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@Nagohara Gustavo.Predador has been online a few hours ago, just send him a tweet.


Hello, I'd like to become a moderator for Thrillville. It was added to the site about a month ago with the current moderator basically verifying his run then not getting back online. He was last online over three weeks ago and my run was submitted over a week ago. The only means of contact for the mod is Twitch which he hasn’t streamed in over a month.
Game link:

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Hello i would like to get moderator for Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Wheelie Breakers ( I'm running this game activly and I'm looking for new strats all the time. I also route new categorys, so i pretty much know everything about speedrunning this game.

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Cr3eVe, you clearly didn't read the opening post.
ask the moderators themselves, they are clearly active.

(gcah was 15 mins ago, mergy 9 hours ago, strawberry 40 mins ago, jan 2 days ago)

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Ico: Although he has logged on Twitch a few days ago, two months away from the site is still pretty long. If he doesn't respond by the time the admins make their rounds you'll likely be promoted.

Nagohara: He's logged on recently. Try contacting him through his social media.

SirSlappyMcGee: He hasn't logged on Twitch in a week and has been gone for a bit. You'll probably be promoted.

Cr3eVe: The moderators of the game are active. If you want to join them, try contacting them through their social media.

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Hello I would like to be moderator for the Panzer Dragoon series if it's possible please !


TheREV: Please read the first post in the thread.

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I'm the Panzer Dragoon series mod, and no attempt was made to contact me, so I'm gonna go with a "Nah" on this one. Panzer Dragoon as a series is about as dead as can be, and there is consequently absolutely no need for additional moderators. I know you have a run pending, I'll get around to it later this evening.

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"Gotham City Impostors" moderator hasn't been active in forever and i'm gonna submit several runs to the game. Any chance since hes inactive i can be added as a mod also? Thanks 😃


Hello id like to be mod for icycle, and google doodle basketball, I'm also very active thanks 😃


I just can't find who is a supermod for them/get in contact


I just told u I can't seem to get in contact


@Zer0z atleast one of the mods for each game has a twitter account, and i can see that you have a twitter account linked, just send them a tweet or a dm.


@Zer0z you were replied to by one of the mods on the Google Doodles Basketball forums when you asked


Oh I'm really sorry about that lol, Its because I don't know If its just me but I don't get any notifications, so that one slipped past me, anyway what about icycle?


The supermod for icycle is Hypo, his discord is #Hypo5234, you have a discord as well so search him on discord and send him a DM


ok thanks, is there any way to turn on notifications?

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Hello! 😃 Remember me? Yep, I'm back! Alright, I'm gonna make this quick as always for you. Same issue. Same mod. Same game creator. Different series.

As an overview, if needed, the mod is Error3113. I have no way to contact them. They have no accounts attached to their profile.



No! The Add Game button is just a decoration. Of course you can add the game without requesting it!!


Can I be added to crossy roads mod, I looked and the games mod isn't active