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I would like to request mod/supermod for the Skate or Die series and the individual games in that series. I have been waiting for about two weeks to have my run submission approved. The current mod (CapnGoof) has been absent from speedrunning since May 2016. According to his twitter he does not have time for speedrunning. I have tried contacting him on Twitch as well as on Twitter and have gotten no reply.

Thank you for consideration


Hey I would like to be a mod for Blue dragon , I did a WR on this game ( ) and the mod isn't active anymore .
I would also like to be a mod on Sonny , my run has been submited a month ago and is still not accepted ( or rejected ) .

Dylaneka 🙂


@dylaneka you should reach out to Otonyshi on twitter and ask him for Blue Dragon, he seem to be active there.


I request to become supermod for Sonny ( ) as the only mod has been inactive for 3 months+ and is only available over twitch where he also appears to be inactive. Also, besides my own submissions there is at least one more speed run from a runner present on the leaderbord that isn't on, so one can assume there might be more unverified submissions. Also, I am currently doing some routing as well as in-game mechanic research anyway so I definitely have the time and knowledge to do this. Thing is, as of now, the leaderboard is dead and will remain dead, as noone is there to accept no runs whatsoever.

Edit: Also, I noticed that there are no set rules when the time starts and when it stops. Would like to fix this at well. Generally, this game needs more love than it gets at the moment. 😃

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Could Ongnissim be made a regular mod as opposed to super for New Super Mario Bros. Wii? We don't want him gone completely but we do feel that a supermod shouldn't be someone who only comes online around once a month. Thanks.

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I would like to be a mod on Pacman Championship Edition

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@kylew0607 Did you try contacting the current moderator?

Reminder of the first post (or new people that haven't read it yet)~

Please keep in mind that using this thread is somewhat a last resort, in case the current moderators are not responding or refusing your help without justification. You should always start by asking the Super mods of a game/series as they are also able to add mods. Twitch messages to mods are probably best for now.

Moderator inactivity doesn't apply until around 3 weeks, depending on other circumstances, and it is expected that you try to contact them (exceptions may be made if they have been offline ~3+ months.)

(~¤v¤)~ ~(¤v¤)~ ~(¤v¤~)



I have asked and had no reply, he isn't very active

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He is the only mod and hasnt been online in 22 days

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Yeah and his offline period before this one was also more than 2 weeks i believe. An extra mod would be super helpfull. The game actually had another mod but he has either quit or was unmodded by someone. I honestly believe that we need a new supermod but i suppose an extra regular mod would be ok.

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Pac-Man stuff: A fair portion of this discussion seems aimed at Pac-Man World 2, which has substantially more runners than anything else in the series. I'm extremely unclear what the "before" and "after" for this board looked like. The Japanese version is currently a subcategory. "Since some people in the community are split on this, it makes more sense to have the boards support both sides, rather than just one." - This statement is not understandable without better context. "To go along with what NachoBrado was saying, we have tried discussing this issue, and why the rule change isn’t needed with the current mods." - The rule change context was not given, everything else was suggesting category restructuring. All the people involved here seem to run similar games, so it would be beneficial if some sort of understanding could be reached through whatever conclusion we end up with. The lack of any forum discussion makes this difficult to observe or perceive consensus. A fair start might be a rules/category discussion thread. (The clip is a bit sour, but it really just looks like generic meme trash talk. It's not even specifically directed towards one person.) My wording might be a bit hasty here; I'm mostly trying to understand the situation.

DCR: Someone seemingly dealt with that before I saw the post.

Crockey: I'll make the change. I'm not sure if I'm seeing everything that happened accurately or not. Can't exactly conclude that he intentionally stickied it, he seems a bit young, which may in itself be a good reason to make the change. You can delete the banned user forum posts if you want.

And3rson: Added.

XanderWebb479: Pending run, added.

RantronBomb: Added.

dylaneka: I added you to Sonny. The other game's mod is relatively active, so I'd recommend discussing it with them.

IschmarVI: I added dylaneka since he asked first.

LozBlind: This change would leave only 1 super mod, which probably isn't ideal most of the time.

kylew0607: I'll add you since this is corroborated by another user with runs.

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thats fine as well. As long as there IS an active mod for this game xD
Actually I prefer it that way. Dylaneka has been part of the sonny community for approximately one year now while I joined it ... a few days ago? So Dylaneka is definitely better suited for the job. xD


Hey, looking to become a mod of Runestone Keeper, as the only current mod has been inactive for a month or so. If not that, could you please send him an email or something to check, as I have submitted a run and it cannot be accepted without any mods.


I would like to be a mod on Commandos 2 Men Of Courage.
This game has one mod who was online 3 month ago.


@eddiecatgaming contact the moderators for those games through social media accounts and ask them.

This thread is only if the mods are inactive(which is around 3weeks)


Not too intrude, but I'm pretty sure both of those games have enough mods who are active a lot. If you came to this thread just for the sake of being mod, then you're mistaken.

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@DCR i dont think they even bother to read the first post anyway.

in the end they will have to ask them even if they get rejected from it.


@Deln Tbh I don't think most people who come here do 😕


@dcr that is why i repost the first post sometimes 😉