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@PrShiori you can add dpebble yourself? go to edit game and press add moderator.

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Hi, I'd like to be a moderator for Club Penguin speedruns.
The main reason is that the game closed, and with that the speedruns for it died.
For people like me who still want to run the game, there's still a solution: private servers.
These are fan-made copies of CP, I assume they copied the game's original code and ran it on a different website.
This gave hope to this community, but the problem is that the mods aren't replying to the constant forum posts of what to do now exactly.
For this reason I'd like to be a mod, so the game can be revived. I already made a post about this here, but I was pretty pissed off and that translated into a not so appropriate post.
For that I apologize and I hope you take this into consideration.

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@Zachoholic yeah I don't know what got into me, I was pretty pissed off. Looking back it was pretty insulting lol. I'm sorry for that, I now made another more well thought post


Hi. I'm a speedrunner of Time and Eternity.
I'd like to become a moderator of this game because this game moderator is offline for 1 years. Moderator's twitter is protect condition and I can't contact.
Could you add to moderator for me?

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Hi i would like to request mod on Kholat. There is currently only one mod who has been inactive for a few years now

Who are you trying to fool here? The mod for Kholat is a member since 1 year ago and last online 11 days ago!


It happens Faulheit. Glad you were able to rethink your post 🙂

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@SpiderSponge maybe explain to him without being an idiot next time.

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How am I an idiot for saying that he is lying?

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Game requests normally take around 2 weeks to get processed, it can take longer depending on how many requests the admins have to go through.

Regardless, this is a thread for moderation requests when the existing mods are inactive which is completely unrelated to game requests.

EDIT: user I responded to deleted their post lol


Hi, I'd like to request modship of the Kid Icarus: Uprising game! I currently hold the WR (and trying to get a run approved that bypasses that time by about 5 minutes, submitted 11 days ago), have a How To series on my YT channel in progress, and stream the game on Twitch from time to time. The main reason why I'm requesting is that this is the second time the mods have been inactive for 3+ weeks, with both mods being inactive for a month+ before some badgering from me got everything up and running. In this current process, the overarching Kid Icarus mod has been gone for 28 days and an Uprising specific mod has been gone for over a month.

Hoping to hear back soon~



Mod seems active on twitter, ask him to make you a mod.

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ooooohhhhhhhh boy, greetings poeple i am the mod of the game Simian.Interface++.
@ThePokemonkey Messaged me an hour ago on youtube and requested mod-status, you can see a screenshot here: or see my full reply here: in case he removes his comment. I replied in under an hour, even before he posted here. So you can see that i did indeed reply to him, all the other reasons why he shouldnt be made a mod are in my answer to him. Now that i know his username here i also see that he has been on this site for 4 days, doesnt really change my mind.

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@KomradeKontroll I'll hit him up, thanks 🙂


Hey so the mod of the game DragonFable hasn't been on in a month, and I don't really know of a way to contact them efficiently as they only have their YT and Twitch on their profile. If there is anything else I should try before hand let me know, I just want the run I did verified. I'm willing to wait a while longer since it's not too important to me. I just wanted to bring it up now. There have been a lot of cases where my messages just don't go through on YouTube so I have no idea if it'd even be seen, I should add. Thanks.


Hello, I would like to moderate in the game called Crossfire, The other one is offline for 3 months and the other is 24 days, The 24 Days one seems uncontactable, No twitter response, His discord doesn't exist (I tried searching it). I would gladly wait for a response.

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Hi, I'd like to request this game to be deleted please:
Originally a friend and I were doing races on it but he never submitted a run so it's been empty (other than my run that was up), I left it open for some months in the off chance someone else might run it too, but that never happened.

Sorry if this isn't the right place to make this request, I didn't know where else to post (tried looking around a bit).

Thanks for your time


edit game, off to the top right is a little drop down arrow where the delete game option is.


@KomradeKontroll game is more than 2 weeks old, has to be deleted by a full mod.


he's a super mod? I'm a super mod on something like castlevania and the option is there for me, or does it block me from doing it if I try?

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it blocks you when you try