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I can't do a run however due to current rules and emulator being banned for no given reason. This is one of the things I would change above everything else.



Submit a run anyways, just mark your run as not being emulator. Site admins probably just want to see that you're actually going to run the game and not just take over a leaderboard.

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Can I have Mod on Chaos Faction 2? There is only one mod and they haven't been active for over two months. We can't get ahold of them. Another dude and I have been fighting for the world record and have a few runs that need posting (as far back as 4 weeks ago). Thanks.

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Hello, I'm trying to become a moderator for The Unfinished Swan. I've posted several questions to the moderator (as have others) and tried to contact to no avail through Twitter, and he still seems to be logging into My run has been awaiting verification for over 5 days now.

I've been trying to add a few categories to accommodate for people who have already completed the game (as it stands, you have to delete the application saved data from the PS4 every single time you wish to start a new run, which also deletes all upgrades you have received from collecting items throughout playing the game)

Here's the link:

Thanks so much!


@kirkq it seems that the rule says to message a staff member about it, is that correct?


Hello, I would like to be a moderator for Mario Kart: Super Circuit. I'm glad to help Lafungo in verifying runs from different runners.


@RockField take that up with the moderator of the game, I know he's active.


I'm going to request mod for Little Nemo (
I'm not sure how active Havoc is at the moment and having more than one mod makes sense in any case.


Come on Joka, he was online 18 hours ago. Just ask him directly, that's not what this thread is for.

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Hello, I'm one of the Super Mods for Galaga. I would like to request removal of the other Super Mod, LazerLemon. Recently, he has been caught splicing two runs and lying about it. PrinceRallis (the other mod) and I don't trust LazerLemon having power over the boards, or the runs on it, due to his recent loss of integrity.

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i would like to request moderation for golden axe II.
i am a mod for golden axe 1 and 3 and the current mod for 2 is not verifying runs and has a run that has been sitting in cue for over a month. i have contacted him and posted in the forums but have not gotten a response in over a month even though he has been online multiple times since then.


Inactive mod for 3 months. 🙂 Thanks in advance!

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I'd like to request moderation for Sonny 2:

I submitted a run ~3 weeks ago where I improved my previous WR but it hasn't been veryfied yet ... in fact, the only mod for this game hasn't been online for ~6 weeks. Moreover, his profile doesn't include any means to contact him (which is not good in general as the only mod of a game). Also, it appears like I'm the only person at the moment who is putting serious effort into running and routing this game anyway ... well ... :V

(Moderation for Sonny 1 is not necessary as one of the mods there appears to be active)


I submitted a run into Tonic Trouble (N64) about a month ago, since then I have contacted all the mods through twitch but none of them have answered. I Noticed that the Supermod Red_Jinjo was online 5 days ago, but before that he had not been online for more than three weeks, and he has still has not verified or declined the run I sent in so I don't think he has seen it. I also asked in the forums for the game to add a 100% category to the game but nobody has answered that. So I would like to become a mod for Tonic Trouble (N64).


Moderation for TSG has been completely messed up for a very long time

Initially the only active mod for the game was pet_petiguana, before we made him tick that series mods had power over the game (back when that was still a thing).

We're now stuck with every series mod who doesn't care about the game left as supermods, with actual runners (myself, Kayumon, Woutt64 and LiquidWifi) being stuck with a massive amount of extra moderators who don't care about the game. I've already asked multiple people to just unmod themselves to no avail.

This is also a problem with the Simpsons series as a whole, where a bunch of people were added as series mods for no reason. Almost all of the additional series mods only care about Hit & Run. This is consistent across most of the games in the series, where it would be better to just leave actual runners as mods there since none of us can reasonably even verify runs of games I have no idea about.

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I'm sure you'll get really far on these boards with that attitude. Keep it up friend.

/edit: This looks too abrasive but he was insulting to the mods but edited the message.

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I posted a run To the game n+ about 5ish months ago and it hasn't been verified. i have tried to contact each of the mods but have been unsuccessful in reaching out t them. it would be much appreciated if you could put me on as mod. i know others that have been waiting for their runs as well.
Thanks a lot!


scoagogo: You can link a run in this thread if you can't submit it.

PixelFuzzVibes: Added due to inactivity.

Duders: As far as I can tell your run has been pending 5 days as of my post, and the mod has been offline 6 days. This doesn't seem to line up with what you're saying.

ufotekkie: The form says "Well-known users or moderators of other games in a series may request unreleased games two weeks prior to launch. In rare cases, unreleased games may be accepted by well-known users and only at site staff discretion." I personally redirect practically everyone that would ask me to the game request form.

RockField: Please discuss it with the moderator.

joka: Havoc has been online recently, please discuss it with them.

lozplyr89: I don't have the details, but the claim seems more accurate than not with consensus and/or deleted runs, etc.

Jesse_Lee_Porter: Added

chryoyo: I added you to the ones with inactive mods.

IschmarVI: Mod inactive, ok.

osukarui: I moved mods around and removed some highly inactive mods.

Snerck_: I removed users without runs and moved some people around accordingly.

Faulheit: I think we're good.

Trout: It looks like you were added.

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Hi i would like to request mod on Kholat. There is currently only one mod who has been inactive for a few years now and I recently started optimizing the game (plus routed a 100% category that doesnt even exist on the leaderboards). I have a few others that are interested in running the game but cannot get their times verified due to the inactive mod. Thanks 😃


Hi, I currently am the only moderator of the Liberation Maiden leaderboards, but would like to add user dpebble as a mod as I am no longer interested in running them. He has requested this himself on twitter. Thanks in advance.