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Why would you delete the tweet? How are they going to know you tried to contact them if you delete your tweets, to them it might then look like an error and they're not going to pay any attention to you.

EDIT: Deln apparently types faster than I do

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either he deleted the tweet or he never tweeted in the first place.

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HI I'm Silverpad and I would like to become a moderator for Disney's Atlantis: The Lost Empire.
I have some speedruns for this game, and know almost everything about the game.
I'm practicing 100% category because the game has no Runs

About the moderator:

Last Tweet:

Last Stream:


@Silverpad you should contact Lucifer9783 on twitter and ask him to speed things up.

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Funny you mention that Deln, because I did that exact same thing with Advance Wars 2 and I've yet to hear back from the moderator!

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@Drakodan oh yeah i forgot about adding you lmfao, haha ironic

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Hi! I want to be moderator on the Savant: Ascent leaderboards. I have a lot of knowledge of the game since I am close to the developers and have over 200h+ on Steam. There are currently only 2 moderators on the Savant page and only one of them is somewhat active.

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@jo_ninja This is a last resort thread for when you have an issue/pending runs and can't reach the moderators.

One moderator was active on the site a couple hours ago and both have twitter accounts and other social media links to contact them if you are having any issues with pending runs or other questions. I'd recommend reaching out to them first with any issues or questions. One of the mods is also a super mod so if you have a strong desire to moderate the boards, ask them to add you and they should be able to.


@Deln I already tried it on twitter and twitch, but he does not respond, also his last tweet was on November 7

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I am a mod in (Minecraft: Story Mode). But Izraill is a mod aswell but he didnt even request the game. He was just added because he is a mod in (Minecraft series). I don't want him to be a mod in a game I requested. I don't even know him and he is a supermod which means that he can unmod me anytime. That won't be fair, after all, I requested the game! And I want to add my firends but I am a regular mod so I can't.

So please unmod him and make me a supermod! Thank you!


He is the series mod so he is automatically of course a mod of Minecraft: Story mode.

You don't have any rights to demand that he should be unmodded just because it is "your game request" and you want your friends to be mods there (which is pretty shady to be honest).

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"And I want to add my friends"

You sound like a stellar moderator.

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I don't want him to be a mod in a game I requested. I don't even know him and he is a supermod which means that he can unmod me anytime. That won't be fair, after all, I requested the game!

Looks like someone has trust issues.

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Ok, fine! I just want to be a supermod, thats it! I will just add my friends, that is all.

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@Kochie87 you have to contact the current supermod and ask him to supermod you, this is a last resort thread(3 weeks inactivity), Izraill has been active in the past 24h so your best bet is through twitter(

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People thinking they should control a games leaderboard simply because they requested it first is the problem with this site.

"I don't even know him, I don't want him to be a supermod"
"I just want to add my friends"


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^ This. It's why you see people who moderate a RIDICULOUS number of games; because they're the person who requested the games. And they often only do it to collect moderator statuses, they couldn't actually give a shit about the games in question.

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I do care about the games I moderate! I don't even skip a detail!

Ok, I understand that he is a mod in this game because he is a mod in the series. But the thing I didn't get is why am I not a supermod?


Did you say please?

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I will get the full game in summer break (I hope) and I may also get a capture card, I don't know!