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Don't think you meant to tag me.

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@TARS every decision is all up to the mods/supermods of the series.

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on the mod has not been active for (at least) a couple of months with no sign of coming back. So i am requesting if i could become a moderator to verify runs please.


My request to become a series mod for the Lego series still stands -
I have still had no response from NintendoBlackCrisis for the tweet I sent to them over a month ago, the entire time they have been inactive.

JosephH seems to have been active over the past few days on the site, though he had been inactive for the two weeks before that, and is still dead on all forms of social media,


Hello dear speedrunner friends, i've a request to be Mod on Final fight 2 in order to put missing categories that was requested 7 month ago by me and also rotorstorm331 the actual Wr runner 6 month ago.... I think i waited enough time before asking : Thank you also Happy new year !


Requesting mod rights for the Abadox leaderboard -

I submitted a run on Dec. 7. I reached out to him a week ago via a friend of his on Facebook (as far as I can tell he doesn't have a twitch or twitter account) requesting mod access and have not received a response. Per his profile he was last online on 5 months ago.



I am requesting to be a moderator for love hina advance, the only mod for it is inactive and hasnt responded to my message ive sent a few days ago. It seems that he isnt planning on being more active so this would be nice so that I can confirm my time I've sent in and so that I can add more categories to the game that I think should be there.


RastaBobby: It looks like you were added.

unfitgrammar: Discuss it on the game's forums for now. There are already threads for category discussion.

Kenanelite123: Since there is an active mod, he can probably handle requests like this. We sometimes clean up inactive mods after a while, but the more important thing is that active mods are available. Forum threads for the game are also a good place to start.

Hu3y524: Need a run or pending run, or a link to a run in a category that needs added or something like that.

gallamaster: ok

Lileya-Celestie: Removed them since it seems to make sense.

FiliVig: Added

Ozotuh: I added you to a bunch of stuff. Unsure if every game in that series should have series moderators or if some of them should be left independent as they were.

Sm_Izumi: ok

NME: Added

Alfygator: Since the user has been inactive a month and you already have an approved run, and now one pending, I think this is fine.


I'd like to be a moderator on Goime 500 ( ) . I'm going through the game at the moment and planning a run. The current moderator ("fixylol") is inactive and there seems to be no way to contact him. Thanks/Merci!


Requesting again to have your_name_here removed as super mod from

Hasnt been doing anything moderation wise, hasnt been responding to messages, hasnt been running or contributing to the game at all, sniped the leaderboard supermod on day one and hasnt been back since.


@Racingmonster What are you trying to say other than pushing your own agenda that already filled this thread with spam plenty of times before?
As I mentioned in my request and also the previous request, this person has not responded and hasn't been doing any moderation (verification, leaderboard setup), wasn't involved in any discussions (rules, categories) and hasn't done any runs ever.


hey the mod for Deponia is inactive and it wouled be nice if I couled be made mod.


Gubble is a childhood game of mine and I have warm fuzzy memories of it. However, there is a board on this site where the mod has not done any runs of the game AND he hasn't been online in 5 months. Would it be possible if I could become mod? I would treat this game with respect.

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As I said twice now, he doesnt respond to messages. The other mods arent active but they aren't supermods so I don't mind.


I would like to request to be a mod for SNK Gal's Fighters and The King Of Fighters EX 2: Howling Blood.

For SNK Gal's Fighters there's only 1 mod and they haven't done anything since the game got approved & I tried various ways to contact them to approve a run that I did for the game but I haven't gotten any responses. I plan on doing more runs of the game which will make my initial run outdated so it would be more convenient to actively update the runs instead of hoping the mod decides to randomly log on after months of waiting.

And as for The King Of Fighters EX 2: Howling Blood I plan on doing runs for it this week but I noticed that it has no moderators anymore or anyone actively following the game currently, which presents a problem if I do submit a run. Similar to the previous game I plan on doing multiple runs and seeing how there isn't any visible moderators for the game I'd like to become one.

I'm a person who plays obscure games but I plan on being very active with them so that others may become interested in running them too!


@GhostScit Hey while you're here can you add me as a Mod for Fate/Unlimited Codes?

I'm gonna make a thread in it's forum talking about how I got the Melty Blood games pending & how I plan on doing runs for the other Arcade Mode Difficulties, Survival Mode, and some of the Unlockable Mini-Games for Fate/Unlimited Codes this weekend but seeing how this is already a thread about moderation & you're already watching it I figured I could just ask here too just in case....since I'm not sure which one these threads you'll be seeing first.


Gave2haze: Added
molluskmoth: I'll make the change this time since he hasn't been active with the game or the moderation (of which the moderation aspect wasn't totally true last time you asked).
SLCRG: Since your run has been pending a long time, I'll add you.
SoakedSock: Ok
JakatoXtra: Ok
GhostScit: Ok

I'm at AGDQ all week, I'll be back next Monday or so. The others can handle these requests if necessary.

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Hi, I would like to be added as a moderator for Even though Arnold0 has last been active since January 6th he takes so long to verify runs. And you're probably thinking it's just this time he is late, but he is consistently late to verify. I believe he needs help in moderating the game as this is just ridiculous and it's so hard to get in touch with him. He never replies on Twitter and never replies in forum posts too so I can't contact him at all.

I am knowledgeable on the game and quite good at it. I even retimed runs from a category and made a forum post about it as well. My run was one of them too as I looked at the score instead of captured blocks. Here is the game page


@Skaleks As long as he is verifying the runs in maximum 21 days there is nothing to complain about.

Everybody here has a life you know? This is just a hobby for most.