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I would like to request Super Mod status of the Lego series -

Both moderators continuously have extended leaves from the site, ranging from 1 week to 4+ weeks. JosephHTobinJr is practically dead on all forms of social media, Twitch and Hitbox. I have tried to contact NintendoBlackCrisis on Twitter a week ago and have had no response from him, other than him visiting the website

Tweet sent 25th Nov, 12:04
NBC's last visit to the website - 25th Nov, 19:08

I have put a lot of time into several of the games of the series, and am committed to seeing the Lego community continue to grow.


Zor did you post something similar to this before?


Hi Everyone,
In May I made a forum post asking Lo1ts in the Call of Duty Series to be removed due to him not performing his job as a mod. It is about 7 months later and Is still that way. Which is why I am asking for him to be removed and Havi to take his position as Series Mod. I will try to provide the most concrete evidence as I can to convince you he should no long mod Call of Duty:
May forum post:
- Not ran another other Call of Duty in the Series except 2, and has not made runs of Call of Duties Full Games since May still. Havi has ran more games, and continuously runs them.
- Since May, Lo1ts has NOT made any replies to forum posts in the series at all, and his last post was in regards to me asking for mod in may.
- Lo1ts still didn't update any of the games (with addition of platforms people requested in forums) and Havi has done so either immediately after the request or in a timely manner between the request.
- Lo1ts added Havi to most of the games, because I asked him to. Havi was added to CoD4 and a lot of people were happy because they had issues that needed to be addressed with lo1ts on the game and when havi was added, he took care of everything in a immediate matter. Example was the verification of runs faster, and issues with running the game (movement, optimized specs, etc) Havi became a great leader in the series after his handling in CoD4 and everyone respects him as a mod and are good terms. I do respect him and trust him as a series mod despite what beef we have between us currently.

- Mostly all of the things I have listed in may still hold true. Although his PMs have changed, he does interact in PMs on a daily basis vs may. I also like to add, Lo1ts has made 0 interaction with the community include new comers and others joining in the discords and community. Havi has made the new comers in the community welcomed and that is probably why today we are expanding more than prior this summer. Havi has re-designed all the Call of Duty backgrounds into a sleek looking and inviting background that makes them interested to run. I will say also, he has been on his game since being added as mod to the Call of Duty with his entire responsibility of the games he mods. Being a sole mod of the Call of Duty series is very very challenging, you can have Runs upwards of 50 a day, and havi hasn't complained at all and usually rejects/verifies them within a day. Give people that are anxious to have a immediate verification/reject happy. With his exceptional performance as a mod in Call of Duty while dealing with other games he mods, there is no reason in my head or any others in the community he should not be added and replacing Lo1ts.

Lo1ts is a ghost mod in Call of Duty and I have waited long enough to make this post to have him removed. I did make this post in September but deleted it after he said he was busy, and felt like he should be given more time so he could change. But he hasn't, and I believe even if he stays mod after this decision your Site Mods make he still won't. Before making this post I did ask for opinions from 4/5 other runners in Call of Duty and Havi, while havi didn't have a appropriate response, the others agreed with me he should be removed. It is in your hands, Racingmonster.

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So last time, it was because I was because I was busy with real life and couldn't get to stuff so you posted and tried to get me removed and yourself added. Now Havi is here verifying runs quickly and dealing with stuff with no complaints about it and now I should be removed because I'm not the ones verifying runs? If it means that much to you I can ask him to not verify some runs every once in awhile because he gets to them so much faster than me. But you'd start to complain about how long things are taking to get verified again so I don't think that would work.

Your entire post is saying that everything is being taken care of and I should just be removed because you don't like me and have personal issues with me for some reason, you even made a fucking video because I wouldn't voice chat with you (link because wew boy if you HONESTLY think I would want to talk to you after our primary interaction has been you saying i shouldn't be a mod and don't know anything and bitching at me to verify runs you're actually crazy.

So in short, I'm done interacting with you because you act like a child every step of the way, and you have no complaints about how the series is being moderated besides "Lo1ts isn't hitting the verify run button, someone else is doing it"

Also it's gonna get old if you do this every 6 months. Find something else to do

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Okay heres the thing "kids" my post didn't have any attack on both of you. The reason are VALID reason to have Lo1ts removed. Any other super series mod would be removed in Lo1ts position. The simple fact is Lo1ts and You are now attacking me when my post clearly didn't attack of you. Just professionally It says lo1ts shouldn't be mad. In 321 I expect the Site user bandwagon to join you two that are making merit-less claims.

In reply to lo1ts post:
1. Yes You should be, please read my post over, and then disagree. It's NOT just the verifying runs, which you say it is. No don't try to worm your way out of this.
2. "Your entire post is saying that everything is being taken care of and I should just be removed because you don't like me and have personal issues with me for some reason, you even made a fucking video because I wouldn't voice chat with you (link because wew boy "
Where in my post did I say that I wanted you removed because I hate you? YOU are not doing your job! If you can't/won't do you job YOU CANNOT be in charge of the CoD Series or any series, same applies to any other User on the site! I didn't state we have personal issues, but since you wanna throw it out there, nice. This is you trying to play victim and make me look bad like in May. Seriously stop. You need to take responsability for your actions like any other user should. (Before you say I haven't, I have in multiple posts on So don't even try it, Im sure others have the records to prove this)
3. "you HONESTLY think I would want to talk to you after our primary interaction has been you saying i shouldn't be a mod and don't know anything and bitching at me to verify runs you're actually crazy."
I didn't say that you didn't know anything, you can stop lying right there, or I can just take off work to provide proof of you doing it. It wasn't just the runs as I stated, but you continuously keep resorting the "verify runs" portion and DON'T cover the others. 1 v what 7 other reasons? I told you let's chat in discord because you think I am sooo aggressive towards people, and btw the only people you listen always started "locker room" talk with me. I think you talk to others in the community they would be different. So again, I told you let's chat in voice to prove you wrong and to hash it out or bury the hachet, but you refused.. As a series mod/ Community Leader of the call of duty series, that shows NO leadership.. havi did at one time chat with me, and we would make amends for awhile before things boiled up, repeated that for months, and I expect that to happen after he gets over this one.
4. "So in short, I'm done interacting with you because you act like a child every step of the way, and you have no complaints about how the series is being moderated besides "Lo1ts isn't hitting the verify run button, someone else is doing it"
- I haven't acted like a child dude, I tried CONFRONTING you about this entire situation, and YOU refused! Not me! You REFUSED to accept responsability and THINK YOU should be mod despite everything you still haven't and won't do. I bring this up every 3-6 months because you seem like you are still entitled to be mod despite your poor performance. I don't think so. So again all your reply states was about the verification nothing more, nothing less. Take my L, I shouldn't of recieved in May for Mod rights, thanks man. (Thumbs up)

In Reply to havi:
"I think you are insane Racingmonster and I hope you realize that.1 - I saw that you talked nice about me and all the things I have done after Lo1ts has added me as a Moderator for some Call of Duty games but that still doesn't say anything what you have done to me. First, you make these crazy ass angry videos, then you just randomly start to freak out, then you blame us for the things you do (Which I wonder if you do realize) and then we get all the drama on our asses . If you really think it works like that you have some serious problems. 2 - You have made a post before about Lo1ts wanted to be removed from the Call of Duty Series but that kind of failed because you had no proper reasons for it and still doesn't in my opinion."

1. I personally told you I already knew I was insane bro with my anger disorder, but you make fun of it and that really makes me upset. I have a huge self-esteem problem with it, and you making fun of it, only makes me worse. I don't make fun of you being quiet or anything, and you do that man? Not cool. I actually thought we had some progress after our WaW run. But you basically were ACTING fake the entire time. Sad.
2. What Have I ever blamed you or anyone for, I asked you this in discord and OTHERS and they haven't provided anything, so don't lie. Unless you want to now say something rather in the discord chat that you didn't "recall". Probably a merit-less claim like Lo1ts does against me. So the drama is nowhere to be found on that account you are talking about.
3. All those reason still exist today. I have followed up on similar posts by other people to remove Ghost Mods like Lo1ts and the mod was removed.

"If you really hate us, just don't talk to us and move on. 1 Go speedrun and submit them. If you have any suggestions you can always make posts about it and I will reply to them. But that is as far as I am going with you. Going to block you from everything else after this is over. I am kind of done having to hear this sh!t every day. " 2
1. As I talked to you and PLAYED with you for a while, I am shocked to think I hate you dude. You know I don't otherwise I would be talking a lot of heat on ya. Lo1ts, i respect him as a runner because I watched his streams, played around in chat, and he did the same to me. But as a series mod, I draw that line. Sorry.
2. Just like to point out again, that Havi has done everything I asked for to be added or discussed it further with me in PMs if he didn't agree. So the only "shit everyday" he is speaking of is when I HAVE a LEGIT reason to be mad and he acts like Im in the wrong. A prime example was GTA V IL runs, the was NO RULES on timing and I started mine on the Movement, NOT THE CUT-SCENE" which wasn't against the rules. He refused to listen and just basically told me to go away and I don't care. So that right there is the "shit" he is talking about. My legit reasons to start "shit" when my runs were rejected from Havi based off made up rules that weren't in the ILs.
proof to Rules about timing in IL: (it says MAY, so that means It's NOT definite rules)

"Lo1ts doesn't necessarily have to verify runs. We do things together which you don't know. If I have ideas for something, I always talk about it with him and others if needed. The only reason you want Lo1ts removed is because he doesn't verify runs because I can most likely handle it? 1 - It's insane to try to get someone removed because you freaking hate him. 2 Well, unfortunately that's not how it works. If Lo1ts was someone that hasn't logged in for months, I could understand to get him removed. He visits the page every day and check things out, so he is active." 3

1 - Back to the Verifying runs man, Nice. Not mentioning my other reasons. Or even addressing it for that matter.
2. Hate him as a mod... Like I said, I comment on his streams, he comments on mine.
3. That's bullshit, look at his forum posts dude, he doesn't interact with the community at all. Don't try to rush to Lo1ts aid because you are his companion or whatever. You know I am right that he should be removed. Most MODS, had to WORK their way into the position LIKE YOU didn't really do. (May post shows you were playing Cod1 that's it, no speedruns of cod at the time and you got mod rights HANDED TO YOU.) Other people LIKE Jukspa, Like Survivor Had to continously make runs to even be considered. And they do a good job like you. The fact is, Lo1ts became mod because he request the cod series, he and you were handed it. Others worked their way in. But going into how they were shouldn't need explained if you know what it takes to be a mod lol. Bottom line is, you guys never worked your way into the position like others have and you were handed GTA V mod aswell, you asked for it because you were just active, then you ran it. I have a good long term memory just saying. (Also my short-term memory is quite meh) But when something big happens I will remember.

The point is I didn't attack you guys at all in the post and you guys have by pulling out issues between us no one needs to listen or care to hear. And just keep putting in the Verifying runs as a reponse and not replying to my other reasons that like I said would kick someone out. You were both handed it and not worked with it no matter what you both say. I have played cod series since CoD1 in 03 and still going, and before you say Im in here to get mod, that can't be further from the truth, otherwise I would of deleted my runs/account on the site in May, so don't pull that card against me. Thank you. I think you both should be making a better response next time that the verifying runs. Which today most of the newcomers/frequent runners expect to have their runs verified in a the day submitted.

But again, I didn't bring out anything personal and again didn't. But go ahead and do that again in the next replies when you can make a accurate reply. Thanks.


so i didnt want to get into this drama as ik havi and racing but personally i do agree with racing about lo1ts ive not been here for long so maybe im wrong but idk why it isnt som1 like havi who is series mod as idk what lo1ts does for cod your excuse is havi is to fast well if he is the one doing it what do you do you seem pretty inactive for a series mod im not trying to start a fight or anything just asking you to prove me wrong

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havi i think telling som1 to change becos you disagree with them is much more childish imo from what ive seen racing wanted to talk 1on1 and solve any problems witch you could have done now its blown up and happening everywhere this could have been nothing but now its somthing

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All of the parties involved can have their own opinions in this. I didn't want to do this, but I guess i'll have to. I can't stand by and watch this ridicilous arguement any more.

1. Being a Moderator involves a whole lot more than just verifying/rejecting runs.
2. If I worked for 8 hours a day, I wouldn't have moderating a speedrun leaderboard as my main priority. Hell, 8 hours of sleep, 8 hours of work. that leaves 8 more hours to moderate the leaderboard and do EVERYTHING else in life. Eating, buying groceries, paying taxes, social life, etc... I can understand why Lo1ts is busy.
3. I don't think it affects any of the community that Lo1ts doesn't necessarily do everything instantly. i mean, if he was removed, Havi would have to deal with everything himself. He would have no other people to share "Mod stuff" with. Lo1ts has an important part on the site.
4. I tried to be as neutral with this post as possible, as I don't have any negative feelings towards Lo1ts, Havi or Racing for that matter.

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i appreciate someone responding with an answer to my question and i agree i also didnt want to get into this as i dont know everyone but its way out of hand i feel nobody is right but everyone is pushing there thoughts on everyone else i asked about lo1ts as ik hes busy i get you have a life out side of running but if your to busy to be a mod....then dont be a mod makes sense right i have nothing against lo1ts but the way this was handled was so bad its just disapointing

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From the series of "What happens when speedrunning is the only thing you do in your spare time and want everyone else on the site to have the same passion as you" comes another great hit novel.

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owhg, I'm just reposting my request, since it might have been overlooked after that discussion:

"""Hello, I would like to be moderator of Arcana (SNES). The moderator OldGrumphrey seems to be inactive, busy or anything. I sumbitted my run 1 month ago. Also tried to message him on Twitch but no response.

Not that I want him discharged or anything, just want my run on the leaderboards too. Thanks in advance."""

By the way it's been more than a week since I messaged him at Twitch and no response. And his twitter account is suspended for some reason. So I have no way of contacting him.


@LGD you dont need to repost it, the admin will read from the last post he did and check requests from there.

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There's a difference? Kappa

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Lo1ts never replied because he has nothing. Proves my points exactly.
In reply to havi:

1. I am not making fun about your anger issues, and stop using that as an excuse if you do.
- oh you aren't? "Good luck and keep raging on the internet." okie doakie

2. Not sure if this is part of your anger issue but you have done multiple things to piss me off. You might as well think about it, so it saves me time.
- I asked this question to the #CoDSquad, they think it's because you thought because I a LEGIT reason to question you about rejecting my runs and you give me replies that don't answer it. Ending in a "Why do you think I am so pissed off dude? as my last message sent, legit reason, not bs.

3. So you are going to try as hard as you can to get Lo1ts removed from the whole Call of Duty Series? If so, get some solid reasons and real reasons to get him removed because this is ridiculous.
- THOSE ARE SOLID reasons man. Come on, YOU agreed in May on my forum post! They are the SAME reasons! GET That BS out of here!

4. I have faked to be 'friendly' with you during the Call of Duty World at War Co-op run is because I didn't want to effect Jimmeh and Skunk, but they already knew I didn't like you and it's not healthy for the run itself and the video.
- I think you don't like me because I talk "non-sense" when I see a suspicious run, or when my run gets rejected, rather than you addressing it, you say Im talking nonsense xD.
5. Your main goal about your post is to get Lo1ts removed from the series and you are talking about Grand Theft Auto V Individual Levels. The reason why you are saying He refuses to listen is because it didn't go your way because it was not possible. The game is not made like that and it skips a part of the mission. I have been a Moderator for Grand Theft Auto V for over a year now and no one has ever complained about what I do. And since you did runs of them you instantly start to cry and start moaning.
5 - Off topic gta thing... um if you looked at the video, I restart the mission.. and they were ACCEPTED/VERIFIED by other MODS of the game NOT You! I haven't ran GTAV since like maybe Spring? and You confirmed the runs rejected weren't verified by you. So you fucking lied on the spot right there, I didn't do those runs I did them about spring time, NOT THIS MONTH. I "moaned" because your rules of the ILS are like the Full game, which they shouldn't be.. I restart the mission and the cutscene doesn't show.. I shouldn't have to go to the menu and individually re-select them every time i need to re-try just for a cutscene to be included when there's a restart mission made after you fail/die.

6. About verifying, it was mainly about that. You are saying Lo1ts is doing nothing. The reason for that is because he doesn't get to verify the runs because I am way too fast and active for that and Lo1ts hasn't so much time like I do. He is working all day and dealing with Personal Stuff. But if you want, I can wait a week before verifying a run and let Lo1ts do it if you want, just your runs only.
6 - It was not mainly that, can't you read? IBoth of you are just saying its all about verifying runs, not at all.

7. Not sure what you mean by Don't try to rush to Lo1ts aid because you are his companion or whatever I do what a Moderator has to do. There is no reason to remove Lo1ts as a Moderator. It's fine how it is.
7 - No it's not. Clearly he\s a ghost mod, and the funny thing is now he\s talking on discord after posting this. He literally is on damage control now.

8. He doesn't have to interact with the community if the issue is already been solved. If people have questions for Lo1ts, they can message him and he can reply to it.
8 - Um. If he is mod, he should be doing the same as you wheater resolved or not, he has a say in it aswell as a game mod, otherwise there is no need for 2 mods, if one is making decisions. I ALWAYS tell other mods that I add to tell me aswell as others if changes are asked from people or needed. But you guys aren't like that, hm. Like i said, he should be entering his voice in the matter not just you. But again you think that no consulting the other mod is needed.

9. You really have to stop saying You guys never worked your way into the position like others have and you were handed GTA V mod as well You don't know anything about me and what I have done before Call of Duty. You just write what you think, you are not writing facts. We didn't even know each other before that. You are making things up. I have plenty of people that know about me GTA V related. Do research before you talk. I got Moderator for the Call of Duty games because I did what I had to do to became a Moderator. Getting Mod for a game doesn't just happen. It has all it's reasons.
9 - being handed proved here mostly the entire page, noob running the game > Gets handed mod. Proved <--- after that no posts where continued about havi being added, it's quite obvious you became mod bro with no experience. Lol. Another lie proved.
That entire thing was all made up and I just proved it thanks for playing.

10. You always have to complain about everything and I think that has to end. You think Lo1ts and me hate you for nothing? No, it has it's reasons and if you don't know them then I have no idea what is wrong.
- Complained because I have REASONS to... I don't complain out of the blue. If I feel something that needs address I SAY IT. You don't listen and like I said before.. call it non-sense. I asked people in community about it, and they said its okay if you have questions to complain about it. Which btw.. Uh proof of complain would be nice since I wouldn't call it that 🙂
(Probably won't but I would like to see you try)

I am kind of done wasting all my free time on you because things you want are not happening because they are ridiculous and make no sense. You might as well consider changing the way you are, maybe people will accept you more. And we might as well just stop here because it's very childish what we are doing on the internet at the moment.

YOU LIKED MY POST IN MAY ABOUT REMOVING LO1TS, DON'T SAY THEY ARE RIDICULOUS and MAKE NO SENSE.. YOU AGREED IN MAY, DON'T LIE. YOU KNOW IT'S TRUE - i liked how you removed your likes from my posts, you covering your footprints is quite sad. But I know you will reply "I didn't like your posts" it's gonna be no proof for both of us since I stupidly didn't screenshot it early in my first post. Shady man really.

In conclusion:
You say I had no facts and I did, trying to do damage control for lo1ts, let him fight his own battle bro. All you said was bs and either opinions or madeup. Nothing disputing my claims really. The verifying runs part you said was the main point, get out with that. All I see is havi saving Lo1ts and his ass from lo1ts. Lo1ts I told you I respected you as runner (who you said quitted because it's boring on twitter) and this is just for series mod of cod. I like how havi doesn't show how he knows he should be series mod because he doesn't want to burn bridges. Well havi, you have to sometimes to make things right, don't be afraid, tell lo1ts and everyone on here you know you deserve it.

It's whatever really. But if a ghost mod is being asked to be removed in future on this thread and I see, I will back that Ghost mod up because the site admins didn't make the right choice in removing Lo1ts (if they don't) I won't let bs happen to me and no one else. That's that. Again provide proof on your "reasons" that have just opinions. Thanks man. If my facts/proof was ridicoulous your replies were even more "ridiculous" thanks.
Also Havi, I told you before we go in this all the time about "non-sense" and make up. We do this all the time, calm down and let's chat privately, but this time don't go running your mouth back to lo1ts, I wouldn't do it to lo1ts if you were in my position, and you know that. But Lo1ts, I'm not even gonna attempt to "bury the hachet" with you a 3rd time. It's your move this time, you can handle this privately with me like a real leader would or continue to try to push away from it and have me come back to this thread 3 months later dude. 🙂 Like I said, I confronted YOU about it, and you acted childish about it and didn't want to talk lol.

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Reminder that there is a proper quote function.

Originally posted by exampletext

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This is a waste of my time so I thought I'd just respond to the stuff that annoyed me the most and as always, let everyone just judge accordingly. (also I'm not gonna use quotes ;^))

Lo1ts never replied because he has nothing. Proves my points exactly.

-I work full time buddy, sorry I didn't respond as fast as you would have liked

7 - No it's not. Clearly he\s a ghost mod, and the funny thing is now he\s talking on discord after posting this. He literally is on damage control now.

->damage control

guess talking about how an imgur link with my name on it is gay furry porn is "damage control" nowadays, gonna keep that in mind for the next thread. Also I stopped posting in the discord once you joined because since you can't seem to grasp this concept yet. I don't want to interact with you

But Lo1ts, I'm not even gonna attempt to "bury the hachet" with you a 3rd time. It's your move this time, you can handle this privately with me like a real leader would or continue to try to push away from it and have me come back to this thread 3 months later dude. Like I said, I confronted YOU about it, and you acted childish about it and didn't want to talk lol.

-Clearly blocking you on numerous platforms didn't send the message home so I'll just put it out here so you can check back for next time. I don't want to "bury the hatchet" I don't want to "#HashItOut" I want to never interact with you again. Okay? Cool, gonna wait for the admin response now.

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That just proves my point.. Eventually me and havi will work it out. I did try to work it out with you, and you refused. No leader in community will be like that. Havi wouldn't even be like that even as just a runner and not a mod. But you have a full time job? So Do i (well have another one now, but didn't get a start date yet.) lol? But doesn't mean I don't spend 10-15mins a day to do my job as a mod and check up on things aswell as provide my input with other game mods on a decision. But you liked others posts between the 3 hours I didn't reply ( I was at my pt job) So that claim is crap. You could of made a reply, and didn't. I don't like being a dick like this, but to make my stance I need to. After listening to how people like Donald Trump handles people making invalid/lies on him, and his responses.. I learned something. That eventually they will stop when you keep proving them wrong with factual evidence, which I have and it worked.

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