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I want to ask if you could transfer ownership of the TLoZ: Twilight Princess page to me.
I am a community mod since forever and responsible for the pages on Zeldaspeedruns, also I "own" TPHD here.

The original owner of TPSRC, Faye, sadly isn't involved in speedrunning anymore, she hasn't logged into her account for 5 months or so and didn't react to my message on Twitter.
She is also not involved in our Discord, where we discussed the matter (with several other mods for TP here involved).
There we agreed on making me Owner if possible.

Thanks in advance, if you have any questions feel free.

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Hey, could you remove Nichdel as a super mod since he has been inactive for over a year now.
I am the only one verifying runs.
Thank you.


On the topic of the NewerSMBW leaderboard:

ILoveSMB recently submitted a time which was adjusted to account for timeloss through loading zones. A couple threads came up about how this was done, how it should be handled. I observed the discussion, but was somewhat lax about participating. Maybe a mistake on my part. The reason why I delayed my response and verification was because I was trying to consider alternate ways to handle the situation. I didn't want to completely ignore it, but I can't implement a flawed comparison into the leaderboard.

Additionally, I believe ILoveSMB should not be added as a moderator in the event that he would alter the rules without sufficient critical observation of the change.

Finally, some food for thought.
If speedrunning is solely about improving ourselves, what is the importance of a leaderboard?

Thank you.

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lagupediabaru: I don't know what this means.

hi_im_airman: Added due to inactivity.

NekohDot: Site staff adds full mods, admittedly we're pretty short on active staff right now. Full mods can do 95% of what admins can do.

snes_fanatic: We try to get to requests within 2 weeks lately. It's been a bit slow lately.

SailorMercury: I'll add you in this specific case because I think organizing the boards better will help things.

Jumpyluff: If f1 says he wants to, I'll add it.

SoakedSock: Since this game has no runs and the moderator is inactive, this is fine.

SGT_RAGEQUIT: Your request might've been one of the 3 that got deleted by a bug that were not recoverable. I still don't know what the game was, so I need to know to create it. This thread was stickied for a while: If it's in the game request queue it's in pending actions: Sorry for the trouble.

Mrowka: It looks like mods were added by the current mod.

Royal64: There are 1-2 active mods; in this case going through the moderators is the main course of action.

snes_fanatic: I'd recommend doing runs of some games before moderating anything.

Racingmonster: Regarding NASCAR: One of the mods is active, try to sort this out with them first please.

ROMaster2: Lots of clicks later, ok

BiSaXa: I added a runner based on some forum posts.

ROMaster2: Sent a PM to a user to try to sort this out. Splitting by console might work best here.

ILoveSMB: Adding a user who is in disagreement with moderators isn't really going to solve anything. The mods seem pretty rational to me, so please try to sort this out with them. Not everyone's out to deny runs and not everyone's required or expected to verify all the runs every time they visit the site.

TreZc0: There's really no concept of "owner" of the page as far as the site code is concerned. The super mods collectively "currently own it" in a sense. There's just the person who created it, which is kind of just for informational purposes. I think this is what you're asking? Maybe I'm missing something.

LoneLynx: Ok, inactive.

sergiofonseca: Run pending, mod inactive, ok.

GhostScit: Added.

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I would like to be a BLEED mod, if possible(
Previous mod was off the hook for more than >1yr by the looks of it...

Not pretentious or anything @_@

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I'd like to request moderation of My Nintendo Picross - The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. The current moderator has been inactive for over a month, and I tried to contact him over twitch and waited for 3 days, to no avail.

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He was active 10 hours ago on Twitter. Should shoot him a message there.


@kirkq Thank you, i was probably wrong thinking there's a difference in between the page creator and a super mod cause I thought the page creator could always remove Super Mods too (for inactivity f.e.) which I can't, but okay, I probably messed up then. Thank you!

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I request that Vqtr be removed as super mod for and the stand alone game in that series, he has been offline for 3 months and not responding to direct messages. I would like take his place, im always active and run the game.
That is all


  tuff_lovertuff_lover a month!

Tried to msg him somehow? 🙂

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Hey! 🙂 Every mod for the Submachine series appears to be inactive. There is also no way for me to contact any of them. I'm a huge fan of the Submachine games! Would it be possible for me to become a mod for the game? (None of them have been on in months it looks like! O _ O) I plan on doing a speedrun for each game in the series so...



Do I post here to ask for mod removal?

One terrible guy n1nj4ofshr3d is not doing a goob job...being a nice person!
Too much hate coming, weird & questionable behavour...

By the looks of it, its some "not worthiness" thing...not healthy for the community!

When something simple as trying to talk to him is exceedingly DIFFICULT...


@thatgrapeisaspy he's not a supermod so no he cannot.

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Good evening, neither moderator for the Wii Sports leaderboards have been online for more than a month at this point, one of which at 4 months. I'd like to request to be added as a moderator as I moderate the Wii Sports Resort leaderboards and am one of the more active runners. I have not been able to get in contact with either moderator at this point. Thanks for reading.

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What methods have you tried to get in contact with the mods? Whilst TheRuseMan seems to have gone inactive on all media platforms, Plyd823 was active on Twitch 12 hours ago and may be able to verify your run.


Hello, I would like to be Geometry Dash Meltdown moderator. Waiting for your reply.



Hello, I would like to be Geometry Dash Meltdown moderator. Waiting for your reply.

Hai, you have to contact the moderators of the leaderboard first. This is a last resort thread.


Hello, We cannot get in touch with Yammlamm who mods Nicktoons: Battle for Volcano Island. We would like to add more mods but that's impossible as he's the only supermod of the game. He's inactive and hasn't been online on this website for a year. I ask that he is taken off the boards as a mod and that I can be the new Supermod

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Hi, I'd like to request a mod change for the leaderboard of the game Antenna. The current mod has been inactive on SDC for 3 months and their Twitch account also seems to be inactive. There are no other mods for this game to reach out to, so I'm making a change request here.