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The Hypixel Server Parkour speedruns moderation isn't exactly the most active.

Some runs are impossible to beat, as it's now impossible to skip to the finish line without hitting at least 1 checkpoint.
Some runs that are on the leaderboard in 1st place skip from start to finish, which has been fixed by Hypixel.
Here is an example of a run that went from the start, then the first checkpoint, then to the finish line. (Any%)
(P.S. I'm pretty sure this run has someone using speed II, and I don't know how they got that. You normally have speed I without modifiers like gadgets in the current version of Hypixel's lobbies, but I don't know what the rules are about that. If this is against the rules, or is obsolete, then this person has a huge advantage, as my friends and I maxed out at 19.4 with all the strats we know, and this person didn't have to do.)

Here's an example of a run (that's currently WR) skips from start to finish, which is now impossible to beat as a result of Hypixel's fix to the exploit.

Another Example:

This issue has been talked about before, but still isn't resolved (The third reply)

I just started speedrunning Hypixel's parkour, and some runs look like they might have speed II, which, again, isn't normally acquired, from what I know.
For more information, you might have to ask someone more knowledgable than I am, but this is what I have to put forward as of right now.

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Hi,i would like to be mod for Stunt Skateboard 3D, current moderator is not available from 2 months


cyrian: For being gone over eleven months this looks valid. Kirkq will likely promote you.

TalicZealot: This seems to have been resolved?

mightybaseplate: Connor75 seems to be active, try contacting him directly. The other mods being gone for as long as they have is troublesome. I'd suggest kirkq promote the only one still around.

PSCHARFF: Looks like this problem was resolved.

MrPupG: Seems like a valid case. Kirkq will likely promote you.

LeleSilverRose: Extodasher has logged on recently. Give them a little more time to notice it.

imajin: With no means of contact and over three weeks this looks valid. Kirkq will likely promote you.

ErictheRedMage: With no means of contact and over two months this looks valid. Kirkq will likely promote you.

emeraldaly: This does seem rather sketchy. If there's no response soon then changes in moderators will probably happen. You were promoted, so resolved.

CraftainJ: I can see how; only one of the moderators actually follows the game and they've been gone a while. Try contacting Izraill or illumina1337 directly.

imajin: Again, with no means of contact and over two months this looks valid. Kirkq will likely promote you.

Jaggerfroid65: With no means of contact and over nine bloody months this looks valid. Kirkq will most likely promote you.

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Yeah sithyy took care of it, so I was a bit premature in posting here. Glad it worked out.


Requesting mod status for Fatal Fury Special. The game has 0 mods, and has a run waiting for verification.


For the game series "Causality" the mod hasn't been active for 6 months, I have a run in verification and I would like to improve the leader-boards and add the squeals to the series. If possible can mod be given to me since hes no longer active?


Hello I´d like to be a mod for "The Crew" . Seems like the Mods aren´t the most active guys and I know some players who would start spamming the Leaderboards if they have an active mod who verifies the Runs daily!


Hello. I would like to be added as a moderator for the "Golden Axe" series. I have attempted to contact the admins a few times and it has been at least two months with no responses. I have some runs I want to upload to that series. Thank you.


Hey there, I would like to be added as a mod to the game "SC2VN - The eSports Visual Novel". There is only the one mod and it seems they haven't been online for over a year. I tried to contact him via twitter as well but hasn't responded. Thank you for taking to the time to look this over.


Thanks @ROMaster2. I hope Kirkq does and I know he's a busy man taking care a lot of things going on in SR site and IRL


Hello. I'm currently a mod for the Syphon Filter series and two of the submitted games in the series (Syphon Filter 1 and Omega strain). If possible, I would like to be added as a mod for Syphon Filter 3 ( too since the current mod hasn't been active in four months. Thanks.

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cyrian: Added due to inactivity.

TalicZealot: Since this seems pretty consistent with the logs, I bumped you up to super.

mightybaseplate: I bumped the active mod up to a super mod.

PSCHARFF: It looks like the runs were added.

MrPupG: Added due to inactivity.

LeleSilverRose: We generally define 3 weeks as inactive. It would be unrealistic to expect that level of activity from moderators. One of the users seems active enough.

imajin: Added due to inactivity.

ErictheRedMage: Added due to inactivity.

emeraldaly: It looks like they added you.

CraftainJ: It looks like the mods tried to fix this and then accidentally broke runs. The board needs restored from backup, which Pac has to handle.

imajin: If you do a run, I'll probably add you.

Jaggerfroid65: Added due to inactivity. The second one is pretty silly, so I went ahead and added you.

Sanjihimura: It looks like another site staff person added you.

ZypherTheSpeedy: Added due to inactivity.

Speedbooster27: There are two relatively active moderators, please discuss it with them.

EightbitSteve: If you want to make that case, please link the runs by you.

MarvinLong_: I'm going to delete that board since it is hugely inconsistent with the rest of the site. We've been avoiding adding visual novels for a long time, but it looks like that one slipped through at some point. Sorry for the circumstances. I need to put this in writing somewhere.

J.Y: Added due to inactivity.

Kromer: Added due to inactivity.


@kirkq i added my run so if you could add me it would be great 🙂


Please can I be made a mod of Mod has been inactive for 3 weeks (same period as my run has been pending). I have tried contacting him via Twitch PM and on game's forum but no reply.


imajin: Seems good again.

drgrumble: The mod with social links hasn't logged in their Twitch account for over a week so this seems valid. You'll likely be promoted.


@ROMaster2, I would be willing to moderate the Marvel series. Thanks for reaching out



You need to have a good reason to ask for moderation here. And you MUST ask the series moderators first to be a mod.


The Sesame Street Fighter community has no Active moderators.


simplyEGGy: You already were added.

Kitsunemitsu+: rats7eli was online just a few days ago. Give them more time to check back or contact them directly.