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i would like to be added as mod of KID DRACULA GB as i know more about that game than anyone on the leaderboard because i have the fastest time and i helped remake the new TAS with Hetfield90.. i would like to split US and JP into 2 different categories for the vast differences the versions carry.. not to mention explain these differences within the rules of the game.. which there are no rules posted anyway so you can see some updates really should be made.. i would also like to be added as mod of MICKEYS ULTIMATE CHALLENGE because the current mods are taking quite a while to accept my run that is faster than anyones on the leaderboard [i also have a friend GhostZapperSRL who has a time over 1min faster than my run who deserves his spot on the leaderboard as well and he deserves mod if you ask me].. i'd also like to give this game 3 categories instead of just one.. there are 3 difficulty levels this game carries that make the game much harder to beat not to mention much longer time needed to beat.. so it seems fair to give them their own categories.. thank you for your time


@StarvinStruthers if its only to make 2 separate tabs for US/J then that's not prob, its just too bad that i couldnt add you because no super mod.


@Deln ty based deln for separating categories.. but there is more to be done


@starvin just ask one of the super mods (joedamilio, dragondarch or kmac) I am pretty sure one of them will add you as moderator 😉


FuriousPaul: Added to Super Castelvania 4, 2 mods is always better than one
PackSciences: Added to Portal Prelude
Mr_Shasta: Added to 007 Nightfire, other mod is inactive
QuakeRanger: Added to Sniper Elite NZA, other mods are obviously inactive
StarvinStruthers: As you can see, mods are active on Kid Dracula so I suggest you can discuss your issues with them. I added you to Mickey's Ultimate challenge.
Mr_Snawk: je reviendrai à ta demande plus tard, on en discute en interne (et je pense que si tu écris en français c'est que ton anglais est sûrement pas top, mais si tu peux faire un effort, c'est quand même un forum anglophone à la base ^^')

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Hello,Can i be Mod for Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2? Because i heard the Mods there are very inactive and i know the games. I play it privat very often. Thank if i be it.

- MarvJungs


@pld i have tweeted kmac and dragondarch. i'll see what they have to say

@Gyoo thank you


The moderation for Galaxy and Galaxy 2 is fine as is, me and 1ups are the most active, and both of us check the site to verify runs every couple of days, although we were both away for the last week so there was a bit of a backlog. If a site mod wants to disagree with how we're handling it then ok, but I think we're doing fine as is.

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StarvinStruthers: Made Deln and Deuceler super mods
marvjungs: The game has plenty of relatively active moderators. Runs won't always go up in a week.
MLSTRM: You guys are probably fine, don't worry about it. I would recommend promoting a few more people to supers though. (if not everyone) Then people don't have to come bother us when the one super mod disappears 😛

Did we address everything?


@kirkq from what i can see, kmac and dragondarch both could care less about kid dracula gb.. so yes.. making the actual runners of the game super mods makes the most sense.. you have ultimately addressed my concerns thank you


Since i was asked to post again about the mod requests from last time...

For Rayman:

I play rayman 1 on PS1.

- Only 1/4 mods even play the game, though the one that plays it is not active on this specific rayman game.
- In the rules section, there is only 1 short line of text
- The rules also have grammar issues (see mr skop's cave rules)
- The rayman 1 community has also been wanting a pc category and seperate emulator / console categories for a long time
- We also want to add a mr Sax Category, ...
- All the rayman 1 runs have been verified by people that don't even play the game

For klonoa, none of the mods really play the game unless you count in a 1 year ago run without video


Thextera: I'm pretty sure you were added for Rayman 1 before I looked at it, so maybe you asked the other game mods or one of the site staff did it.

Per the first post in the thread:


Please keep in mind that using this thread is somewhat a last resort, in case the current moderators are not responding or refusing your help without justification. You should always start by asking the Super mods of a game/series as they are also able to add mods. Twitch messages to mods are probably best for now.

This guideline is there so that current moderators are generally aware of who is looking to be added to the game. It's not perfect obviously.

I made the non-super mod a super mod for Klonoa, so now you have three (well, more like 2) people you can talk to.


Hey, I'm not sure if this is the best place to post this, but can someone delete FF1 Origins? (found here: as there is now a generic FF1 leaderboard now (found here:

I'm a moderator on both, and I created the Origins one.


As you are mod (or maybe it's only supermods, but you're supermod anyways), you can delete the leaderboard by clicking Delete in the top right of the game's Edit Game page.


roryextralife: Deleted the game.

PurpleSunDeryl: It is supermods only, but recently (well, over a month ago) it was changed so that games that have been on the site for over 2 weeks can only be deleted by full mods to prevent possible abuse or mistakes.


Hey there!
Since I started running PAYDAY: The Heist but there are no runs submitted on the leaderboards and the mods are not going to respond, I'd like to ask for helping to moderate the leaderboards for PAYDAY: The Heist.
Thanks in advance,

Peace Out.


EDIT: This situation has been dealt with.

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Mr_Snawk: Gyoo had to translate. I'll add you because MGS series is way behind on verifying runs.

LPGanon: Runs were rejected for that game like 3 days ago, and one of the mods is also a full mod (though it's maybe harder for him to see submissions due to staff not having an separated "moderated games" queue, though maybe notifications help that? Not sure.) In either case, you can discuss it with AMVX.

TheRuseman: Comments really should not be used to criticize moderation (or users in general I guess), no one would want to moderate a board where an insult about them is required to be present. Using the forums for discussion is a more appropriate channel. The rest of the argument is valid, I'll PM him on Twitch. It seems like he just "removed series moderators", which is slightly different from removing game moderators, but still. (Side note: Site moderator logs would be great, but alas)

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Problem resolved. Thanks TheRuseMan and Kirkq!


EDIT: This situation has been resolved