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I would like to request moderator status in the game Pan-Pan. It has been over 3 weeks since I submitted a run, currently the only moderator hasn't logged in for at least 8 months and hasn't appeared active on social media since August. I attempted to contact via Twitter but haven't received a response in the past weeks, neither has posting in the game's forum garnered a response.

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@SpiderSponge please refrain from posting in this thread if it does not contribute.

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Hey, can I be a moderator for the games Picross 3D and Picross S (and perhaps the Picross Series in general)? One moderator has been inactive for nearly 4 weeks, and the other has been inactive for a few days, but I tried to contact them and they haven't responded. My runs have been pending for a few days now.

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Requesting mod for EA Sports UFC 2. I just wanna be able to verify my runs, and change the way the leaderboards is sorted around a bit. There's 4 mods and they have all been inactive for 4+ months.

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Requesting that I be made the only mod of God Hand. The other mods are not knowledgeable in the game and are only there as part of the "Platinum/Clover" series that makes no sense as a "series". Much of the board is mishandled or not handled at all. Kick-Me Sign is listed as a miscellaneous category and currently consists of two runs of mine, one listed as ZanasoB manually and the other listed with my actual SR com account, not once was this looked at by anyone to clean it up. memory1hunter's run was performed on emulator which normally would be fine - except that it isn't timed, was submitted with IGT which isn't acceptable for God Hand, and several segments of the game load incorrectly. I made a thread there stating as much and got no response, I was told that none of the mods follow the game.

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kirkq: I'm sure you had good reason to go reject some Kung Fu runs, but Turbo wouldn't help you get a good time in Kung Fu. It would hurt. Mashing never helps.

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I think he just stripped hocinehocine's runs altogether, even if turbo doesn't help that much for certain games.

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I want to be a moderator of the game Hudson's Adventure Island. I am the 3rd in this game, but the 1st and 2nd are not in register. The only one moderator jeffsledge is inactive for a month. These days my new PB in this game needs to be verified. So I come here ask for help.

Url is in:

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How long has it been since you submited your run?

Edit: Lol that guy put the WR in the rules section.



Yeah. I can't understand the leaderboard. The video of 1st is lost. And the time of the 2nd seems wrong, it should be 38m 46s rather than 37m 54s. Also as you see, WR is in the rules section, but it seems that 37m 21s run is the true WR. My PB is 39m 47s now. I think I can beat 38m 46s now. It's kind of funny that I am compete in such an enigmatic leaderboard.

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Hi. Presently @jeffsledge is the moderator for Bonk's Revenge (TG-16) He doesn't have any times posted for this game and hasn't responded to the only forum post, asking for proper categories to be made. (Which was posted a year ago) Additionally he's not regularly checking submitted runs, nor is he responding to tweets about said game.

I'd like to offer to moderate this game and would request that perhaps @inkject could also be added as a moderator as he's the only person who presently has a time on the board at all. (I have not talked to him about this and am not asking on his behalf but instead out of respect)

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PojeBunny: Just request the games. I've responded to this multiple times in the past.

plankboii: You don't have a run and that game has numerous moderators, also mod requests should go through current moderators.

Weekenders: I'm not not totally clear why you remade the board, maybe I'm just not seeing the reason, but I'll delete the old one. I'm also trusting that you're accurately representing the consensus here.

Slevanas: Seems fine. One mod isn't typically enough, and he's somewhat inactive.

KomradeKontroll: Yeah someone's been trying to troll boards and has been banned on numerous accounts.

Ewcongogamer: Okay, run pending, user inactive.

PerkiePie: Other super is inactive, ok.

Tron_Javolta: User is highly inactive, ok.

MaturedSinner: User is highly inactive, ok.

fawxplus: The guideline for inactive moderation is 3 weeks.

Alcowe: The users are inactive and/or don't have runs, ok.

ZanasoBayncuh: I added you, please add a couple more mods as well. That series is weird compared to most of the series on the site and my perception here is that parts of it don't operate so well hierarchically.

PresJPolk: I deleted all runs by those users because they mostly didn't follow the rules of the games they were playing.

eyuzheng: I added you since the board is out of date and the user is inactive.

EvanGrill: I added you since the board is out of date. The other user you mentioned is also relatively inactive.

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It's now been 1 month since I submitted runs.
Alpharad still not responding at all.


Alpharad is busy playing Mario Party on FWOB^^
of the other 3 mods only Kitsunemitsu seems active (1 day ago)
might be worth a try to contact.


do you mean rats7, because I have tried him too.
I don't know how to contact Kitsune, his Discord link didn't seem to work. I've already tried leaving a comment on his YouTube.

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@kirkq, "That series is weird compared to most of the series on the site and my perception here is that parts of it don't operate so well hierarchically." That's because it is in no way a "series". Like... the Viewtiful Joes are a series, Bayo 1 and 2, but the rest of them are entirely irrelevant to each other aside from developer. Treating them all a series is entirely inappropriate.

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Five of those mods were on today, including two supers. Ask them, this thread is a last resort.



I'd say that got all the mods they need.


What makes you think it's appropriate to just bypass asking them whether you can be part of the moderation group?

I'm legit curious about what your thought process was here, as this seems to indicate to me that you don't have a close relationship with the moderation team, and therefore shouldn't be part of it.

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The moderator for the game "Sawblade Panic" have been offline for 21 day (viktr) and 3 month (concrete).

It's the second time this is happening, the first time being when i started speed-running the game 4 month ago.
They both were afk and i had to contact them.

That's why i'd like to offer moderating this game. I don't want to bother them anymore each time i get a wr/pb