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He usually checks every week or so Sonicninja. He just checked a couple of days ago so you'll have to be a bit patient until he goes through the next round of requests.

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Holdup @Racingmonster @bullets do I need to DM him to tell him? or did you do it already @Racingmonster?


@Racingmonster thanks, really appreciate the information and help you're giving me. 🙂


hello, i would like to be a super mod for the following channels. Kaiketsu Yanchamaru 3 - Taiketsu! Zouringen and chip n dale: rescue rangers 2 due to the super mods not being active or on hiatus from speedrunning for a while. I also run both of the games.


@GhostScit - Sam is active on Twitter and Youtube, and at the time of this post is actually live on Twitch. I also see no attempt from you to contact him. Yes, exceptions are made for those offline for 3+ months, but considering his activity on other sites I doubt an exception would be made.


Could you un-moderate ZEDVEN from He hasn't touched the leaderboard in 3 months.


I'd like to have an issue looked into just because i dont want drama to be on the forums for the game haha
Basically I tried to make the leaderboards for Smash Bros 3DS make more sense and some people got mad, was wondering if these people could be unmoded or something cause they seem to have a undieing hatred for me lol and even if there were things i messed up i tried my best to fix what they wanted me to fix and i also asked help from other speedrunners and mods on what they thought i should do. Contact me if you have any questions about the incident
Here are some of the posts they made


I dont want to unmod myself I want to still be able to help and grow with the community, its just these kids dont like me and have said pretty rude shit lol. i just thought i'd make a post about it incase I could get something done about it because they dont seem to get over it


@Sonicninja only admins can handle requests, your best bet is to wait like everybody else until kirkq has time to answer.


Hello, I'd like to be a mod for Deadcore as the supermod hasn't been back for about a month and the other is somewhat hard to reach through twitch, needed a run verified and last time I had submitted a run it took a while to be verified since it seems I have to contact the mods through twitch first which either doesn't show up or they just don't see it.
Edit: I'd also like to be mod to add a new category to the game, as none of the mods have responded to the request by another runner that was made about 7 days ago. thanks.


@Tron_Javolta try contacting Sigma through youtube, he uploaded a video 4 days ago so it might be faster than twitch pm.

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Requesting mod on World at War. I've asked for mod to fix the times and rules. @Havi and some other community members agreed that the coop runs on WaW were timed wrong. I timed my runs correctly, and he never retimed the other runs to the correct times. It's been a week with no response as to why he's never corrected the times or rules. I also requested mod 4 days ago with no response. Their extremely small team of mods seem to be very inactive. Havi is the only one verifying runs at the moment, but he nor either other of the two mods have responded to any of my recent requests from 4 days ago and beyond.


requesting mod for as I am the only one who runs the game and I did not get mod after asking


@PeterAfro the Mod there is pretty Active and if you're the only one running that game..he would not really need your help would he?


I think this is a good time to remind people that just because you run a game or just because you have WR in a game does not auto-qualify you for a position as a mod.

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