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@SONIC Kirkq will respond to your request before friday probably. He takes about 1-2 weeks each round of mod requests, depending on volume of requests.


@Sonicninja only admins can handle requests, your best bet is to wait like everybody else until kirkq has time to answer.

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Hello, I'd like to be a mod for Deadcore as the supermod hasn't been back for about a month and the other is somewhat hard to reach through twitch, needed a run verified and last time I had submitted a run it took a while to be verified since it seems I have to contact the mods through twitch first which either doesn't show up or they just don't see it.
Edit: I'd also like to be mod to add a new category to the game, as none of the mods have responded to the request by another runner that was made about 7 days ago. thanks.

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@Tron_Javolta try contacting Sigma through youtube, he uploaded a video 4 days ago so it might be faster than twitch pm.

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Requesting mod on World at War. I've asked for mod to fix the times and rules. @Havi and some other community members agreed that the coop runs on WaW were timed wrong. I timed my runs correctly, and he never retimed the other runs to the correct times. It's been a week with no response as to why he's never corrected the times or rules. I also requested mod 4 days ago with no response. Their extremely small team of mods seem to be very inactive. Havi is the only one verifying runs at the moment, but he nor either other of the two mods have responded to any of my recent requests from 4 days ago and beyond.

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requesting mod for as I am the only one who runs the game and I did not get mod after asking


I sent a message on the community discord for you weekenders. I know you have been patient but seeing the other mods not taking care of the issue shouldn't be moderators. Like you said it's been 8 days without a response for the change, and all 3 can do the new timing change not.just havi.

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@PeterAfro the Mod there is pretty Active and if you're the only one running that game..he would not really need your help would he?


I think this is a good time to remind people that just because you run a game or just because you have WR in a game does not auto-qualify you for a position as a mod.

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@Timmiluvs,that is debatable. If the runner does the routing, guides, community support, world record that to me speaks as qualified vs just a mod who just wanted a board to be set up, then leaving it for other runners to compete on.


Reminder of the first post (for those that havent read it) (~¤v¤)~

Please keep in mind that using this thread is a last resort, in case the current moderators are not responding or refusing your help without justification. You should always start by asking the Super mods of a game/series as they are also able to add mods. Twitch messages to mods are probably best for now. Also try the game forums, many users get notifications when threads are created for games they follow.

Moderator inactivity doesn't apply until around 3 weeks, depending on other circumstances, and it is expected that you try to contact them (exceptions may be made if they have been offline ~3+ months.)

An admin or full mod will respond to your post when they review it; if there is no response, it hasn't been reviewed yet.

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Not sure why you @ me havi, I know this already and told Alex this but regardless you could of mentioned a timetable to alex about the time to take care of the timing thing, anyways, we're cool. Resolved.


I submitted a run for DinoRunDX about a month or 2 ago with no response (Twice) I attempted to message the mod on YT with no further responses, was wondering if I could become mod to accept the run (which was just about twice as fast as my previous record [11:29:91 to 5:04:83] and would like it posted) as well as future ones.



@Havi I get this, but you never replied back. I could retime it if you made me mod. You guys seem to be short handed. Also thank you for updating the boards.


Or just retime them anyways and send them to him to save him some trouble


@Havi @tron I'm not going to do your work for you. Either I'm mod or not and I guess that's a no. You're short handed like I said, but if you like it that way go ahead.


pr0te: Added, bumped Purple up to super.

MrUltimateVideos: Looks like you were added.

SonicNinja: Added

infinitemystery: Added to one since the board was empty, looks like they added you to the other.

GhostScit: Added.

randomphoenix03: Removed after a brief review of circumstances.

Rubberduckyassassin3: Forwarded this one to the rest of staff to get some consensus. We'll see where that goes.

JoshKeys: I'll add you to the specific game for now. As for series moderation, I'd recommend posting on the appropriate game/series forums.

Tron_Javolta: I super modded the other mod.

Weekenders: I don't really have anything to add to the discussion. People moderate boards in their free time, and if you don't want to help without being given moderator, I guess it will take them some time.

PeterAfro: Use the game's forums for that request. The user is active and runs another game in the series. If runs are being approved there's not an inherent need for
more moderators.

Scypher: Added.

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