sylvie: Pending run, mod somewhat inactive, ok.

davehunter: I'll add you as a regular moderator since the run has been pending a while.

AceKrana: Added due to inactivity and you have a time listed.

Gustavo.Predador: I asked one of the series mods to sort this out. There's not a strong need for series moderators since all they do is add games to the series which can be done through the game request form, but we'll try to get it a series cover.

TwistedFlax: Run pending, ok

GhostT12547: The game has active moderators, please discuss it with them. There's not an inherent need for more moderators.

Psych0sis: The user has runs in the series. It's at least partially super moderator discretion who to add as what level of moderator. If users feel that changes need made to the board details, they should voice their concerns on the forums. I'm not sure what's up with the weird social situation. I'd also try discussing with the series moderators if possible.

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@Gustavo.Predador you can DM me on discord if you need anything else

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This is mainly directed towards the Moderators on this thread. @Gyoo @kirkq

There's a moderator (NovaTitan) who has deliberately gone out of his way to mislabel me as a shady cheater that he has no respect for when he has already been proven wrong. He is completely unfit to be a moderator here. Here's just one example of his immaturity:

Please visit the original thread to get the full picture of how the events unfolded. I, as well as others, hope that the he is dealt with appropriately.

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@Gustavo.Predador You added me as a friend on Discord which I didn't accept because I didn't know why someone I didn't share any servers with was adding me as a friend on Discord. Feel free to send me messages directly, however, if you have any questions in the future. I think you just have to share a server in common with me, which shouldn't be hard considering I'm in literally every speedrunning discord server.

Looks like the issue was resolved.

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Kirkq, I have like 4-5 pending runs in the game CTGP revolution and they have been there for around 3 weeks to over 1 month depending on the run. I'm not requesting mod (But I would do it if I had the opportunity) and I couldn't find anywhere else to post this.
If anyone knows where it should belong or smth about why CTGP REVOLUTION mods are inactive, just answer to the post

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@Javi17 try here:

ask the mods to verify it.

3 weeks is pretty long lol