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Could you add me as a mod for

I know it is pretty new game here but I have couple ideas for it. Its (game) only moderator ikkuegaming2003 is also pretty new here speedrun community, and I am not sure can he moderate that game by himself.

About 30 hours ago I submitted runs for 5000mass and %death . I see Ikkue has come online after that (5hours ago from this) but not verified my runs. That page is also pretty messy (black text in black background and poor background photo). is pretty "different" game as other speedrun games, but still there is potential to have nice runs and nice community. I am ready to moderate that game with my skills. I also contacted to Ikkuegaming2003 in Youtube and Twitch, but he dont want notice me 😕


adamdotpng: I think he should be able to add you. Either that or he might have to add himself as a game moderator to add you, which he has the ability to do. I'll add you because he basically said okay.

SPY3R: Adding runs every single time you come to the site isn't a requirement. He set up the boards but didn't add a run. He seems relatively young and at a glance maybe doesn't speak much English, so I'm fine with transferring it over to you.


I'll request mod for Black Ops II Zombies and possibly supermod of the call of duty zombies series. LeapingLinguine hasn't been on in over a month and I've submitted a run to the leaderboard ~a week ago. I only run Black Ops II Zombies but seeing as how he's inactive and doesn't have any other forms of communication on this site, I'm not sure if he's capable being a mod for the series.


Hello, could I get mod for Tiny Brains? The mod has not been active for a month and they don't have a run for the game. I would also like to add a couple more categories for the game.


So I'm not sure how to go about this, but I'd like mod on the Shrek 2 (GC) page. I was the first person to run the game, but I have also attempted to contact the current mod through twitch, which most people never check the messages anyways, so I'm not surprised that I haven't heard back. But I want to add a category and change some things around that have been bothering me. Thanks.


I'd like to request mod for the Guitar Hero Series, because i want to run some GH's and the Series Moderator has not been active in 6 MONTHS!, thx.


FoxAndRavens: Ok, Series had had 0 runs for months.
Squidoza: Ok, No runs listed and user hasn't been online in a month.
erunks: User is pretty active on the site, try the game forums (User is following them.)
Racingmonster: I sent him a Twitch PM.
Zen_Aku95: Added due to inactivity.


I would like to be a mod for the game LEGO Jurassic World (
1 mod has not been active for a month
The other mod has not been communicating in the forums.

I would also like to add a few more categories.


I would like to be a mod for the Yu-gi-oh! Legacy of the Duelist Game ( I submitted a run and the rules were changed because of it. However I am the only one to complete a run and the current mods do not wish to discuss the rules with me.

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i would like to be a supermod for advance wars( because the supermod there are either inactive or do not verify any runs(i checked their last login status it was a couple days ago), i am getting rused right now.

Edit: i tryed to contact the second admin by twitch pm and no answer yet, i talked to the first one and he told me he wouldnt be very active because of some real life stuff.


Maggi : Added due to inactivity
PoopDeckSeamen : Added, but I'm usually not a fan of these situation 😕 If you can, still try to make thing clear with the current mods.
Deln : I know both mods so I'll see with them.

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i would like to bed a mod for dragon ball z budokai tenkaichi 1 and budokai tenkaichi 2

since im the only one who runs it and the super mod is never active


@Deln: I will add you as soon as I'm back home. I had no time in the last couple of days. I already added your run to the leaderboards in advance.

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gcah2006: This is exactly why I don't like this kind of situation. I'll let things as they are right now but we'll discuss about it with the other moderators and we will probably get back to you.


and he havent played dragon ball in a long time


@Daniel, mods don't need to be running the game at the time - they may have run it in the past. Just running a game does not always equal mod. Now, of course, whoever is moderating the board needs to be able to appropriately do so without issues - they need to know the run, be active and aware of the community.

But all of your runs have been approved and I see no reason to add you to a board that already has active moderators - even if you are the only person with times on the board.

@Racingmonster - three days is not enough time to call someone inactive, and you would need to cite proof before you can claim that the mod is "refusing" to update. Considering you do not have a run pending approval for the game, I cannot see any reason to add you as a moderator for the game.

The fact is as well that Kirkq has already informed you that he has sent a message to the moderator concerning his activity on the board. So a bit of patience please.

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I would like to request to be made a moderator for Cybernator (SNES). I submitted a run that is the new record over a week ago, with no update from the current moderator. I got in touch with him, and he states that he has forgotten his password, which is why he is unable to update the record.

I'm also going to be changing the time of the previous "record" due to emulation issues. I explain time discrepancies in detail in the comments of my submission. If a third party arbitrator is needed to verify before I make such a change, that is perfectly fine, just check my submission comments.


Daniel: I'll go ahead and add you for those two games, since you moderate numerous individual Dragonball games already and you're the only one who runs these two.

ButtersBB: Added because I know you well enough to know you're not biasing the discussion. Just use your own objective discretion with the board.

YTXZ: I promoted the other mod to a super mod, could you contact him, since he is actually active?

(Will try to remember to look into "Way of Life" next cycle of responses.)

(If any requests weren't addressed by myself, Gyoo, or AMVX, let us know.)


thx kirk:)


There was a problems with the Kirby LB quite a while ago and we just noticed there's still no SuperMod for Star Stacker

Could you just make it that series mods have power there?

Thanks in advance.
(I don't if to post this here or in the series thread)