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Aw, really? Why's that? Well, your logic is sound, then. I suppose that means he just hasn't seen it at all, despite being active.

So, I'll try to contact bangerra through Twitter. Thanks for the info!


Hello, I would like to ask if I could be made a mod in the Minevast parkour ( because I have uploaded multiple runs and I am very knowledgeable about shortcuts and runs. It has been 2 months since I have uploaded the runs and it seems like there is only one super mod who I can contact to make me a mod myself. However, it seems as if they are inactive and I have dmed them and it has been 2 weeks and they have no responded so I would appreciate it if you made me a mod on the Minevast Speedrun forum.


@NintendoGeek101 Seems like one of the mods is "sorta active". Try him on twitter. There's about a 3 week grace period for moderation duties, though your runs sitting for months is a stretch, but he's also not entirely inactive, so idk.

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Waiting on response of my Episode Gladio run for 18 days - Sole mod only has this 1 run posted and no contact info listed. I'll mod the game, I mod Episode Ignis anyways.
On 13 days for my episode Prompto run. - That sole mod hasn't posted in 2 months. I'll mod that one too.


Escape Goat The mod has been inactive for 19 days, and I have a bunch of runs waiting to be verified. The oldest run is 18 days in waiting. I have tried reaching through their social media links, but of the two they have listed, one links to a no account -page, and the other he hasn't responded from.


Hello, i'd like to request to be a mod for "counter-strike: condition Zero". I submitted a run 27 days ago and have yet to get a response. I've also attempted to get in contact with the game's mods but with no success. I did manage to get in contact with the game series mod but he told me he didn't have to ability to mod me because he wasn't a supermod.


Adze: I added you as a moderator since the others are inactive. If you don't want to be a moderator, feel free to self remove. Staff doesn't verify runs so we need people to add as moderators to verify runs.

Bregermann: I contacted the moderator again, he's presumably been busy with GDQ stuff.

Parrot_Dash: I added you since you have a run pending a while, and removed that user from another game they didn't list a run of but requested somehow.

Aveklépiay: I added you since the run was unverified quite a while.

teddyras: The thread uses 3 weeks of log-in inactivity as a pretty strong guideline. I haven't submitted a run in 10 months. I added you.

Simoteus: Swapped moderators due to consensus on the game's forums.

PresJPolk: Pac did that.

AdventureToAwesome: You don't have a run and one of the moderators is inactive.

MIST: The series has numerous moderators who run the games, please discuss it with them. There's also not a strong need for series moderators, all they can do is add games and moderate the series forums.

GizmoTheDragon: I'd recommend discussing moderation with the moderators of the current game you're running, they are both active. There's not a strong need for series moderators, all they can do is add games and moderate the series forums.

EduardoRN: Game requests go through site staff primarily. You have moderation of the game you run, and series don't really need more moderators, but games that people are running often do. We don't really need to add people to games they don't have runs of.

btrim: I added you and turned verification on.

Pookster007: The game has two active moderators and your run was literally verified the day you posted it.

NintendoGeek101: I'll add you as a regular mod since you have a bunch of runs pending.

NickDoane: A user in the FF community mentioned to me that these boards are duplicates of the level leaderboard within the FF XV main game. I went ahead and deleted them. Please submit there.

zment: I added you as a regular moderator.

Ezhno: I made a post on the game's forum. Since you don't have a lot of runs on the site I'll see if one of the users that has been running the games longer wants to help. I guess I could've also added the series moderator, but I already made the post.

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Hello, I'd like to be a Mod for the game: Less then 3. I recently submitted a run and then noticed that the moderator was online 7 months ago. I'm new, so if you don't want to give me mod thats totally okay.


Hello everyone, I would like to be added as a mod for the game "Life Goes On". I made a request in the game's forum a week ago for have more category. Someone else requested the same thing 5 months ago. Only Demo% as a category is boring.
Thanks in advance 😉


I would like to be a mod for Game Dev Tycoon, there is one active mod but the rest haven't been on for a while, i have not submit that many runs but i know a lot about the game, cheers.


Can you add me as an Attack on Titan :Humanity in Chains Mod.I Tried contacting the current (and only) mod but it has taking them over 3 weeks


Hi, I would like to be a moderator for Plague Inc, I know alot about the game, gotten a WR, and a 2nd place, and I'm really good at the game.


How hard is it to read the main post?


Hello bro who add record in Guinness world records.....


I want become mod of Downhill Domination game


Hello I want be moderator of downhill Domination ps2.