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shizoku: OK, Ico has no runs posted and mod hasn't been online in two months.

L1nkpikachu: SMS already has 7 mods who are doing a fine job. If you're relatively new, I'd suggest just playing the game and getting involved with the community. "I just started the game" is probably not good criteria for a moderator of a popular game with very active runners.


Alright. thanks for the reponse.


The Quantum Conundrum leaderboards are really empty. I tried contacting enderben in the forums, but he didn't really respond. I'm probably not the most qualified person to run those leaderboards, but I am probably more qualified than enderben as I run the game a bit and can run the leaderboard for the time being.


Rheal : Added both you and Blkyoshi as mods for Army Men Sarge's Heroes, since the game had no actual mods (The mod was acutally series mod)

TheMilkMan47 : Added you to Quantum Conendrum, because one mod is never enough.


Can you add me as a mod to Dead Rising 3. Only me and vanity really run it and he has been inactive for a while. I need to add a new coop category for the game as I got a co-op run to submit.


The current mod for the League of Legends section hasn't been online ever since he registered (and claimed the game, I presume). I've done runs for the Basic Tutorial (4:19 IGT, and plan on running at the very least Battle Training, once the category is added. Other options I want to explore are 1v2/1v3 against Bots, but I'm rambling again. Fact is the game only has one mod and he's inactive, so I'd appreciate if you could add me.


I would like to add a simple catgeory to Neo Turf masters : a simple leaderboard category for each 4 courses.
I do know it's not a real "speedrun" category, more a high score one, but just think a minute: what is the real essence of ""?
You've got 3 hours.

Thanks for your help! 😉


Louiskanak : So you actually want something else than leaderboards with times ?

If that's the case, I think I remember Pac or Lighnat0r saying that they wanted to have this features at some point but we have no idea when.

Also, I'll take care of the other requests soon(tm)


Yeah exactly Gyoo, i do know this kind of point has already been discussed, the kind of feature that changes is not real part of speedrun, but more close to "powerplay".

Actually you could you create a site like this, but you would call it ""?
Of, f¤¤¤, the domain is already taken... by golf ^^

And thanks for taking care of us, les francais sont formidables ^^


Hello, I am requesting to be added as a moderator for Max Payne. I run the game pretty frequently and have a lot of knowledge about the game. The page itself only features one mod and is barren besides a segmented run. I would like to add more categories: Any% Fugitive, Any% Dead on Arrival, Any% New York Minute, etc. I would also like to have the option to run RTA as frame specific starts/stops of IGT are difficult to define.

Overall, I would like to define run rules and provide multiple categories for the first Max Payne game.
Any feedback helps, thanks.


Swingflip : Added to Dead Rising 3. Houston was a series mod so I unchecked the "series mods have power here" because he doesn't seem to have anything to do here.

Radion : Added to LoL. Removed the previous mod for inactivity.

JOEdrinksBEER : Added to Max Payne 1. Wakecold is series mod but I kept him here because 2 mods is better than 1

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  [user deleted]

I would like to request moderator status for Oniken, the current moderator seems to have not run the game for a long time and inactive on twitch for a couple of months


Hey Gyoo,

Could you add me on moderator for Streets of Rage ? The current moderator isn't very active 🙁 I wispe him on Twitch, no answer

I have a good knowledge for these games, and I ran (will run) a lot

Cordially ...


Can you add me as a mod of the first Metal Slug game (or the series) ? that game needs some active moderators for its release on PC (26th June) cause the leaderboard is terrible right now. It would be awesome to be a mod of the whole series but Verz seens to be pretty active, too bad he's not a mod for the first Metal Slug game. i tried to contact the mods but i didn't get an answer.

sorry for my englando, i hope its understandable


grimdonuts: I'll add the current mods as super mods.
louiskanak: We can't really support scores at the moment, but we want to build the option to support that eventually.
Tohloo: Okay, last online 3 weeks ago, and two mods is usually better than one.
Lyseria: Okay, you have runs and two mods is usually better than one.
tatticadanito: Ok, guy who added the series originally hasn't been online in 5 months so I removed him. I'll add Verz as super mod, and make all the regular mods super mods.

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Hi! i'm a speedrunner, i mostly run sm64 and OoT, i'm also the World Record holder for Disney's Magical Mirror Starring Mickey Mouse Any% and, i would like to be the mod of this game on

This game isn't featured on this site and there's no mods for this game, so, it would be great if you guys could add this game on the games list.


Bernacaz, wrong place and wrong thread (also wrong link)
but to request a game that isnt on the site yet there is: (under the games tab + you get assigned for mod then)
the SM64 and OoT you gotta ask the mods of the games but i guess they have enough manpower.


Thank you, i feel a bit dumb tho 😕