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@DMAN - I'm assuming you mean AvP (2010) since that's the only game that has parenthesis and numbers in the name, and there's no AvP released in 2000.

Going off the assumption that you're talking about AvP 2010, how long have you been waiting on verification? If it's been just over a week, then it's to be expected. Jamacanbacn has been at AGDQ, and probably hasn't had any time to verify any runs. Give them a few days to get back to things.


@Racingmonster : wow, PMing THE ca7hryne.


I'm honestly getting annoyed right now about this as it seems now the mod in question is practically ignoring my runs. Okay so I submitted runs for that are pending from Jan 4th-6th and one run is literally 3 seconds long and he went on Jan 6th. And now I see he went online Jan 13th so that's twice recently after the runs where he has had plenty of time to see the runs. I even posted asking to be moderator as he clearly needs help in verifying runs as he can't verify three short runs.

Can something be done because this is just getting ludicrous, sure he may not be 8 months inactive. But going online every so often and not verifying runs that can clearly be done within minutes is stupid. These aren't long runs at all, and like I said it really feels like he is ignoring them.

Game page


Flutterparty: I added the other series moderator to the game. This may fix the issue.

CookieEXE: It looks like it was verified.

Skaleks: I'll make this change in this specific case since the runs have been pending a while and I generally advocate games having a few moderators anyway. This is like the third "The thing in my last post is horrible" follow up post you've made in this thread.

Marrow: Ok

Extodasher: Since that's mostly true, and you've been approving runs, I'll add you in this case.

soupG: It looks like you were added to both.

scaz.zaf: Added.

Cyanid_: I'd recommend asking on the forums for the game. Most users get notifications for this.

Chafinhog: Added. Posting twice does nothing.

abney317: Seems like this was sorted out.

kingmarsh13: One of the mods self-removed, I made a slight change.

Glenday: The game has numerous moderators, discuss it with them.

Pottary: Added.

gcah2006: I made some changes.

TheGons: Looks like you were added.

WeaponLord: I made a couple changes.

Dman2527: You joined the site 3 days ago and submitted the runs yesterday. People have lives. This thread gives 3 weeks as a guideline for inactivity.

TheIntercom: I just made a couple changes for now. If someone who runs a couple games wants super mod on all the games, they can ask here. I'd probably want the other series mod's concurrence before I added you to everything since you only seem to run one game.

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Sorry Kirkq and thank you.


I'd like to request super mod status for the game Jinx for PS1. The former super mod left purplesunderyl and unviablegarbage as normal mods, and they are no longer (or at least not for now) active within the game. So for mod'ing the page and making it prettier, I would like to be super mod there, if possible. Thanks you.

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Adding on to pr0te's request, while I'm active and I verified pr0te's recent run (which I know are the usual checks), like he said, I won't be actively running Jinx for a while, whereas he will be, so he's better suited as a supermod.


Hi, I would like to be a moderator for Cruis'n USA because I found some issues with the current rules and categories and would like to change those.

Above is a google spreadsheet that outlines rules that are more logical and the reasonings behind them. I have been running this game in this fashion for quite some time and to see it make to is really surprising, but upsets me that the rules are not like the ones from the google document. It would be awesome to get the rules changed to this and have an even playing field rather than two different formats running simultaneously.

Other individuals who has been running this game like I have his dkr_paddy and RiccardoRicci. Please check out their twitch pages below to see their runs.


Just submitted a run and the moderator has not been on in around a month, how do I notify him and get him to verify the run?


@Racingmonster he has no social media links.

There is the link


@Racingmonster I messaged him on twitch like two weeks ago maybe, even 3 about the issue and he hadn't replied. And thanks for the info.


So it takes him awhile @Racingmonster ?


He usually checks every week or so Sonicninja. He just checked a couple of days ago so you'll have to be a bit patient until he goes through the next round of requests.

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Holdup @Racingmonster @bullets do I need to DM him to tell him? or did you do it already @Racingmonster?


@Racingmonster thanks, really appreciate the information and help you're giving me. 🙂

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hello, i would like to be a super mod for the following channels. Kaiketsu Yanchamaru 3 - Taiketsu! Zouringen and chip n dale: rescue rangers 2 due to the super mods not being active or on hiatus from speedrunning for a while. I also run both of the games.