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Please can I be made a mod of Mod has been inactive for 3 weeks (same period as my run has been pending). I have tried contacting him via Twitch PM and on game's forum but no reply.


imajin: Seems good again.

drgrumble: The mod with social links hasn't logged in their Twitch account for over a week so this seems valid. You'll likely be promoted.


@ROMaster2, I would be willing to moderate the Marvel series. Thanks for reaching out



You need to have a good reason to ask for moderation here. And you MUST ask the series moderators first to be a mod.


The Sesame Street Fighter community has no Active moderators.


simplyEGGy: You already were added.

Kitsunemitsu+: rats7eli was online just a few days ago. Give them more time to check back or contact them directly.


the Under The Skin community has no runs submitted, and the moderator has not logged on in 3 months (the user account was made 4 months ago). I've submitted a run, and I attempted to contact the current moderator (there's only one) on discord and on twitch, but have received no reply. I would wait longer but I noticed your post about removing games with no runs or active mods, and I thought it best to post here before that happened, requesting that I be made a moderator of Under The Skin in addition to the current moderator, so that I can add my run and update the game categories etc.

thank you

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Hey guys, suikoden games/series has no active moderators so i would like to know if someone can pass me sup mods on the series or just moderator on each games. I tried to contact the sup mod of the serie but he doesn't answer me... Thanks in advance.


Rainbow_Lemon: Seems valid, you'll likely be promoted.

Seya27: He was just online a moment ago.


I was a moderator for a fangame called Sonic Time Twisted but I accidentally demoted myself. Can someone put me back to moderator please?


ROMaster2 : I am written to him on twitter and discord and he doesn't answer me yet and on the suikoden series he is not active anymore.


Connor5499: The game has since been removed by another staff.

SpeedyAhtuan: Please do not post in this thread if it's just to antagonize. Only staff members are supposed to be responding to requests as it is.

Seya27: T3tsuya been online recently, there's no runs are pending, no posts on the forums have been made, and I couldn't find any tweets from you directed to him.


I'm not sure how much more active I can be for the Suikoden boards, I verify virtually every Suikoden run that crosses my feed within 48 hours and that's only if NeoSlash, CVagts, or Zero doesn't get to them first. I'm not sure how that qualifies as inactive.

Not sure who you're writing on discord, but it's not me as I haven't gotten any discord messages from you. I've received one twitter message from you 9 hours ago. I'm happy to respond to every message I get about the boards but you have to give me time to, you know, get home. I'll get back to you within the hour.

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You run suikoden games recently ? Yes you are active on the site but not in speedrunner in the series... i have do a run on suikoden IV two days ago on the ps3 psn version and on the game this version doesn't exist. On discord i tried to speak with you but as we are not friends the message was blocked and i have no response on my friend request


Like I said before, Suikoden is extremely current and it's really rare that a run sits in limbo for more than two days. We have a group of mods that know each game well and they take the time to verify them as they come in. I'm not sure why that is considered inactive to you. If there's any point where a run is just not getting verified or questions aren't being answered at all I'll definitely do what I can to rectify that.

I modded you on the games you have runs up on and like I told you in the twitter message we're thankful for the help. If you want new categories or system specific versions you can request that and it will probably happen within a day without an issue because we're active. You don't have to be a supermod for the entire series to request that stuff. Just give me more than 8 hours to get back to you next time.



You run suikoden games recently ? Yes you are active on the site but not in speedrunner in the series...
With nothing recently uploaded same could be asked about you. If you want to criticize moderation of a game you'll need to approach it with tact. I don't suggest being elitist, it makes you look really bad.

Discord isn't a 10/10; contacting someone through it isn't reliable without sharing a server with them. More often Twitch or Twitter will get better reception, or even posting in the forums.


Boring Man - Online Tactical Stickman Combat had no moderator connected since 4 months, and I couldn't contact any of them, the thing is that I would to make that game being run more often but since the mod of that game is not active, no run can be verified, and thus no progress on speedruning that game can be made. Thank you in advance if you do add a new moderator there.


I've received zero messages from you across all websites for Persona questions. Not sure what other mods you've messaged. I'm not seeing any pending runs in my queue for Persona 3, I know there were some problem submissions awhile back. That might have contributed.

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