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In 3 weeks if the mod is still not active and my run has not reached verification, will i have to create another forum or will I be automatically granted mod status?


If either the mod doesn't verify the run, or you cannot contact them during the 3 week period, then just make another post here about a moderation request.


Reminder of the first post (or new people that haven't read it yet)~

Please keep in mind that using this thread is somewhat a last resort, in case the current moderators are not responding or refusing your help without justification. You should always start by asking the Super mods of a game/series as they are also able to add mods. Twitch messages to mods are probably best for now.

Moderator inactivity doesn't apply until around 3 weeks, depending on other circumstances, and it is expected that you try to contact them (exceptions may be made if they have been offline ~3+ months.)

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Hello, I'd like to become mod for a game called Buck Bumble. The mod has been off for 5 months from everything, so yea. I submitted my WR a month ago and it didn't get approved or anything, pls help 😱



Again, it's just a request. I'm okay with the series not being moderated, but I would prefer for it to have someone, and that's why I asked.

Series mod is usually meaningless, since they are powerless to help in many cases.

Things you ¤can¤ do include, uh... adding new games, which is better done through the site's global form. And modifying the image for the series.

Series mods don't inherit mod in games, but will still get requests and whinging from people who can't get along, or requests to verify runs that you actually can't (since you don't have mod).

Requests to be added as mods are even more fun.

You don't want to have your name set as series mod for Disney. Trust me.

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It's not that it's negative. It's just that a series mod is NOT needed. If I recall correctly, they wanted to remove series mods anyways. One or two people shouldn't be in charge of many games, which may all be different communities entirely.

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Kenanelite123: It sounds like a mod was just added. It looks like your run was processed.

ESL_Kuma: Added

Gyoo: IMO since the original moderator left the site, it makes more sense for a reasonably active site user to moderate than than no one to moderate from a board maintenance standpoint. I think it could make some sense in this particular case. In either case since the message was deleted and there's some dispute, I won't make the change.

Silverpad: It looks like your run was processed.

jo_ninja: If there is an active moderator and the board is being maintained, there is not an inherent need to add more. Please discuss it with the game's moderator, who has the ability to add you.

Boonswoggle7777777: It looks like you were added.

SpeedySpiderSponge: This was my middle of the road solution to adding the game. (I'm pretty sure the board for this particular game existed a while back and was deleted or something.) I'm not personally a huge fan of your attitude in many of your posts prior to even this.

DukeBaird: Added

gallamaster: The metric for inactivity is usually around 3 weeks. (Also I changed the game's abbreviation, because that hurt to look at.)

flametenshi: Added

DCR: Series mods work for some communities and not others. It's not something we want to get rid of. I'd like it if the site could easily hand off new game requests in series to series moderators so that they could be processed by people closer to the games and communities. The removal of the series moderators have no power here button was primarily to create more clarity over who is running games, and to not have a setting that could be clicked to instantly start an argument. There does seem to be some critical mass point at which a series gets too big and the community becomes disconnected enough that having series moderators doesn't make sense.


As a general aside to all, it is possible to give feedback to users in this thread without appearing so confrontational.

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Hello I'd like to be a mod or a supermod for Trackmania (btw what's the difference?). Alpines, the most (and only) active mod, demoted himself because he was too busy to be an active mod. He told me to apply for moderator for Trackmania ( Two other mods are sometimes online but they never have a look at new runs. I've talked to one of them, Valux, and he said he was requesting a TM mod ( In addition, Nordtecz and Yazzo haven't been online since 2 and 1 months.

I've played around 1000 hours on the Trackmania game series, I'm 1st worldwide on TMTurbo on PC, I've already done 5 speedruns on TMTurbo (not including the full campaign one (5h) which was unrecorded) and I'm organizing the first speedrun event on the Trackmania game series on TMTurbo, TM² Stadium, Valley and Canyon between Christmas and New Year's Eve (
I have experience in community management as I'm the founder of the Steep Discord server with 1000 members from all countries (
I hope I'll be chosen to join the Trackmania (super)mods 😃


Can FireNels be removed as super for MeatBoy Flash? He has no social links and he hasn't be on the site in ages.


Going to request moderator or super moderator status for either myself or TheMaster on the Left 4 Dead leaderboard. The two current mods refuse to post on the forum or reply to various posts and contact.

Check the forum for related information:

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Hey, I was wondering if I could be the moderator for DmC: Devil may Cry and DmC Definitive Edition? For DmC Definitive Edition there are no active moderators in that game. I have to remind the moderator to verify my run after I summit a run 1 month ago. For DmC: Devil may Cry there are only one active moderator for that game. And he is struggling to organize the sub-categories. And I would like to help him fix up some things. Can you please?
DmC :
DmC DE :


NES Ice Hockey. Submitted a run which has not been verified in almost two weeks. Mod hasn't been online in 17 days. Would be happy to help moderate.

  [user deleted]

17 days doesnt count as inactive


@RealBonner have you tried contacting him over the social links provided?


Hi, I would like to be a mod for the Raft Wars Web Game - .. It has been about 2 weeks now with no contact back, no anything from him and my run is still waiting verification.


Originally posted by "TrollBear666"Please keep in mind that using this thread is somewhat a last resort, in case the current moderators are not responding or refusing your help without justification. You should always start by asking the Super mods of a game/series as they are also able to add mods. Twitch messages to mods are probably best for now.

Again, please don't suggest for people to use twitch messaging. This isn't directed towards you but to anyone that recommends it in general. A couple years back twitch messaging was a good way to reach people but nowadays most messages are never read by anyone because default settings for inbox are not the same as they were in the past.

For anyone else using this thread, do twitch as a last resort. I'd say to aim for twitter as first priority. If twitch messaging wasn't so broken, I'd support that as it is far more discreet but as of now it really is far from practical and leads to assuming whoever was messaged through twitch is purposefully ignoring the concerned parties.

So yeah, use twitch if you want the person to most likely not ever receive your message unless they ended up tweaking their inbox settings to something different than the default. Sorry to be blunt but it is what it is. Again, this is mainly a heads up for anyone truly concerned about fixing the state of the moderation on whatever game they run or are interested in moderating.

I'm sure most people are willing to step down or make adjustments to moderation on a game if they are actually able to be contacted reliably. If not, you'll have screen shot evidence at least of them actually having proper notification of their obvious neglect in the situation and refusing to make any changes about it.

Again, I want to clarify that this is meant in no offense to you, TrollBear666. This is really just a public service announcement for everyone (whoever needs it).

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@srwatcher you should qoute the first post and not me (as i am just a reposter) 😉

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Can a mod edit first post and take out the Twitch messages part please. Twitch messages were good 2 years ago, as of right now they're useless trash.


Twitter or Discord should be the primary contact sources, and all mods should aim to have one of either as a form of contact. Tbh I would require one be mandatory by this point, cause a lot of the need for this thread could probably have been avoided had this been the case and it stops new mods being appointed from this thread without those forms of contact from simply repeating the cycle further down the line.

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@srwatcher I messaged him on everything i could