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that is exactly what happened, and I'm not going to make that mistake again.

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the_hat: It looks like you were added.

CronoRegen: I'd recommend discussing it with the current mod, possibly via the forums.

Ico: Single inactive moderator, ok.

Nagohara: Submit the run first, and then wait a reasonable amount of time.

SirSlappyMcGee: Run pending, ok.

Cr3eVe: Discuss it with the current moderators.

TheREV: Discuss it with the current moderators, which apparently didn't happen.

TanyaProject: Another user asked earlier in the thread. They were added, so that should handle the inactivity issue.

ZypherTheSpeedy: Run pending, inactive moderator, ok.

Zer0z: Discuss it with the current moderators. This thread is intended to be a last resort if runs aren't being processed and things of that nature.

chryoyo: Run pending over a month, ok.

PojeBunny: This seems consistent enough with the board logs. You can add moderators without having others removed, obviously.

Dan9er: It's not particularly important for a small series like that to have an active series moderator so long as the games have active moderators. If one of the game moderators for that series requests to be added, I can do that.

Tokida_san: It looks like you were added.

Unessential: I added you as a regular mod since this seems to be a recurring thing.

Rexbasedcereal: Removed them due to inactivity.

RealLordFrieza: It looks like your run was added.

Andonuts64: Either this was deleted for being empty or I can't find it in the search bar. Please link it here or submit a game request if it no longer exists.

Tandashi: Added due to inactivity.

The_Retro_Challenger: It looks like you were added.

DarQ_Massacres: It looks like he logged on.

Laseki/CriscoWild: Another site staff handled this.

Jetabb: Added due to inactivity.

ssjvegito: Since you run the other games and the mod is inactive, ok.

TeaDrank: Yeah a user got pretty banned after reviewing the logs, generally I'd recommend not adding others users to moderate unless they run the game or they are really active with the site.

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There was a case where newcomer ASmallPotato caused enough fuss around the original ColinMcraeRally series moderation to have them removed and almost tearing apart the whole community.
He was supposed to take care of the leaderboards, but after having me and benjacastellon punished for being in a conflict with him, he decided that "These games are dead anyway" and went away to create F1 series not speaking to us for 3 weeks now.

Me and benjacastellon are asking for the original moderation to be placed in all games of the series, ASmallPotato to be removed from them and benjacastellon to be placed as Series SuperModerator.

There have been no disagreeing voices in the community and "it doesn't fuss" ASmallPotato
Thank you.

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On behalf of the PoP community I'd like to request having Bl removed as a mod from all the Prince of Persia games aswell as the whole series. This is long overdue since he isn't active anymore in any way and didn't visit this site in 11 months so it's pointless to keep him as a mod. But since he's a supermod everywhere (relic from when series mods where mods for all the subgames) we can't do that on our own. Thanks in advance 🙂

Edit: same for SkeletN, he wasn't online for 6 months and is also not active in the community anymore at all.

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@tocaloni there are multiple sonicninjas, i have tried to reach out to the one that has WR in the game by commenting on his youtube, no answer
There is another sonicninja that is affiliated with the twitter, his youtube is active but they are not the same person 😉

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That is his twitter account (from his social media links) and he was indeed active on there 13 hours ago.

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Well, now i feel silly, thanks!

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PojeBunny: Has ASmallPotato caused any problems for the F1 games, besides just being moderator?

tocaloni1: He'll likely be removed when the admins make their rounds.

FluffMaestro: Try contacting Sonicninja on his social media first.

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It's worth remembering that mods don't get notified if someone posts in the series board.

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It's also worth noting that being made series mod doesn't promote you to mod across all the games either

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Hi, (NES) Duck Hunt needs moderation.


Requesting CriscoWild be removed as moderator from the Mega Man X3 leaderboards and LuizMiguel added to replace him. Luiz is unquestionably the most notable mmx3 runner, has held the any% and 100% records for multiple years now, is well-respected by the mmx community as a whole, and should have never been removed as a moderator in the first place. I understand the admins didn't have any dissent to base the decision off of, but that's likely because nobody in the mmx community uses this website for those games, let alone checks the forums regularly.

The majority of runners with top times removed their runs from these boards because we don't feel the need to have two separate leaderboards for the same game, srcom and mmrta(which we have been using for years), to open up the possibility for any ambiguity caused by discrepancies between the two boards based on the whims of whoever happens to be moderating this site at the time. Laseki removed himself as a moderator because of the blowback he got from usurping moderation from Luiz, but it looks like CriscoWild, who I've never heard of before this debacle and incidentally happens to be the only mod left over after Luiz's removal and Laseki's resignation, is trying to assume sole authority and start new boards in his image against the community's wishes. I definitely think he should be removed as moderator and LuizMiguel, who is one of the moderators on the mmrta boards, reinstated as one.

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Can we just delete all mega man games from this site instead since this is like the 2nd time the X3 board has been erased

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i think just linking mega man games to MMLB is for the best at this point

i understand the desire to have all of your times consolidated on one place, but the inconsistency across the games is becoming a bit of a mess. especially when you have certain games where the boards are massively out of date or even contradict the boards at MMLB. consistency is too important to sacrifice - problems like that tend to alienate new people.

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I have a question. Why is it the MMX community cannot/won't mirror their boards with SR when other boards like Deer Tier and many others do? Just glancing over SM any% with over 500 submissions it's almost completely identical; especially the top 5-10 which is what the majority of people are going to be checking out anyways. No MMX game comes even close to that many submissions except for x1 100% which does have 200+ runs. It shouldn't be an issue to get a 1:1 rankings list between the two sites.

Just as a side note I see someone added my bad MMX6 run that's almost two years old to MMLB. All it takes is non lazy mods to keep things up to date.

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But why would you need 2 different LB for the same game? MMRTA been around a long time, and it always worked, and it works until this day. Why feel the need of changing something that is working? Why feel the need to "fix" something that isnt broken?

The MMRTA LB works as it is, it doesnt need to migrate here, nor we should bother mods with needless work that changes nothing. If theres a way of automatically sync both of them that would be fine. Otherwise i dont see the purpose.

EDIT: Also, if the community wanted to be on this site, it would be here already. This is clearly an effort of a small group of few that, for whatever reason, doesnt like the LB that we have now.
Whatever the case may be, putting runs here is pointless and acomplishes nothing, a redirect for the MMRTA is the best option

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There's nothing wrong with keeping an identical leaderboard here that maintains parity with the mmrta leaderboards if there are trusted moderators who are willing to be diligent about it. That's what's being done with RosenkreuzStilette and RosenkreuzStilette Freudenstachel for instance. The problem is when you have rogue mods here adding X Collections runs to the Snes leaderboards, adding meme categories like "PSX/XC any%, no Doppler skip", etc..., and then attempting to usurp sole moderation when the community tells them to stop.

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What's wrong with extra categories? Anyone can run anything they want, what's wrong with having more categories for more diversification? Nothing.
What's wrong with games like X6 and X7 where the boards are kept up with and up to date and accurate? Why should they be removed because of another game that happens to be in the series? They shouldn't.
Why should LuizMiguel, someone who routinely says that he won't keep up the boards here, be modded here? He shouldn't.

Crisco is willing to moderate the boards on this site. If you don't like him, who cares? You already said you didn't want to use this site, why should you care who the person is that's doing the work that you're too lazy to do is?

The MM/X community is nothing short of elitist, all they want is to keep "power" amongst themselves and whenever anyone with any sort of contrary viewpoint comes along they immediately try to attack them and ostracize them. As someone who has been around since early 2013, I've seen this happen literally dozens of times. The "community leaders" for MM/X are mostly cliquey insiders who hate everyone else and want to insult and attack people for trying to help.

Point is: You do NOT own a copyright to Mega Man X3, you can NOT dictate how people play the game. If people want to play no doppler skip, let them. Why should I be forced to go and buy a SNES and MMX3 to play the same thing everyone else is playing? I shouldn't. I should be allowed to play on whatever version I want, however I want. If there is a big issue with comparisons, then separate them.

Also, no "rogue mod" added PS1 times to the SNES board. The rules on the SNES board were "Any%" which was not any%, since the PS1 version has a faster glitch, thus "Any% no doppler skip" would be the appropriate category name, so that's why runs were submitted and accepted there. Laseki was the one to do it.

There is no need to take any action here. Crisco has stated multiple times that all he wants to do is have accurate boards on both sites. That's it. If you don't want him to do it, then you do it. If you don't want to do it, then don't cry and complain. Simple as that.

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Luiz doesn't want to moderate the boards on this website. He doesn't even like this website. and the people who use it deserve a working Mega Man X3 board. Ideally, the moderators for these games would be people with more knowledge of the game or maybe even faster times than what I have. As it stands now though, it happens that those same people have no interest in exposing our beloved game series to the masses of and would prefer to keep it to themselves within their small circle of friends over at I disagree with that and I've begun acting accordingly.

Now don't get me wrong, I have nothing against anyone who prefers to use It's a great site and I like it as much as the next guy. I still submit my PB's to it regularly. Very well done site. I believe the argument that some people have come to me with is that this is an issue of accuracy vs. convenience. You can either have the accuracy of the boards, knowing all the runners submit to that site and that if you see someone has 1st place, you know it's a WR for real; or you can have the convenience of having all of your runs for every speed game you play on one site. That's what people try to sell this issue as. But you know the only reason we can't have it both ways is because the runners won't let us have it both ways. And why wouldn't you want it both ways? Everyone here likes accuracy. Everyone here likes convenience. It doesn't have to be a battle. The only reason the boards are looked at as inaccurate is because the MMLB guys won't submit. That's it. They hold the site back just because. If not for that, we'd have both accuracy and convenience on one site, which is something we can't possibly have on MMLB. MMLB will never be what is. They're never going to cater to any other game series besides Mega Man, which means they'll never offer the convenience that is so highly valued on MMLB, bless its heart, cannot offer you everything you want, whereas can offer you everything you want. All you have to do is let it.

Let me state for the record that I have no ill will towards all of Luiz's friends who are trying so hard to ruin things for those of us who want to do our own thing over here on I know they're just doing it because he's mad at me and wants to start up some drama. They're being loyal to their friend and at its core, that's an admirable quality. Hetfield, Akiteru, Zam, etc.; they're all boys. Can't fault 'em for that. Thing is though, they don't ever really talk to me or hang out with me. We never play together, despite my best efforts to include them in relays I do. I've tried to reach out to some of these guys, I've tried to be friendly. Maybe they're too busy, maybe they're not interested, IDK. To each his own. But if you guys aren't doing right by me or my people, it's going to be a lot harder for you to convince me to not do right by me or my people. Take a step back, go enjoy the use of, and let us do what we want to do. We want to grow. We want to expand. We want more exposure for these games and we can't do that by staying huddled on one solo series site for the rest of our speedgaming careers. The people of deserve to be able to wake up in the morning, look through all the random streams for something to watch, be pleasantly surprised when they see Mega Man X3, a game they played in their youth but had almost forgotten about, go check it out and get inspired by it, and then be given the opportunity to try to run it themselves. Not only that, all of our current X runner friends deserve the chance to showcase their skills and personalities on yet another platform; that being

I love you all but I'm not caving to this peer pressure. Laseki couldn't handle the bullying that you guys laid down on him but I sure can. It's why I'm here and it's a big part of my argument for why I'm the right guy for the job.

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Yes, people can run anything they want, but just because someone comes up with a run doesn't mean it needs a category. Hetfield's best ending max% x3 run is on the any% board, partially as a joke, and partially because there's no other interest in the category. Plenty of silly race categories exist without having a place on any real leaderboard, and nobody's complained about that. Running anything you want is not synonymous with putting anything you want on the leaderboards, it simply means that you're free to play whatever you want however you want.

Why should Luiz be modded if he doesn't want to maintain the boards? Because then at least we know there won't be some nonsense going on, and there'll just be a redirect. Some random person no one knew was the one to create the mmx1 board, just for the sake of having a wr, and that board was a big joke for a long time (and that page still is a pretty big joke with the "Check Rules" category crap), and now we've got x3 nonsense with entirely different platforms being mixed due to incompetence (Oh, and just as an aside, what's possible in the PS1 version has nothing to do with SNES categories, so yes it is any% if you're looking at the SNES board).

I've got nothing against Laseki or Crisco, I've known Laseki a while and he's chill, Crisco doesn't know the game but I see him around and he's not an asshole, but to take to the forums to demod Luiz and then shit up the x3 boards is ridiculous and neither of them should be trusted as moderator for the game now. As Hetfield said earlier, there's nothing wrong with keeping an up to date mirror of the other boards on this site, but apparently no one capable of doing such a task is here and willing for x1-3, x4 and 5 boards at the very least are just fine. There's no bullying, it's about keeping parity between the boards, and if it can't be done then I, and plenty others, think the src board just shouldn't exist. As cute as hypothetical viewer nostalgia is, it has absolutely nothing to do with the situation, nor does my connection with Luiz. You can try to discredit me by writing it off as just me sticking up for my chum, but it might be a better course to just admit you guys made a mistake in moderation and try to set things right.

The constant victim playing is just tiresome, take some responsibility for your actions and don't attribute other people's actions to such petty crap. Mixing different games on the same leaderboard, having trusted community members unmodded (instead of, idk, talking to them?), publicizing private conversations for absolutely no reason, and pretending we're some cabal of speedrunners just here to bully and ostracize you isn't helping anything whatsoever. You shouldn't attempt to take the moral high ground when everything you've done is either against a large chunk of the community or just flat out rude. We just want clean, straight forward (and up to date) boards, like the ones that already exist. Because of what you guys have done lately, we don't trust you in particular to provide this.

Also, cyberdemon, emulators have been accepted for x3 for a long time, no one's forcing you to buy anything if you want to compete with everyone, only the typically banned emulators aren't allowed (zsnes, ancient snes9x versions, etc.).

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