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How do i request to be a mod?

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@FunkyCatGames Go into the forums for whatever game you want to be a mod for and ask there. If there's no response after a reasonable amount of time (like maybe a week or two), try reaching out to the current mods through their social media links.

If the mods are offline for 3+ weeks and you aren't able to contact them, then you can come back here and explain the situation, and the site mods will handle it.

Another thing, you should submit a full run of the game you want to mod before asking to be a mod for it.

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Buju: In general, Punchy is highly active and if users are using an external document the board isn't serving its purpose. The goal here is to get the board up to date with community expectations regardless of who is moderating it. It is my perception that adding other users in this case helps keep the board up to date and in line with community expectations. People tend to not like it when people moderating aren't integrated with the community, and the main remedy to that situation is through site staff via this thread.

Horridhenry257: Updated.

Simoteus: Need a bit more feedback from the other runners on who they want to run the boards, preferably in that thread, and then post back here in a few days. Boards run by users that don't have runs in the game generally create controversy.

I would note that I mod a board I don't have a run in, because I TAS'd part of it, and another board I run has an active knowledgeable person moderating it who doesn't run it. I don't like absolutes. I don't think this dispute needs 20 posts, and the peanut gallery isn't really helping. Chill.

Let me know if I missed anything in the middle of all that.

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I'd like to request that a run I posted be looked over. None of the mods are active (the last time any of them logged on was 6 months ago, and one hasn't been on for 2 years). I've been waiting for nearly 2 months now and nobody's even touched it.

Link to the game:

Link to my run:

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Adze did you message them on social media? One Winged Angel is active on twitter 🙂 well his second twitter which you can find in his twitter bio that is linked with his profile he posted 12 hours ago 🙂 sorry can't help more ^^


Howdy, I submitted three runs for Manual Samuel three weeks ago and have reached out to the moderator on twitter and haven't seen him stream in a while so I haven't been able to reach him that way. I'll gladly moderate the game if he is also unreachable by any of the team here.
Thank you for taking the time out, you are awesome

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I've talked to ChurchnSarge at AGDQ. Please wait until the end of it and he'll get to your run.

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I submited a run to this Game > and that was 6 weeks ago and still its not verified I also tried contacting Both mods through discord but didnt respond even though I have seen then online in that time, so I request to become a mod in this Game also because im the onliest one Running.

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@ROMaster2 you are a hero, thank you muchly!


I submited a run to this Game > and that was 6 weeks ago and still its not verified I also tried contacting Both mods through discord but didnt respond even though I have seen then online in that time, can somebody help me please ?


Both are not new accounts (Parrot_Dash being 10 months old and the other being 1 month), so it really is odd


I'm guessing that it just might be a very similar situation and Aveklépiay just copy and pasted most of the message for simplicity as he might not be a native English speaker, it's still personalized to a degree and contains a different game linked.

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Receiver guy offline from the site for a month now, unable to be reached, been waiting on my runs for 2 weeks now. All the guy's activity was 11 months ago, both forum posts and submitted runs so if he's "relatively active" then so are rocks. Guy only mods games where he is the only runner of it ever so I dont think he's coming around to check on these games.

I don't understand the pushback here.


+1 Twan_Jones, I make a copy of part of the message because I do not speak English very well.

However, my problem remains...

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As previously stated, I would like to claim ownership on the Nioh leaderboards: . The reason being that of the two super mods, one of them (dekuking) has not been active in 5 months, and the other (MIST) doesn't want to facilitate changes to the categories and rules that are obscure and incomplete. I have requested people in the Nioh speedrunning Discord to give their opinion on this matter in the thread here: . However nobody but Denzve, Demoneth and CertifiedDankWeeb (gave a like to a post) have given any sort of feedback. Only yesterday a new Any% run (Demoneth's) was accepted by MIST, which shows despite being aware of the situation he chooses to do nothing about it. Furthermore, the current active runners consist of myself, DenZve and Demoneth.

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Is it possible to find out who made someone a supermod? Specifically referring to @Bokoblins on the Legend of Zelda board. Someone I've never heard of, who doens't run the game, suddenly being a supermod with nobody telling me, scares me. Supermods can do a LOT of damage after all.

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@PresJPolk Bokoblins is generally very involved in ZSR ( ), being one of the site admins for that site. Far from a nobody. I'm surprised you hadn't heard of them before.

Edit to fix the link as ZSR was semi-forcibly moved off its old domain.

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Yeah, I think Bokoblins got it (he got it sometime around early-mid 2017 iirc) because of his involvement on ZSR. I think he was one of the ones who started talking about and working on synchronization between ZSR and SRC for leaderboards. Definitely not a nobody, he’s been involved with mostly 3D Zelda’s for a while now.

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Hi, so the Boring Man - Online Tactical Stickman Combat game, has very inactive moderation. I am requesting Moderation to the game due to the inactivity of the moderators and I think I could do a good job. The Moderators have no Social media or links to contact them. I am passionate about this games speed running potential and I know a few people who I'm going to work with to make the speedrunning scene of the game more active. The speedrun page link is here: