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Requesting moderator for game: Wallace & Gromit in Project Zoo
One moderator's last run of any game was 2 years ago, the other's was 6 months ago. I've sent both a Twitch whisper but both haven't streamed in over a year.

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The supermod is active. No need to request moderation.

And just because they didn't do any runs for a while, it doesn't mean they need to get demoted.

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I've given the request to three different mods about a week ago. It seems that the mods are very busy, so they won't get to it for quite a long time.

I've given it to Zeupar, DSS, and Werster


I would like to become a mod in Kitten Squad, the only mod that is there has been inactive for around 6 months (last run I found on YouTube was done 4 months ago) and I have my doubts that they will ever accept my runs, I would love to do more in this game but don't want to submit anymore until I know they will be shown on the site.


Hey, can I please apply for a mod (any kind where I cna accept things and make changes) for Critical Ops! Thanks in advance


@Sacred_Lotus-iOS The Mod for the game is active, ask him. This is a last resort Thread. You should add some means of contacting you to your profile by the way.



Wow, just wow! Member since 35 minutes ago and already trying to apply for mod status...

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And Roy at 2 days :^)

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Scoagogo and I would like to be added ad Geometry Dash Meltdown mods. We both mod main Geometry Dash. All of the current mods are inactive, and there is one run completely in violation of the timing rules that needs to be removed:
This is also proof that the current mods have no idea what they are doing, and if you could remove them as well, that would be a big help to keep the GD game leaderboards in line.


@ItsMaximum Gy009 was online 6days ago so not technically inactive, tried talking to him yet ?


Hi, I would like to be a mod for a game called OFF. I tried to contact the current mod, but they have gone missing for a month. I submitted a run last week, and it has been left untouched since then. Thank you!



Your joke of a previous request was noticed and laughed off in the mod group before you deleted it yourself.

Don't hold your breath on this one.



Try him on twitter, discord, or twitch first


It's now been a full 3 weeks since I submitted runs for these games and still zero response from any mods.

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That's precisely what I did. I tried to contact them through Discord for at least a month (when they were still online), then I sent a tweet not too long ago. Also, their Twitch shows nothing from August.

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Adding to previous message. The meltdown mod that was on 6 days ago hasnt posted anything to his youtube in 7 months, and the other clueless mod hasnt been on in a month. Scoagogo was able to contact stikam and get added, but removing the 2 inactives would be nice.


KamB8s: It looks like you were added.

PorkinsStandinBy: The guideline for inactive mods is 3 weeks.

HowDenKing: Added.

Super327: One of the users is active enough.

weather368: They're plenty active and I don't think the game really needs more mods.

NaoTheSillyDuffer: There's only one mod for the small game and he's been offline 3 weeks, ok.

RoyTheGamer70: Board was proabbly going to be deleted in a couple days automatically from not being setup, so I added you.

Sacred_Lotus-iOS: Discuss it with the current moderator.

ItsMaximum: 3 of the 4 mods have been online in the last week. It looks like the run in question was rejected, please discuss it with them. Inactive is defined by last login time.

KaiserKreuz: Run pending and inactive mod, ok.

Dugongue: First one I'll wait a little longer because the game has 4 mods. The second one I'll add you, but this is like bare minimum crappy flash games that we're not adding to the site any more.

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I'd like to request assignment of super moderator role for:

Colin McRae Rally Series

Community asked for addition of new games



You could have just said "There are no mods"


There's a reason there's no mods for that series. Kirkq will address it.