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@FakeSpeedruns can you not?


I'd like to get mod for : Stick Badminton

The current moderator for the game was afk for at least 1 month before i contacted him to approve my 3 run
He went online, rejected my 2 run in the category advanced because: "Already got a faster time" and accepted 1 run in the category fun, then went back offline and never came back since then.



Your run has been verified. What is exactly the issue here?


@KomradeKontroll I cannot do It because only him connects and the others are totally inactive


Hi, I just submitted a Any% run in NSMBWii of 34min and the vídeo limit is 30 minutes and it just got rejected for no reason(The reason is just empty). It was rejected by @Stache and I don't know how to contact with him. Could anyone tell me what to do or contact with him. Thanks!!!


@FakeSpeedruns This thread is not for complaining about moderators decisions, this is in case mods aren't active. Ask on the games Forum or on his YT/Twitch Acc, he linked it on his profile.


99% chance it's a roy alt, which is probably an alt of someone else that's been banned like 100 times by now.


@spidersponge my run on the advanced category never got accepted he refused 2 run like i said for "Already have a faster time" even though i have no run on the category and one of the run is a wr with a time of 3 min 23 sec.
And doesn't matter if the run got accepted or not, if hes just going to go offline every time until someone contact him, its kinda useless for him to be a mod

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Considering how Kenan has been handling the cod WWII runs I wouldn't recommend him being a mod


@SpiderSponge Yeah, I know my username is nice
@European_Union I don't know how to record my game and my mobile hasn't got enough space for me to record a 2 hours speedrun. I also just made this account so I am submitting them all in a row. And I think there isn't any problem with me liking Mario Bros or what
@KomradeKontroll The name is just a freaking joke to troll people but the runs aren't. Also what the hell is a Roy Alt
@blueYOSHI Okay, calm down


tfw blueYOSHI gives a perfectly adequate response to this being in the wrong place, including explaining how to go about this correctly and the response is "Okay, calm down"

What a fucking FLUTE.

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I wonder if the runs are legit. OpieOP

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Okay @Drakodan I just didn't know what to do because everyone is accusing me


Originally posted by FakeSpeedrunsI don't know how to record my game and my mobile hasn't got enough space for me to record a 2 hours speedrun.

Then run ILs.


@FakeSpeedruns Most leaderboards are gonna require visual proof. Some are lenient, others are not. You're at the mercy of the mods, end of story. It doesn't help your "no video proof" case that your name is FakeSpeedruns. Also asking for mod on a game a few hours after making your account is just highly suspect.

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  [user deleted]

"Hello, I have concerns about the current moderator for the game LSD Dream Emulator-
I will be talking only about tibbs__, or "Mr. Tibbs", because the other moderator, "JWAR_93", is entirely inactive."

I have been the only active moderator of the game after being allowed to take over by former moderator @draechen around late 2015.
The JWAR_93 account is a friend I know in person who is moderated to approve runs based on the off-chance I may not be active online to do so. I work full-time and feel I have maintained the page well.

"This is a bit of a long story but please, indulge me.
I joined the LSD Dream Emulator Speedrunning community in early 2017 and eventually joined the Discord server for the community. I worked with the current moderator, Mr. Tibbs, on rejuvenating the small scene as it had pretty much died at that point with very little conversation and submitted runs."

This is true, @scrubjr put in a lot of work to make a friendly and informative Discord server for LSD speedrunners and was made super-mod after a while. I agree that the "small scene" had little in the way of a community because submitted runs were few and far between until early 2017.

"Eventually I and a few other runners requested that a category be added, "10 Days". He hesitantly added the category and it got the scene moving again with people competing for the new category. But suddenly one day he removed the 10 days category without telling anybody why or asking anybody first. He eventually showed up on the Discord server and explained that he and 2 others had originally incepted LSD speedrunning with 50, 100, and 360 day being the categories they made, so he didn't want to add any more than those."

I remember @dr3am and @DuoDunk discussing with me that a "10 Days" category would be worth considering and so it was added not too long after. The category was active but the removal of it was not sudden. I acknowledge that my action in removing the category without much prior discussion was unusual but I did not consider my action to cause such upset. My explanation as to why I done so is, in hindsight, somewhat valid - from legacy runs dating back to 2013, speedruns of this game were niche and categories were determined by runners themselves (not "incepted" by moderators), eg: the 100 day run completed and conceived by @Danielsbigfish. Ironically it is this player input that works together to setup categories and ruling for this game and because of this I will be reinstating the "10 Days" category permanently. I encourage all runners who set a time for that to resubmit and hope we can all move on and learn from misjudgements.

"Partially understandable to me, but he also added a category called "All Locations" by runner request not too long ago because he liked the idea, but for some reason he has a problem with "10 days". He said that he had sent in a request for a category extension to put the "10 Days" category on, an idea nobody supported seeing as how the game's player base is so small and how few possibilities for categories there even are in the game."

The request for a category extension was rejected for reasons similar to ones stated above. I do not feel I abused my power by requesting this and did not expect anybody to take it so seriously. Looking back, it does seem pretty silly and it would have likely been the only category going in the category extensions page for LSD.

"The entire time the request was pending the category was left down. I was upset with him for going behind everyone's backs to do that, but when I raised my concern he silently unmodded me on the Discord server. After the category extension is denied, he does add 10 day back, but then quietly removes it again without telling anybody. I raised my concerns about this on this Discord Server again, but instead of responding to this, he just deleted the Discord Server without saying a word. But more importantly, he deleted all of the forum posts I had on the game's page, and the forum posts of another runner who had left the server because of concerns with Tibbs' moderation, seemingly purely out of spite. To my knowledge, he has not since responded to any form of contact."

There is no reason to get personal regarding this matter, if @scrubjr wanted to become a moderator for the page then a request to myself should have been made and I would have been happy to consider. I am available to contact on Twitter and have not blocked anybody.
The LSD Discord server was removed because I felt it was easier and less stressful opposed to letting matters continue to get out of hand all over the disagreements to the status of the "10 Days" category. I apologise to anybody upset by my choice and feel bad for @scrubjr who had his hard work go to waste. I feel this whole issue could have been handled better and look forward to the LSD community regaining it's active nature with everybody included.
I promise that forum posts were not removed out of spite but were merely consolidated into another similar thread or removed because they had been discussed in greater length over at the Discord server with no archiving happening back at the relevant forum thread making it out of date.

"This happened months ago, but the other runners and I have recently reconvened and we're still interested in the game so we were hoping something could be done about it. I apologize for not being able to provide dates or screencap proof due to the previously mentioned deletion of the Discord server, but I do have witnesses if you need it. Thank you for taking the time to read my message."

I can't help but find this part silly. I still have screen captures of bad attitude being exchanged between myself and @scrubjr but have been grown up enough to appreciate them and not retaliate or bring this matter outside of the community.

"Regarding my previous post and the moderator response to it, the currently active/interested runners of LSD: Dream Emulator ( ), "dr3am" and "DuoDunk" have agreed that I should be made moderator of the game.
And to answer the question in the previous response, the reason that it's important to have a 10 day, or "shorter" category is important is because the game works quasi-randomly, with each playthrough changing more and more from each other playthrough with each day, so shorter categories like 10 days have been found to be more predictable, making it more routable and runnable"

We still don't know how the game works to be honest so using that as a reason for adding a shorter category is futile. As said above the category is now reinstated and will remain so into the future. I am doing this in the hopes that demand for it is still as popular as it once was.
Further requests for additional categories and/or moderators should be made to myself and only intervened with the help of an admin such as @kirkq should no agreement be reached.
I have no interest in making another Discord server for LSD speedrunning but would endorse one should somebody take the time out to do it again and I do not expect moderator privileges there.

Edit: Dispute seems to be resolved as of 11/28.



I'd like to ask for permission to co-moderate Dungeon Keeper and Dungeon Keeper: Deeper Dungeons. The current, sole moderator of the channel, @bluluxabica is not responsive and has been offline for 4 months, nor does he even run the game. (Proof: I waited three weeks but no answer.

Here are a list of my current runs on the Deeper Dungeon series.


i want to be moderator of donald duck goin quacker leaderboards