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Try him on twitter, discord, or twitch first


It's now been a full 3 weeks since I submitted runs for these games and still zero response from any mods.

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That's precisely what I did. I tried to contact them through Discord for at least a month (when they were still online), then I sent a tweet not too long ago. Also, their Twitch shows nothing from August.

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Adding to previous message. The meltdown mod that was on 6 days ago hasnt posted anything to his youtube in 7 months, and the other clueless mod hasnt been on in a month. Scoagogo was able to contact stikam and get added, but removing the 2 inactives would be nice.


KamB8s: It looks like you were added.

PorkinsStandinBy: The guideline for inactive mods is 3 weeks.

HowDenKing: Added.

Super327: One of the users is active enough.

weather368: They're plenty active and I don't think the game really needs more mods.

NaoTheSillyDuffer: There's only one mod for the small game and he's been offline 3 weeks, ok.

RoyTheGamer70: Board was proabbly going to be deleted in a couple days automatically from not being setup, so I added you.

Sacred_Lotus-iOS: Discuss it with the current moderator.

ItsMaximum: 3 of the 4 mods have been online in the last week. It looks like the run in question was rejected, please discuss it with them. Inactive is defined by last login time.

KaiserKreuz: Run pending and inactive mod, ok.

Dugongue: First one I'll wait a little longer because the game has 4 mods. The second one I'll add you, but this is like bare minimum crappy flash games that we're not adding to the site any more.

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I'd like to request assignment of super moderator role for:

Colin McRae Rally Series

Community asked for addition of new games



You could have just said "There are no mods"


There's a reason there's no mods for that series. Kirkq will address it.


Hello, I would like to become a moderator for the game Bloons Tower Defense 5. I want to take this position because I am willing to do the hard work and add a coop category for each BTD5 map. I am very active on this website and I will do anything I can to make sure that everything is kept up to date.
Hopefully you can add me as a moderator!

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These 4 mods need to be removed for inactivity from cod zombies series and all of the zombies games. All of us current mods have already talked about it. FoxandRavens and PlasmidJeff say they don't want it anymore and the rest are completely inactive.


Also this game: needs to be removed as we've already made a revamped game that is already up with all of the runs at the moment.

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Hi, I would like to be moderator for Soulcalibur III as the current mod is not active and has ignored the forum post to add other categories. The comments for the thread are from February and March 2017 and MSKain was last active according to their profile August 23 2017. I am aware some people can be busy, but he should have seen that given the time frame.

I am the mod for the series and strive to improve the game pages for the series. Not only aesthetically, but with the categories as well. Any feedback I put to use and improve when needed. People wanted Weapon Master 200% for Soulcalibur II and I added it. I don't like how their suggestion got ignored and probably detracted them from running the game. I hope that I can be a mod for it and add the categories so they can come back and more runners too.

Game page:

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Originally posted by SlevanasThe comments for the thread are from February and March 2027

Are you in the future? :^)



come up with a run before trying to grab at mod as well as knock other people out of mod

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My bad that was a typo, sadly I am not a time traveler :^)


Yeah I see that now. Excuse me if I'm a bit, skeptical:


Requesting to be added I guess as a Mod for dwarf fortress ( as the mod is not responding for over a month for my runs..

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Can FishermanFV be removed from black ops 3? the last time he signed in was during the cod moderation problem and he didn't say or do anything about it for black ops 3 and hasn't logged in since


I would like to request moderator status in the game Pan-Pan. It has been over 3 weeks since I submitted a run, currently the only moderator hasn't logged in for at least 8 months and hasn't appeared active on social media since August. I attempted to contact via Twitter but haven't received a response in the past weeks, neither has posting in the game's forum garnered a response.

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@SpiderSponge please refrain from posting in this thread if it does not contribute.

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Hey, can I be a moderator for the games Picross 3D and Picross S (and perhaps the Picross Series in general)? One moderator has been inactive for nearly 4 weeks, and the other has been inactive for a few days, but I tried to contact them and they haven't responded. My runs have been pending for a few days now.

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