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Hello there! I'd like to acquire super Mod for one of the games I run: Gauntlet 2014.
Attempts have been trying to contact the current mod xElaa with no success.
It seems like that he/she hasn't been online for about 4 months.
The community and I would appreciate we were given the ability to mod more people.


Requesting Super Mod for Panzer Dragoon:

I'm breaking protocol by requesting in this manner as the current moderator is 'active', but I've tried extensively to do this myself already, to no avail.

I'm the Panzer Dragoon series mod, and this game was added separately months after I got Series Mod. I contacted the moderator on Twitter a couple of weeks ago and was completely ignored. I then contacted him on Reddit offering to mod each other on our respective games, got the response of "Sure, I'll add you as a mod on 1 and you can add me as a mod on 2."

No such action has been taken for over a week, and I'm convinced he's just fucking me around. The current WR run that he verified for Panzer Dragoon also was verified incorrectly.

I've already talked to ROMaster about this privately, but I insisted on trying to get this done myself before asking for staff intervention, and well... Here we are.

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I'd like to get super mod for Starshot: Space Circus Fever (
I am the current WR holder for all current categories and would like to be able to actively manage the game. The current mod is somewhat active, but does not have a time posted and is difficult to reach. It would simply be easier to do the stuff myself.



Hi, I'd like to request Super Mod on Metamorphabet. The current mod, the only mod, has not been on the site in months and has no social media information provided. I personally run this game, and know another runner Tinsly. Neither of us have been able to submit our runs or get them verified as the current mod is MIA.

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Hi, I'd like to request super mod for The Witch and the Hundred Knight Revival Edition. The current mod Holyniwa seems to have not been online for the past 7 months. I understand that basically nobody runs this game, but it might help to have a mod that is actually active. I am currently running the Any% category and am working on a save file to do NG+ bad ending runs.

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Heya, I'd like to request mod for Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes. I have submitted runs which are pending for over 4 months now (have been inactive due to a movement but recently picked it back up and it's still pending). I even tried to contact the current mod on twitch but even tho he has been streaming the past week (I would have contacted him during the stream but because of the time differences I'm usually either asleep or at work when he is online), he didn't respond yet and neither accepted/rejected the submitted runs. I hope you guys can help me out here.

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Hello, I would like to become a moderator for Corn Roast Catastrophe ( The standing moderator has been inactive for a month and i can't find a means of contact with them. I find the matter urgent (but no rush is needed) as a friend and I are supposed to compete to hold the wr.


Hello, I would like to moderate Sid Meiers's Civilization III
I have some new category ideas, and would like to add them to the game so more people who own the game can get into speedrunning it. The moderators in this game don't seem too active currently, while I am, on the other hand, very active. Also, Any% in Civ III is very bland, as it takes less than 2 seconds on average to complete a run of it.
Thank you,


@plankboii the mod for Civ III was online just 2 days ago, if you have category requests you should create a forum post on the game’s forums asking for them. Wanting to make new categories for a game isn’t a reason to request mod especially when the mod was online very recently.


i want to be a mod for first day at school. the mod for it hasnt been on in months

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I submitted a run for First Day at School last week, was going to wait a while before requesting mod. Have you got a run pending?

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I wish I wasn't forced to do it via this thread,
but even trying to get a mediator involved ( @Gyoo ) didn't result in anything.

Originally posted by GyooWhy don't you post in the last resort thread

I'm requesting change to the way the entirety of the mario kart series is handled.

The basic issue is how there's a full-denial when it comes to adding the different speeds as subcategories for the games.
when it's brought up, with runs or without, it's being shot down for literally no reason,
or with completely surrealistic reasons like "it's slower"
or how lovely @Lafungo put it for SMK:

Originally posted by Lafungo50cc isn't even full game

(imo the leaderboards could also take a little face-lift by putting the CUP IL categories on an IL page)
also got denied btw. - but I can live with that, since it's just a stylistic choice)

Example 1
Example 2 (apparently not even full-game Time-Attack is to be added. kk)
Example 3 (completely got ignored by mod)
Example 4 (not rejected by lafungo - but still: apparently there's no space on the leaderboards for 2 more subcategories next to the already existing 150cc & 200cc subs...)
Example 5 (also got shot down, not by lafungo tho)

Example 1a
Example 1b (showing that other mods are open to improvements)
Example 2b (showing that other mods are open to other categories being added)
Example 1c (another unheard request - platform)

If you have people do their own leaderboards because the moderators aren't willing to add categories to accomodate for it,
there's an obvious problem.

Example 2
(didn't expect to find a second one, esp. the 3rd post after OP is exactly this situation)

BTW. This whole mess started because I made a request for the SMK board. the full request I made to @Lafungo for SMK.


/edit: most interestingly tho to me is the fact that apparently racing is completely fine & valid in 50cc/100cc ffzThonkang!/smk/1

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skimmed. race categories are usually lame and half the game. up to mod discretion if they want to include it. you have a leaderboard for race categories on srl right there.


50cc is a full-game category, it’s just slower than 150cc. It seems unreasonable that one moderator isn’t even considering adding it when others are receptive.

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Yeah I skimmed. My B


I uploaded a speedrun for Geometry Wars: 3 Dimensions on September 28, 2017 and the moderator still hasnt approved it. Is there a way I could become a moderator for this game?


@Randomno yh i got a 1:35.02 pending. no way to contact the mod either. 🙁


I would like to be a Geometry Dash Mod as I know a lot about the game, I hace been playing for over 2 years and I know everything about It. I contacted the Mods but @scoagogo is now the only active Mod and as I hace a lot of free time and I am active daily on this website, I would like to become a Mod as I could approve the runs(which now take over a week) and I may be able to add more categories to the game