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It's now been 1 month since I submitted runs.
Alpharad still not responding at all.


Alpharad is busy playing Mario Party on FWOB^^
of the other 3 mods only Kitsunemitsu seems active (1 day ago)
might be worth a try to contact.


do you mean rats7, because I have tried him too.
I don't know how to contact Kitsune, his Discord link didn't seem to work. I've already tried leaving a comment on his YouTube.


@kirkq, "That series is weird compared to most of the series on the site and my perception here is that parts of it don't operate so well hierarchically." That's because it is in no way a "series". Like... the Viewtiful Joes are a series, Bayo 1 and 2, but the rest of them are entirely irrelevant to each other aside from developer. Treating them all a series is entirely inappropriate.

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Five of those mods were on today, including two supers. Ask them, this thread is a last resort.



I'd say that got all the mods they need.


What makes you think it's appropriate to just bypass asking them whether you can be part of the moderation group?

I'm legit curious about what your thought process was here, as this seems to indicate to me that you don't have a close relationship with the moderation team, and therefore shouldn't be part of it.

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The moderator for the game "Sawblade Panic" have been offline for 21 day (viktr) and 3 month (concrete).

It's the second time this is happening, the first time being when i started speed-running the game 4 month ago.
They both were afk and i had to contact them.

That's why i'd like to offer moderating this game. I don't want to bother them anymore each time i get a wr/pb


Hello everybody,

I want to be a moderator of the game Landstalker:The Treasures of King Nole .
I am the current WR in this game in every category, and i want to create other category in this game.
I know every moderator of the game because they come to my stream sometimes.

Url :


The super mod was online less than a day ago. If you want to be mod or add a category, you need to talk to them about it.

This thread is a last resort for when you have a request or run pending and the mods are inactive/unreachable.


Yes i know he verified my last run yesterday, but yeah i will talk to him if i found him on stream / Twitter.

Thank you for fast answer.

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So I asked for modship on The Turing Test, but the active moderator on the game isn't a super mod. The only super mod hasn't been online on this website for almost an year. I'd like to be added as a super mod for the game then. The old super mod should probably be removed, since he barely did any work on the game and its leaderboard. (Forum thread as a reference: )

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The moderator for Totally Spies! GBA has been inactive for ~2 years. I have tried to contact him but he hasn't even streamed in his inactive period.


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To add to bill_play3's post two above this, I'll paraphrase some of what I wrote in that thread on The Turing Test here to make it easier,

It seems the current super mod sniped the game's modship, barely established rules and submitted one run, and then left the site quickly (11 months ago). They should probably be removed with somebody new and active established that want to create proper rules, like bill. Personally, as a long-time mod on the Left 4 Dead boards myself, I can vouch for bill that he's a thoughtful individual who has been helpful in discussions on that series in setting up rules including figuring out load removal (a big thing Turing Test needs cemented), so he's definitely a good candidate here.

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Is this where people are going to get leaderboard moderatorship before a game comes out?

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You wanna try again, bud? I stopped checking the activity of each mod for that game after the first 5 (4 of which have all been on within the day, or week). And that's only half the mods.

Go contact one of the 20 mods the game seems to have directly, or post on their forums. This is a last-resort thread.

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Hiya, I would like to request to become the Moderator of Nintendogs, since the current moderator has been inactive for 5 months and will not respond to my twitter messages despite tweeting etc in days after my message was sent. There is no other way to contact the moderator (since the Twitch page doesn't exist either) and I would like to run the game, I am requesting moderation. (Removing Current mod is optional but it would seem more productive since he's inactive.)

Thank you!


Dugongue: I added you since they aren't verifying runs.

Avery1D: That game has plenty of moderators.

Cuttyflame: It looks like your run was added. If this continues to be a issue we can look into it.

Sagaz_14: Please discuss it with the super mod.

bill_play3: Promoted the other mod and added you as well.

Lazar181: Runs pending, inactive mod, okay.

ufotekkie: The game request form should clarify this. I would rarely if ever add a game that wasn't out through this thread. (I think I'm missing the previous posts for context.)

scoagogo: If you do a run, we can probably add you. You don't seem to have a run or a pending run.

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I can't do a run however due to current rules and emulator being banned for no given reason. This is one of the things I would change above everything else.