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Just because a mod is inactive doesn't mean they should be removed outright. As long as there is another mod who is there it doesn't matter. And I also noticed you want to be mod in games you don't even have runs for. Huh?

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IMO if you don't bother to use the site for a prolonged period of time, you really shouldn't be a mod. 2 weeks is one thing, but 8 months is another

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They should.

If someone has a question regarding a game, who is the first set of people they're most likely going to ask? The moderators. Where is the first place they're more likely to ask outside of a moderators social media and so forth? The forums.

If the mod doesn't bother to read the forums and does not want to be involved past their own agenda with the setup of the game, then they do not deserve to be a mod. New, more active mods should be added, instead of the barrel of questions all having to be directed at specific mods.

1 or 2 mods out of say ... 4 as an example shouldn't be handling the brunt of all the questions and decisions. There's a difference between being inactive for issues out of your hands (net dying, personal issues) and being inactive because you want moderator but can't be arsed dealing with what comes with it. If someone doesn't have the time to deal with that stuff regularly... why do they even bother in the first place?


I was wondering if I could become a mod for the game WALL-E, the current mod has been gone for about a month now.


Tctn: Mod was online 10 days ago, which isn't the 3 weeks sufficient for this thread. I'd recommend posting on the game's forums or trying to contact the user.

DG84: Added.

eddiecatgaming: Those games probably have more than enough moderators. It is largely left to moderator discretion who they want to add.

Portal: Added

Short week.

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@GameGlitchGuy if you do not have an account on twitter then how are people going to contact you...? Best way to contact people.

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I know that is second request for mod.

It's about Rainbow Six Rogue Spear
Game has one mod who was onlline 2 months ago and he dont have any social media in profile. So i can't contact with him.


I'd like to get mod on both Unreal and Unreal Mission Pack: Return to Na Pali, seeing as none of the current mods for the first game are active, and despite not having done full runs before, I know the game pretty well (both how it works and the current route).

As for the second game, I'm the only active runner right now (as far as leaderboards are concerned).

  [user deleted]

@kirkq Re: This change would leave only 1 super mod, which probably isn't ideal most of the time.
This isn't the case anymore, so could you do it now? Thanks.


@NotBaDocha Seems like you already got mod, but weird how you call the mods inactive when all but 1 of the 5 current mods are active.

Also this is a last resort thread. Please do not make both a request to the mods AND to this thread at the same time.


Can I be mod for this game?
The moderator hasn't been online for 2 days and has not done anything for this game. There isn't even rules for the game for me to submit runs.

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This thread is for if you've been unable to contact them for 3 weeks.


2 days.... he isnt that inactive lmao

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@namesnipes It got accepted 3 days ago to become a leaderboard. (S)He has 2 weeks to set up the leaderboards.


Actually, I wouldn't mind being added for Panzer Dragoon Zwei, love that game. The board is empty right now, and the current moderator hasn't been online for 21 days, and the only form of contact listed is his Twitch channel, which he has no past broadcasts on.


hi i want to be the new site owner/ceo. I think the current staff are in need of a meaniehead that likes to get the jobs needed done then treating people i boss around with kindness. I will make you make a mobile app, a subscription based service so these true runners will be paying to be on the site. thank you
i am racingmonster

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Please Remove LeXoS95 and PKSCUBE Of Moderate Freedom Fighters ( ) and Kydde Of Moderate ( ) All Mods Are Inactive for Two Months

That's not how it works. Please only do this for the games you want to moderate instead. This is not a denunciation thread.

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Hey, I was wondering if I could be made mod of Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends (SNES)? I have done some runs, but the mod has been inactive for 3 months, and his twitter is even more inactive.


I wonder i could be the mod of Scribblenauts_Unlimited
Current mod seems to be inactive for about a month and his twitter and twitch have been inactive for about a year

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