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A friend and I learned Mini Ninjas any% ( for the 12HourChallenge last Friday and neither of our runs have been verified yet. I looked into both of the moderators and neither have been active for ~3 months and seem to exclusively speedrun Mini Ninjas. ( &

The game would be easy to moderate since it's really a straightforward and unpopular speed game. I'm already a moderater of the entire Spyro series and it would be no trouble to moderate this board as well.


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Forget my request For MW2:
1. Because it's not gonna happen because of the same thing that always happens.
2. I'll be back in 3 months when they still never resolve the conflict of the run, and only posted here to make people feel that they are right.


Wondering if I can get a leaderboard going for Rockman Complete Works, since the boards here are barely suitable, and the ones on the mega man site are poorly run and ban a bunch of aspects of the games for no reason, and communication with them is impossible.

To add: Rockman Complete Works is a re-release japanese only PS1 game set of Mega Man 1-6 where they added remixed sounds, no lag, and ng+ features to the games, they're really epic for speedrunning and there's currently no area to post actual runs of these ports.

I don't care about any drama or huge wall of text essay spam, I just want to know if I'm allowed to add or request these and that people won't complain or riot over it.


I'm the mod for FTL and after some restructuring I wish to have the game ftl_delete ( deleted. Since that means there is now just one game page, FTL: Faster Than Light (, there is no need for a FTL: Faster Than Light series to exist anymore, so please delete that as well.


Hello again, I was wondering if I can be added as a mod for Astroneer . I think i have already asked about 1 week ago and I really want to take care of that game. The responsible mod is inactive and I cant contact him via Youtube or elswhere.

~ KevínDieSeegurke


Can i be added as a Mod for all the Puyo puyo games in the puyo series?
puyo puyo, puyo puyo 2 the mod for those has been gone for a long time (9 Months)
Puyo puyo SUN and puyo puyo tetris leaderboards are fine.

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KevinDieSeegurke, I don't think you saw what kirkq said last week about your request. The mod is not inactive, he was online only 2 days ago. You need to make a more clear post in the game forums so that the mod knows what the issue you have is. You can even request them to add you as mod if they need the help, but without making a clearer post I don't think the mod will be able to help much.


The super mod of Rainbow Six has not verified the game I requested I tried contacting him but I dont know if he is active.


I don't really wanna be a mod of more boards than SMRPG but i also want my runs verified 😭

Crystal Caves 1's only moderator has been inactive due to irl stuff, i reached out to him on twitter a month ago but never got a reply


@Timmiluvs I tried to contact him again. He blocked me on Discord and I wrote a new thread in the astroneer forum. He is just not cooperating...


request to be moderator for both The Godfather: The Game and The Godfather II. The only moderator for both is inactive and has taken more than weeks for reply.


request to be moderator for magical drop V. current mod is offline and hasn't come online for 6 months, twitch channel hasn't been used since his last and only speedrun in january.


requesting moderation for Max Payne 2 since the 2 mods have been inactive for about 1 month and I have done quite a few wr runs since then...


Yocko: Added because this seems to make sense.
ItsMaximum: Added due to inactivity.
Foetoid: This seems fine.
Fireman: Added due to inactivity.
AlejandroGarza: The game exists, please discuss it with the moderators.
Duckie2010: Added due to inactivity.
Caitelady: Added due to inactivity.
Cyberdemon531: It's my perception that Megaman community members would have a negative opinion about classic mega man style games being added until we have better solutions in place for integrating the two sites.
Thomas: Deleted. For informational purposes: I think the delete button useability is removed after a couple weeks of the board existing to protect it.
KevínDieSeegurke: I'd recommend doing a run first and seeing if this brings about discussion to resolve the issue. I get your concern about the patch changes, but without having a run pending it's a bit of a stretch for me to add you.
AquaBlake: I added you to all the games with inactive moderators, please discuss with the other active moderators.
FutureForce14: Added due to inactivity.
pidgezero_one: Presuming this is a request to add. If you want removed at some point, you can self-remove.
SolidSpiderZnake: This seems fine.
loginner: I'll add you since he's highly inactive.
Kennert007: I added another user who plays the game and moderates other games in the series since he's pretty active.

In response to Rottdawg's post here: (As stated in that thread, I view thread titles of that nature to be a bit over the top.)

A NES run was mistimed by 3 frames and the top time on the board was wrong for a day. Without a substantial amount of context there's not really a way to know if it's a mistake or intentional.

I would highly recommend that user to stop deleting posts bringing up potential issues, as it gives off a pretty bad perception that feedback/criticism isn't welcome. Users rightly get pretty annoyed when they bring up an issue and it gets deleted, which probably contributes to it boiling over into site staff territory.

I realize you and your group of friends take NES records really seriously. Not all site moderators give runs the same level of scrutiny and diligence you guys want given to runs. I've had some long-term ideas for solutions to this problem, such as implementing dedicated console moderators and things of that nature. It would help site staff a lot to have these issues dealt with at lower levels.

My tendency in general for handling moderation disputes like this is to turn over board moderation to the consensus of the runners of the game if some new consensus is reached. I realize this isn't in writing, and it really should be.

I don't think it makes sense to outright remove users for board issues that could reasonably be construed as honest mistakes. Is there a more long-term solution to the generic version of the problem being presented here? We can discuss this through another medium if you'd prefer.

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@Kennert007, I've just been added as Max Payne 2 mod and I will be checking your runs by the end of today.


kirkq, as i said the mm site does not support these versions and the moderators there have no wish to support them, they are not comparable to the originals and there is no where to house runs for them, and if they "retain control" there will never be a location.


Request to be added as a super mod for Monster in My Pocket leaderboard ( ). The only active mod refuses to do that becuase (he says): "you only want to be a mod to advertise your stream". Tnx a lot.

and @kirkq about this: "I've had some long-term ideas for solutions to this problem, such as implementing dedicated console moderators and things of that nature. It would help site staff a lot to have these issues dealt with at lower levels." it would really help imo.


I request to become a moderator to Guild Wars 2 I have lots of knowledge and experience from the game.


so months ago, i asked, the current mod of Splinter Cell Double Agent why he was using IGT instead of RTA and why he allowed a segmented run to appear on the leaderboards when it should only be SS (idk why the guy submitted it in the first place nor why it was verified and accepted since the title of his youtube video made it pretty clear it was segmented) but anyway my point being that he removed all the comments in that tread of the forum and locked it down...

i had other issues with that person in the past, like waiting forever to get my runs verified, which is understandable in most cases since some of us are more busy than others, like ok, but at some point you can tell its just getting ridiculous, especially when you can see that they are active online, you have to go reach them on twitter and even then they still ignore you for a while... or other time like when asking for simple changes like proper names for difficulty/categories and when they were not simply ignored, at some point, he manage to delete my run from the board (idk if he erased the whole board instead of renaming it or what, and created a new board for the now missing difficulty but if you're making changes and runs dissapears, i mean...) and i had to ask him to put it back after a while since he never realised his mistake...

and all of that was documented in that "tread", so i guess he decided to get rid of the evidences cuz it made him look bad or something...

therefore, i would ask here to be assigned as a mod for this game and i think one of the active runner of the other version (v1, i run v2) should be assigned as well (i think he already asked for it, but if not, i'm hoping he will) and i would also ask if the current mod could be removed so that we don't have to deal with this kind of behaviors again.


Please delete the game Aion: Ascention from the board. I am the only mod and since the game is over 2 weeks old, I cannot delete it myself. Future runs for this game aren't viable as there are too many elements out of the players control.