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Requesting Moderator for The Mighty Morphin Power Ranger: The Movie (Game Gear)( )
Being one of the few runners of this game I would like Mod to update the Rules section (Which currently there isn't one) and have the ability to verify runs.

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@Jcoolaid contact Tyadran on twitter and ask him, he is active


the Mario Kart Wii Mods don't care about anything and will verify anything so i want to or would like anyone else to become a mod to make Mario Kart Wii worth submitting a run to and not full of fakes!

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just looking at the forums you can tell something needs to change with the mod team in mario kart wii


Requesting mod for Midnight Club: Street Racing, Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition, Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition Remix, and Midnight Club: Los Angeles.

Already am a super mod under the Midnight Club series, but I guess those permissions don't cascade down towards the other games (as Stefeende assumed a few months ago).

Haven't seen/spoken to Stefeende in a few months now, and I'm unsure about the activity of the other mod in Midnight Club 3: DER, I do see him having run other games recently, but he has never posted a run (maybe deleted it?) for DER, so I am unsure about his ability of properly judging the speedruns by others in the community.

We got a few more people joining our Discord recently interested in speedrunning these games, so it would be nice if we had an active mod with knowledge of these games.

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Requesting mod for Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, submitted 3 runs almost a month ago, one of the mods hasn't been on in over a year and I've tried to reach out to the other through Twitter and Discord to no avail. It's a pretty inactive game but runs shouldn't stay unverified for more than 3 weeks.


@Milength I've got a pending run which hasn't been verified for a month

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Hello guys, I hope everybody's fine / It makes 3 weeks that the current modo of Rescue Kuck is offline and I tried everything to contact him and It doesn't really work. It's my 2nd post on this topic I don't want to be boring but can someone help me or tell me if I have to wait again ..
Thanks runners



Je voudrais être mod pour destiny2.


@Starskillers13 Tout les modérateurs du jeu ont été actifs dans les 12 dernières heures. Tu pourrais leur demander.


"Member since 4 hours ago"
game has active mods

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Hello. I'm currently running into an issue with overall laziness of the mods over on the Pewdiepie: Legend of the Brofist leaderboards. For context, they only made one category, and the current WR holder of said category:
A. Has been accused of cheating
B. Used co-op in a category that's mainly filled with single-player runs.
And what have the mods done about this? Nothing! I even replied to their suggestion/complaint thread to tell them about this, and that was a few days ago. The last verified run was 23 days ago, but the cheating accusation of the WR holder was 3 months ago, and the mods didn't speak about it at all.

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After some discussion among Disgaea speedrunners we decided that we want to merge some of our boards that were previously separated by PC ports. This means there are some boards that need to be deleted. After talking to T3tsuya it seems that only admins can delete boards/games if they have been around for a while, so here I am.
Boards / games to be deleted:

These games are on these boards (do not delete these):


@PinkPajamas there is another thread for this isn't there?


I would like to request moderator status for the Alpha Zylon page. There is currently only one mod, who has not been online in 6 months. If granted mod permissions, I would add more categories, including 100%, individual levels, and more.

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Hello, i want to be supermod at I submited a run in January 12, 2018 (more than 3 weeks ago) and the it is not verified and the moderator doesn't respond me. Also the moderator dont write the rules to run, and i want to wirte them.

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I would like to request being made a mod for Uncanny Valley ( ), i submitted a run over 3 weeks ago but the moderator hasnt responded and hasnt been online for 7 months

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Hi guys, I'm requesting to become a mod for Gundam Wing: Endless Duel. ( I have a run submitted and the mod hasn't been online for 15 days, thanks.



it's going to be a month since the moderator is not connected and has not checked my run. Es that it is possible to put me moderator on this game or make me check by a super moderator


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@Kirinth Mods aren't typically considered inactive until they've been offline for 3 weeks. Have you tried contacting them at all?