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doesnt matter =p
there are worse cases ThumbsUp (in case thats the emote even tho i dont like how it looks)


HI I would like to be a mod for Super Smash Bros Brawl I speedrun it a lot my pb is 2h 28 min and 30s so if you could pls let me be mod

Thank You:)


User brodsy5 has 1 view on Twitch, no past broadcasts or bio, and claims a time coincidentally 3 seconds above the top time listed. Must be a crazy coincidence. I'd recommend streaming or locally recording and uploading videos.

The brawl moderator is fairly active anyway.


I don't know if this is the good thread for this, but sorry gcah2006 for submitting the same run twice, I just wanted to edit the video link for the highlighted video.


Hello, I would like to become the Super Moderator of the Fable Anniversary page. I currently hold the WR for the chicken any% and hold 2nd for Fable: The Lost Chapters Any%. It would be nice for someone who is Super Moderator of a game to have a run for that game 🙂


froggy25: Most game mods probably don't read this thread.

giantsteps92: Tend to agree, but the moderator seems reasonably active, so try contacting him on Twitch or elsewhere first per the first post in the thread.


hi, i contacted the mod for Turtle Tale a week ago, and he finally verified my run, but he has not yet added 2 leaderboard categories as i requested... maybe i'm a little bit impatient, but since it take like 5 mins to do, and since he verified a second run since, i feel like he's just ignoring my request for no reason... what should i do?!


Is it possible to add me as moderator for Double Dragon ?
The Arcade version has not been included and i have a run to submit.
Thanks for your help!


louiskanak did you try contacting the super mods? (someone else also used this thread to get Mod for that game/serie)


thanks trollbera, and no, i don t know who are the super mods to contact ^^


Before asking for mod you can also ask in the forums ( ) or the game specific one if they can add the category instead of just, "Hey, i miss this, add me as mod please" (no offence with that).

i will copy paste this again from the first post: "Please keep in mind that using this thread is somewhat a last resort, in case the current moderators are not responding or refusing your help without justification. You should always start by asking the Super mods of a game/series as they are also able to add mods. Twitch messages to mods are probably best for now."

but in this case if you wanna try contacting the super mods they are (dont know which game exactly) dugongue ( ) or/and remz ( ) becaus when you look at they both have a red sword so they both can add mods. thats how you can find who to contact.

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huxxny: ok, more than one mod is generally good and you have a good time in the game. (To be fair he could've verified it without seeing your message.)
louiskanak: You can use the game request form for games that don't exist: (or you can contact super mods)

Trollbear, I don't recommend using game forums for moderator requests right now, we don't currently have sufficient functionality such that people check them regularly (in progress.) Twitch messages generally work better.

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ow sorry if it came over that i mean to use the forums for mod request. i mean the forums for the category asking and PM (on twitch or so) for the mod request. i was kinda sleepy while typing 😛


ok, thanks trollbear and kirkq for your help!
I didn't consider that creating a game request was needed when the game already exists in your database, but don't have the right console or platform included. I'll go with that and PMs via twitch. Cheers 😉


tx kirkq, i had send him a message on youtube as well, but he might had miss both of them, and i was just a bit too enthusiastic about it as always!! ;D
maybe, when we submit run, if we could "suggest a categorie" i feel like it would resolve a lot users problems at once!! ;D


louiskanak: If the gameplay between platforms is pretty different (not a straight port), it should probably be a different game. Two games having the same name is just coincidence and not necessarily worth tracking under the same game. At a glance, sprites look way larger in the Arcade version, which I assume affects general gameplay greatly, so it's probably a different game. If the gameplay is very similar (US vs J.P. or NES vs WiiVC), it should generally be the same game. (It looks like you can add the game yourself now.)

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kirkq: thanks for your lights about this, i was actually thinking that we could add a platform for a game, as it could be seen as a different leaderboard on the same game page. In my case, i was wrong, as gameplay is totally different from arcade version to Nes/wiivc one. Therefore I asked for a brand new Game Request, and by the way i will recontact the other moderators to take me off as moderator of the Nes double dragon section 😉
Thanks again for your help!


I sent my run of game dev tycoon 30 hours ago (It was WR) but no response... Maybe the moderator is offline?
Can I be moderator of Game dev Tycoon?


Miglekk: "Last online 1 day ago"


Miglekk: 30 hours is nothing. People can sometimes be busy for several days, just let things go a wait a few days.